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Far Left: Normal Left: During attack Right: Attack finished Far Right: Inert

Zomblues are undead Blues that attempt to attack anything that comes near them. Despite their appearance, they are not technically members of the Slush Invaders as proved by their attempts to attack Big Blue.

Role in Game

Zomblues are only encountered in Haunted Turf and in the Ether Lord battle. They are the immobile minions of the Ether Lord. Any fighter that comes across them are swung away; however, they can only attack once. They act as the main defense of the Ether Lord, along with Pumpkins.


  • It may be possible that the Zomblues are Blues that died in invasions prior to the events of the movie.
    • Keeping this in mind, the reason that the Zomblues attempted to attack Big Blue may have been because they wanted revenge on him for letting them die.
    • On the other hand, Blues are created from blue paint, and "killing" them sometimes removes it. Therefore, Zomblues are not only dead blues but dead blues who haven't been de-blued.
  • Zomblues and Pumpkins only appear in Haunted Turf.
  • Zomblues are the only enemies that can't move (except to attack).
  • Zomblues and Pumpkins are the only enemies that can only be destroyed by contact with the Slush Fighters.
  • Zomblues and pumpkins can't be targeted by standard means.
  • Zomblues have dots on them making them look like a turquoise default pivot.
  • Like Pumpkins, Zomblues can't be targeted or destroyed by conventional means.
  • When inert, they look a bit like Sthomas due to the color.
  • Zomblues technically made an appearance because some of the Zomblues could have been from the invasion.
  • Zomblues can be considered Biohazards in the level they appear in.
  • They might not be considered as Blues because they attacked Big Blue.
  • When they haven't attacked yet, they glow. However, they stop glowing when they attack. When they do, they have the appearance of a blue with black spots all over them.