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Yoyo is an RHG character and one of the boss characters in Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Tile Rush

Yoyo acts as a game determined boss in Twiligh Tundra, along Nhazul and Blunatic and appears to be the least common out of the three. If the player faces against him, he will strike 3 times, creating up to 3 rows of his tiles, 2 filling sideways and one filling upward. He cannot dodge but he can attack almost quickly as he can if the player is not fighting back.

His tiles take 3 seconds to vanish, though this is easy as it is being said, this can actually get annoying, especially when the player accidentally has a lot of tiles to use and Yoyo begins to attack, filling the empty spaces with his tiles, resulting in an easy Game Over.

It is best to use all of the tiles visible in the rows, if the player either has Sticorey or Stomar (or both if the player is lucky enough), it is recommended to use one or both of them to clear his tiles quickly before it fills up the rows to avoid defeat.

Battle Strategy

Yoyo's main attack method is using his yoyo against the player. Yoyo is a low level boss in the game as, despite his attack being a "three hit" attack, he can only add his tiles to the player's board, mostly in a row of three that can either fill the board sideways or upward, though this will also mean that the player has to be quick in defeating him to avoid having the boads filled up and risk losing. Yoyo is fairly weak, taking any amount of damage the player delivers to him, though in exchange for this, he is quite fast when attacking, so the player has to be quick in delivering enough damage to defeat him.

Yoyo Combo:



"You... FIENDS!!!" - Optional, Game Determined Dialogue.


  • How Yoyo and Nhazul ended up in Twilight Tundra is still unknown, though it is speculated that they went their to train for the next RHG Tournament.
  • He is the only known Boss character in the game to attack with three moves.
  • He is one of the known RHG Characters in the game, the others being FLLFFL, Nhazul and Chuck.
  • His color is slightly more darker in the game, than it is in his actual RHG description.
  • His real life counterparts' website (Hyun's Dojo), can be found here.
  • He is one of the remaining Original RHG Fighters in the RHG Tournaments.
  • He used to be a member of Soldier Clan along Chuck.
  • The dialogue that Yoyo yells out ("You... FIENDS!!!") is a reference to Jomm's entry from the Dojo's Collaberation #2, where, after uninteionally killing MicWizard, Wrench and the others, Yoyo yells out to Jomm "YOU FIEND!", as Jomm tells him of his entry before being beaten and having back broken by Yoyo as he then tells him to "take it to the back".
  • Just like Nhazul and his weapon, Yoyo's weapon defies a law of physics. This time, the shape of his yo-yo's string would be impossible considering where the actual yo-yo was and where Yoyo's finger is.