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Here you can leave me any private message to me regarding any situation you are in, requests or other stuff. things that concerns either me or others in the wiki.

Also be warned that if you were to ever leave any bad PMs on my Talk Page, keep this in mind, I'll come at you even harder and more severe than what you did... so just be wary of what you do or say in this place when I'm around. Actually, don't do anything stupid when I'm not around as well, because one wrong move, even the slighest of just as small as a grain of salt, I'll becoming for you.


~ A Message from Vince!

"Welcome to Vince-kun's Talk Page!" ~ Haru-san

May I ask why you deleted a bunch of my pages?

Not cool.

Aaxelae (talk) 16:53, October 20, 2015 (UTC)

It's because we're moving all the fanon to the fanon wiki. He did warn every user before hand that they had to move their fanon stuff before we began deleting it. It's been a while since he issued the warning, and since no one took the "deleting everything" part seriously, he's started deleting all the fanon stuff on his own. Either you never logged on when he issued that warning, or you just didn't move everything when you had the chance.

You could probably convince him to bring the pages back up so you can move it all to the fanon wiki. Or one of the other admins. I'd do it, but I'm too busy nowadays.

Scottick (talk) 22:15, October 20, 2015 (UTC)Scottick

I never got a warning.

Aaxelae (talk) 22:17, October 20, 2015 (UTC)

He made a forum post about it long ago. Once again, you most likely weren't on when he posted it or you just ignored the notification since he highlighted the post.

Scottick (talk) 05:39, October 21, 2015 (UTC)Scottick

Vince Replied: Excuse me, Aaxelae, but this the first time you've come back to this wiki ever since February 7, which was like 8 months ago, so, for now, read the message I left on your talk page.

- Vince!

Go to the chatroom

I'll tell you the code.


Whoever else plays Club Penguin don't use the code, it's for Vince. :D

Follow these steps, and you'll become a member in no time.

1. Go to

2. Something will pop up and say, "Does your child have a penguin?" I'm supposing your Vince 12, so type in your username and your password.

3. Then click log in and activate.

4. It'll show if it is your penguin and the name,and if it is,click go to activate.

5. Then a sign will pop up, telling you to redeem a game card.

6. Type in your email address that you used your clubpenguin account with.

7. Then type this pin. (I did not use it.)

43408 55479 824367

8. Log in and have fun playing being a member. 

Like a boss- Austinrocks

My username is Mega9904, just telling you.

Why don't you find out?


Just Wanted To Say Hi   :D

Chakatan (talk) 16:32, December 6, 2013 (UTC) Chakatan

Stickman Universe

Can all teh characters in Slush Invaders PlayerMade Game please be in your game, stickmen universe? Thanks. Also, when we're finished with everything on the said PlayerMade Game, can you make taht game too? Thanks!

Vincetick Wrote: It's ot a game, yet, it's a series (episodes, movies, etc...) and it's still in production, I still haven't made the Characters, but the yare in the following, some you may already know:

  • The Slush Fighters
  • The RHG Fightrers
  • Mr. Red
  • Dark Green
  • CJ
  • The trio
  • Johnny Rocketfigners
  • Kiro
  • Vinnie
  • Fancy Pants

There, hope you understand what I'm doing! :)

BTW, It's "Stickman Universe", not "Stickmen Universe".

- Vincetick! :D

Hey Vincetick, do you mind if I take out the "Annoying link" and just leave it as "link" on DrewStick in the Slush Wiki Fighters?


Ok, Why not. Fine and it's not an "annoying link" I was just sooo mad then... Sorry! :D

- Vincetick! :D


Umm...What's A Green Groover? ?


Vincetick Wrote: They are the Main Antagonist of my own version of the "Slush Invaders" series, they appear on "Slush Invaders 3: The Green Groovers" both part 1 and 2, they are a much more bigger threat then the previous antagonist of the series, The Slush Invaders, or as I'd like to call them, The Blue Baddies...

They are led by a Puree-Green Stick Figure named, Greg (his full name: Gregory Isaac Jade Lockswitch)

The common and lowest enemy of them are the Groovers, a group of Green Stick Figures who are the minions of Greg, Their ranged counterparts are the Limes and Greens, also their mutated counterparts are called the "Jade Flyers" (or "Flyers" or "Jades"), the Limes and Greens supporting machines are the Doom-Boxes and their big brothers The Beat-Boxes (the Boss of them is called "The Mega BeatBoom-Box Supreme")

The 1st Part is the Movie and the 2nd Part of it is the Game.

In the Ending of Part 1, Greg reveals that he helped Big Blue during his Invasions back then and has captured the Slush Fighters in a Power-Proof Containers, pouring the Blue Paint that was a leftover and thank you gift from Big Blue (Stanthony) himself after their success on the Invasion of Stick Pritchard, and turning all the Fighters into their Evil Counterparts; The Bluish Fighters (who are playable in Arena Mode and Story Mode)

at the beginning of Part 2, The Female Slush Fighters (Slush Fighters X) will battle their Male Counterparts, during this fight The Bluish Fighters are the Boss of "Mission 0 - Bluish Encounter"

Greg was also the previous Best-Friend and Boss of none other than Ben Stickobi, He was a former member of the gang during his Drifter Years, he was also their Remorseless Assasin (Age 15) but Ben had a change of heart and regreted what he had done left the group and joined what is now we all know and love as The Slush Fighters, Hope I'd made my point clear to you now, Chakatan!

- Vincetick! :D

Chakatan Wrote: Wait What??!! D: Oh man...I Didnt Even Know!

Vincetick Wrote: Hahahahaha.... Mind Blowing, isn't it. Well now you know, tell the guys about the Slush Invaders 3: The Green Groovers thing i'm doing, they still don't know much about what I'm doing about this, Go Now! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Lets Chat :D !


Sure, Why not! :)

- Vincetick! :D

2 Questions

  1. How Can I Find The Server Slusher? ( In Club Penguin )
  2. When Is The Christmas Party?

BTW My Username Is: Its Chakatan

Vincetick Wrote: I have only 6 answers/things to say to you:

  1. Once you have logged on Club Penguin, Scroll down (or press the "V" putton to go down and find more servers.) All the servers are Alphabetized from A - Z, once you're on the letter "S" Servers, find thee server i told you.
  2. The server isn't called "Slusher", its called "Slushy".
  3. Tommorow (December. 25, 2013) at the server "Slushy", Snow Forts (Train Station, Outside) the to my Igloo. Just don't leave the Snow Forts.
  4. The time is 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time or 9:00 PM Penguin Standard Time (Club Penguin Standard Time).
  5. Ok, Cool! Add me (Vincent 12), Austinrocks (Mega9904), Fan of Wiki (Unknown, I dont know hers, ask her), The Real Sthomas (Mr.Cow 2), Ultralord159 (I forgot his CP name, ask Sthomas), Mart456t (If he finally has one, ask hiim) and anyone else who has a CP account.
  6. See you there! :D

- Vincetick! :D




Vincetick Wrote: Ok, but what server? Slushy?

- Vincetick! :D

               THE PARTY

Its Already 10:00 At CP !


Vincetick Wrote: Sorry! We keep moving to different houses to my Godfathers and Godmothers houses to visit them this Cristmas. We also went to our relatives houses as well, so sorry, i guess this Christmas Im much more busy! But I'll be on the new meeting, check this Thread for the new one! :D


- Vincetick! :D

This Is Random

Im Nat Ur Friend :( 

-Chakatan :3


Vincetick Wrote: What? C'mon dude, whats the matter?

- Vincetick! :[

My ideas for this page

See this link: User:The Fan of Wiki/edit. I just put notes for you to make edit on that portions. You decide if you want change some. I'll send the pic on Saturday.

The Fan of Wiki="TFOW"

Vincetick Wrote: H.....oook...ay....!?

- Vincetick! T_l

O_O ( this Is Random 2 )

O_O....Im Watching You STHANG !!!

- Chakatan

Vincetick Wrote: Umm.... ok...., Umm, Dude.... you're kinda creeping me out and also....


- Vincetick! XD

You actually did an auto message to...

Agelessthief, who is also a Filipino. Hey wanna check out the Pokemon fandom in I've already done some setting for you.

The Fan of Wiki="TFOW" >_< (you actually infect with your emoticons but don't worry, I will rarely used it)

Vincetick Wrote: What do you mean 'I actually infect my emoticons'? and are you live now? lets chat now, I'll be in the Chatroom waiting.... See you there! :D

- Vincetick! :D

You infect me with your emoticons

The Fan of Wiki="TFOW" -_-

Vincetick Wrote: You mean that i infected you with my signature writing? is that it?

like the one below? anyways check my Profile and see you later? why later cuz' its Saturday now, Duh!? :D

- Vincetick! :D

Wow, you are a really good artist .o.


Vincetick Wrote: How do you say so? Im not that much of an artist, how do you say that im really good?

- Vincetick! T_l

Re:About the new Teen Titans Series

I just found the show on the website called tumblr and got some funny screenshot from the new series. But, honestly, I like the 2003 animated series better than today because I like a little action on the previous series. I even have episode on my computer (and have one CD) because it is one of my favorite show ever. I think it goes on my top one list and the next to it is Avatar:The Last Airbender.

The Fan of Wiki="TFOW"

Vincetick Wrote: Ok.....!? Heres what Im just gonna say.... "You had me, but then you lost me"? What are you trying to say? btw i actually dont like the Avatar: The Last Airbender series now... :[

Anyways wanna Chat? :)

- Vincetick! :l

Vincetick Wrote: Actually, now that i've seen 4 - 5 episodes of the new Teen Titan Series (2012 - Present) Its actually a bit more comedic than the 2003 - 2005 series. But i still want to see some action, sometimes some drama.

What do you think?

- Vincetick! :l

I still like the 2003 animated series than the current series. It's my one of my fav childhood shows. ~Fan

Im Literally Playing Slush Dungeon It Right Now

Im Serious But the Prototype is Quite Cool And all...ITS JUST AWSOME!!!

-Chakatan :D

Vincetick Wrote: Sorry, i forgot to give the link to the Alpha Version of Slush Dungeon.... Im such an idiot!!! X{

- Vincetick! X{


Sorry I can't go on club penguin 

I have a lot of work to do

-Austinrocks :/

Vincetick Wrote: Well, you could have told me that... also what work are you doing? Plus did you get the Dino Puffles in Club Penguin?

- Vincetick! :D

Hello Vincentick, iam am new here and would like to tell you, how do i officeoly get a fighter(like you Slush Fighters V) I have mad a post called Stick Pritchard Stickmen.

How do i become an admin

Vincetick Wrote: Ok, first who are you?

- Vincetick! :)

Updates on Slush Invaders Wiki Fighters

Hey, Vince. Are you still updating your page? Just asking because I noticed you haven't update it eversince... ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Yes, yes I am. The fact is, its that its March and you know what that means, for 6th graders (Elementary), 10th graders/ 4th years (High School) and 4th year (College) students Graduation is coming and we all have to practice, not just that we have problems to take care of first in the form of Projects, Researches, Assignments, Notebooks, Outputs and Activities that we havent finished. Right now in our section im the only one whos about to complete his requirements. All im missing now is T.L.E and im still waiting for Science: Physics on what im still missing, thats why i havent had time to visit the wiki and plus the J.S Promenade is coming and i have to be prepared for anything unsuspecting to happen.

Though im updating it now (March 2, 2014) with some of the pictures via Paint.

- Vincetick! :D

Let's Chat Dude :D

- CHak 

I finally drew Some of your Characters!

Vincetick Wrote: Cool! Thanks for drawing them, Chakatan! Anyways you can draw any of the guys if you want, also im almost finish with the last episode, the conclusion of the Zombieverse Season.

- Vincetick! :D

Sure Why not :D


Vincetick Wrote: Hoookaay... anyways... Mart or should i say Mr. Negative is back.

- Vincetick! l:[

Merlin's BEARD !

I drew Stick Merlin :D

Holy Merlin in a Hotdog Factory

Vincetick Wrote: Wow! Not only did you get Stick Merlin's design right, you also got his staff, cloak/cape and hat right!! :D

You know Chak you are really getting the hand of it. By the way, can you draw my Slush Fighters until June, Why? Because Macromedia just broke down yesterday and i haven't finish the Zombieverse Finale, and just when i was about to finish the last scene... Just until June because im gonna export my saved profiles from the computer aand import it from the new macro version of Macromedia, im gonna uninstall the old one and install a new one by May and its gonna take another month before its really really up and going.

If you can read this, please do me this one little favor! Thanks, Chakatan!

= Chakatan is Superbly Awesome because he didnt only ate Potatos for Breakfast.... He's also very cool! :D

- Vincetick! :]

Of course i'll do it ! Besides i like (drawing) your character...And aww What?! Why did it break?..well Flash Always crashes on me so Yeah i guess i know your feeling...and Can you give me a teensy weensy preview?



I was supposed to draw Stick Jayvee but i dont know the color pallete of the White red Color

Vincetick Wrote: You do? and you will? Thanks dude and thats awesome! Read the ones below, they are the answer to your questions:

  1. I guess Macromedia crashed because of my saved files.... all 527 of them, i guess...
  2. Wow, literally? i guess thats why i had that feeling of not using Flash back then.
  3. On what? the Zombieverse Finale? or Stick Jayvee's color?

3 A. Zombieverse Answer: Sorry, i cant show you the preview, because its still importing from my computer to my usb harddrive plus its gonna take 14 hours, no no no wait, 6 hours for it to be completed.

3 B. Stick Jayvee Answer: Well heres a preview of his colors. Tada!

From Light Blue to White-Red.... Smiles! :D

You can tell which is which because i wrote the color for you! :]

Well there you have it, hope it helps! :D btw Stick Jayvee is always associated with his favorite, Blue and Red water baloons, for pranking purposes of course!  Hes a Jokester.... :3

anyways check this for the others and if you have any other problems, just leave a message, im on the wiki until 8:00 and tommorow at 3:00 - 7:00.

Go here! :'s_Slush_Fighters

- Vincetick! :D

Yay Patstrick :D

I drew him this time :D ( along with Vince,Anakin and Merlin )

Awesome Amirite?

A close up of Vince,Anakin and Merlin

D :D :D :D I Also Drew Stick
Vincetick Wrote: Wow! thanks again. Stick Jayvee kinda looks like... an AWESOME DUDE!!!
But can you alter Patstick's color to a little more lighter, because he kinda looks like Waqas. I'll give you the exact color i meant for Patstick, tommorow. Right now Stick Jayvee and Stick Merlin are gonna have something to do along with Vincetick, and... is that... Dark Stick?
- Vincetick! :D

Stick Jayvee

Its not DarkStick...Its My Character...Dark Stick :| lol jk..Its Nightmare XD

Vincetick Wrote: :p Hehehe... Got it! :D

Whatcha been up to lately?

- Vincetick! :D

Not much...Im Getting Bored Lately And Well...I like Pie and Stuff Anyways....Do you like wafflez?

- Chakatan

Vincetick Wrote: Who doesn't like Waffles? I love 'em, except i dont get to eat them anymore... well not yet at least. Anyways, which one of my characters do you like best? Be Honest! :D

For me i really like (its already obvious) Vincetick and Stick Jayvee, the only problem is even though they're twins they sometimes argue and fight each other. See their page in the Slush Fighters V. article, you'll find out.

- Vincetick! :D

Personally I like Anakin Stickwalker ( And that's the 1st reason why i Drawn him 1st before any of your fighters ) :D 2 Golden Apples Ripe Enough To Bite And my 2nd Favorite is Stick Merlin..And Anakin's Name is Quite Funny ( Stickwalker = A Guy/Girl that walks Sticks )

- Chakatan is Awesome

Vincetick Wrote: Glad to hear that and i knew you'd say that about Anakin, Hehehe... lol! :D

Anyways, i never knew you draw Character Icons like Drewstick's. That's Awesome! :D

- Vincetick! :D

You didnt Know? I Drew like 8 - 10 Character Icons :D

- Chakatan

Vincetick Wrote: Whoa! i never even knew or noticed that before?? Wow-a-Zow! How long does it take you to make an Icon?

-Vincetick! ;]

Well they Usually Take me about 5 - 10 Minutes Depending on the Quality....Would you like me to make a Character Icon for you? 

Vincentick Wrote: Well that depends, would you like to? I mean not trying to make you do it but, it would be great if you did :P Anywho, I am defnitely Miffed at this moment well not at you... at something!

- Vincetick! l:l

Hey Vince Look at my Character Design for Vince in the Chakatan's Adventure Series ( If you havent heard about it then..welll you might get a 3 Paged Paragraph So dont ask ) 

Vince and Red Rose ( forgot to add a sword )

Vincetick Wrote: WOW!!! You really outdid yourself this time with your animating skills, you just might surpass Jombo, Steel, Terkoiz and Geo. Right now I just surpassed Glidedguy's skills! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Stomar? you mean...Stoddison? (bad pun)

Check this Screenie out. Apparently Stomar is Now Staddison.

Vincetick Wrote: Whoa Nelly?! How the heck did that happen???

When and How did you found that out dude? I mean, how and. and. and. And. Just... Why? What the Heck?

- Vincetick! o.o

Sorry, I can't stop posting your pic at your page...

Seriously, even it's my work, I can't stop staring at it. O.O



Vincetick Wrote: I forgot to mention this to you and the others, when you draw me you might never ever be the same again. Because of my awesomeness, coolness and uniqueness in my characters, like i said im very creative. Mostly i get all of my inspiration from everyone that i know! :D

And I mean that by heart...and mind! :]

Right now i just finished animating 13 Stickman Universe Movies, 27 Seasons, 991 Episodes and 20 Specials. Right now in the near future i might do a comic about the Zombieverse and my other projects.

The longest movie i've ever done is "Stickman Universe Movie 13Corruption within the Universe" which is a 3-hour long movie. the shortest is 1-hour which was the 1st movie (Stickman Universe: The Movie).

Hehehe... lets just say im just that busy and creative! :P :D :3 :]

Anyways, is there anything else you have to say?

- Vincetick! :D

Can you Go On Chat ?Blnoriel (talk) 04:30, April 21, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Um... sure? Why? Is this something important/urgent?

I'll be on Chat waiting!

- Vincetick! :o

Vincetick Wrote: Hey, Fan! You on?

- Vincetick! :D

Your update

Hi, Vince! Why don't you put your updates on this page: User's/Admin's Updates. I already made your section there. ~Fan aka Rae (new), Fanny, TFOW

Vincetick Wrote: Hey, Thanks Fanny! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Hey Vincentick, just wondering, if i make a fan-made slush fighter, do i include the eyes and mouth, or not? Thanks. :)Ericw0620 (talk) 00:20, May 1, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Well it depends on you, if you want your fighter to have eyes and/or a mouth that decision will be up to you since you're the creator of them.

BTW Welcome to the Slush Invaders Wiki, Eric! :) Glad to have you here!!

- Vincetick! :D

Thanks man! btw I'm from the Philippines too, what are the odds!

Stick100-:)-thisisasmiley (talk) 06:50, May 1, 2014 (UTC)jekjek

Vince Dude! You should Draw Bill :D


Vincetick Wrote: Hu-What? Me? Why me? Cant you draw Bill? I mean he is your character...

- Vincetick! o_O;

My Wiki

Yeah, I know. The wiki falling apart but I'm not planning to delete or abandon it yet. I'm still thinking what to do it with. ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Actually i meant Chakatan's Wiki (Stick Fighters Wiki) not yours, but...wait? YOU HAVE A WIKI???

- Vincetick! O_O

Didn't you know? I have 5,058 edits on my wiki. BTW, wiki's name is Cartoons and fiction wiki. :/ ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Sorry, I've never heard of your wiki before, i have a set of perfectly good reasons and one of them being my Animation Series!

- Vincetick! :D

Finished your pic Stick100-:)-thisisasmiley (talk) 10:48, May 6, 2014 (UTC)jekjek


Vincetick Wrote:  Thanks, Stick! :D

How did you know what my character's power is? and You're one of the four people who got Red Rose (The Hand) where she's suppose to be! (Right).

BTW, Did I mention to you that Im making my own series called "Stickman Universe" its not out yet, will...on 2020!

Its more of a '10 years in the making' kinda series!

Anyways, thanks for the pic and i think its pretty awesome!! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Hey Vince I Re-Designed Vince from Chak's Adventure (Because i had to re-boot it and You looked like Chakatan). And I Heavily Based it on Nero and Dante. ( Oh and Btw i'm aware that the Red Rose is on the wrong Arm..But hey It's Still Cool :D ) Oh and This took 2 Hours...

Vince's Epic Re-Design


Vincetick Wrote: Well... its actually Superb! You almost got Red Rose as perfect as she is (Yes, Red Rose is a female super powe, i know) in Stickman Universe.

BTW, Just about to be finished with the Season Finale of Season 1, Chapter IV then onto Season 2...later in Mid August!

btw, this re-designed me kinda looks like a mixed version of You in the Zombieverse, DrewStick in the Dark Universe and Red (Mr.  Red) from the Battle Brawl Universe (all of these i said were in Chapter III), but the arm is me from all the series.

Also, I'd let you guys test a game i made which is in a 3-Dimensional Environment, but i cant since i've decided to make the Open Beta in Late 2023. Also the game i was gonna let you guys test was much like Tekken, but Stickman Universe Style with a large roster of Characters, moves and other Epic stuff.

You can choose to use either The Universe Crew, The Slushers (other Slush Fighters), League of Legends, Specials (Other S.U. Series Characters) or the Dark Alliance (And the other Villains). But...wel; I guess you guys are gonna have to wait for 9 - 10 Years before the release I guess...

But anyways, its Superb, Chakatan! Thanks! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Huh...Cool :|

Anyway's Which is Better...The old one? or the NEW ONE :D !!!!!!


Vincetick Wrote: Hm...pretty hard to decide actually, i like both the old and new ones, but I just cant choose between the both of them. Wanna just chat? I'll be in the Chatroom!

- Vincetick! :D

VInce- This is the Boss Link

Blnoriel (talk) 05:54, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Ok, I'll send you the photos via Chat/Thread in 2 Days!

- Vincetick! :D

Here are teh Xenostick Bosses and their Element:

Burning Soul(Red)-Fire

Lightning Blur(Yellow) -Lightning

Admiral Ocean(Blue)-Water

Pink Shadow(Pink)- Ninja(Expected it to be black)

Forest Guardian(Green)- Nature(Or Leaf to be exact)

Ice Edge(Cyan)- Frost and Ice

Earth Splitter(Brown)- Earth

Contiuum(Violet)- Time

(Ps: That is also the formation in the Stage Select)

Vincetick Wrote: Hey, Blnoriel! I decided to change the names of your characters, either by their elements or just by who they (seem) are... Anyways I'll get it done it 2 Days, so check your Talk Page once in a while, ok?

- Vincetick! :D

I Feel bad that i didn't actually catched up to the 1st Chapter of your Fan-Fic ( Curse my broken Computer )

~ That Awesome Dude who's name shall be named when the Person that left this message actually adds his name but does'nt so the reciever of the message has to check the Recent Wiki Activity and all that stuff

Vincetick Wrote: Chakatan, I know thats you. You cant fool me, I've gotten used to your old trolling techniques and crazy attitudes, best come up with new ones. Cool to hear that, bro! :)

- Vincetick! :D

Pffttt Lame >.>

~ Chakatan

Vincetick Wrote: Whats Lame? >:l

- Vincetick! >:L


I know you're kinda obsessed with Advanceshipping, so I decided we should do the same here. We pair users and characters up with other users or characters. Sorta like Elly and Drew.

Just....none about me. Please T_T. You don't wanna know. T_T

Vincetick Wrote: Ok! Let's call it DellyShipping. A mix of Drew and Elly's name, lol, if Fan and DrewStick found out about this we'll both be dead, man! :3

Lol I just realized I called "Delly".

- Vincetick! :D

I told you guys not to get on my bad side...

VINCETICK!!!!!!! AND WHOEVER YOU ARE, IM GONNA GET YOU!!! ~You know who it is, Fan! >:(

PS. I know you started this, TRS. ~Fan >:/

You guys are dead.


Vincetick Wrote: Uh oh! DUDE! TRS I TOLD YOU!!! O_O;

- Vincetick! O_O;

Where. Is. TRS?! ~Fan (eyes still glowing) >:/

Vincetick Wrote:'s uh... he's right at- um... er.... i think he's the... um... (Nervous) THE BATHROOM!!! (Does a facepalm inside my mind)

- Vincetick! XL


(gets killed brutally by fan)


You revealed where I was to Fan, know I will kill YOU and all your friends too!


I've gotta bad feeling about this...

Guess i'll be leaving, DON'T HURT ME FAN!!!

-JamesLOB D


(Healing Factor activates) ....G-g-god!! Why did you do that, man?

Also, Fan, not to get on your bad side, but, i think my fanfic needs a sort of 'couple style' thing like in Pokemon in where Ash is somehow teased with his Female Companion as being 'his' girlfriend, but i think I might add this as a sub-theme to the fanfic. Only for 3 Parts, the next ones will come with Ash! :D ok with you? <:]

- Vincetick! :D

I havent get you guys yet unless you pushed me to it. Im just glaring at you. And Vince, I accept it since you started this stupid ship/pairing.

To TRS, don't kill me. I haven't kill anyone yet, I was just warning all of you.

To anyone, calm down. I'm not gonna kill you... My heart is not ready for a relationship. I'm not yet ready to get hurt by that person badly. Understand? I'm serious about this. That kind social thing is related to my past. I'm avoiding my friends because of the 'ship' in real life. Everytime I remember those embarrassing moments of my life, I feel like I'm bullied because almost of my classmates when I was in grade 5 gathered and say that I was weak and worthless person.


Vincetick Wrote: Y'know you dont have to remember those. You can just dump those stupid and hurtful memories in your Disposal Memory Case and Then just forget about them. If I try to even remember my own Sad past, I think i want to go on a Rampage and Destroy Manila, but i just try to let it go. (Chakatan and anyone else better not sing that stupid Song)

Anywho, thanks for the agreement!

- Vincetick! :D

Let's rampage and destroy the Blues base instead, shall we? >:3 ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: I think I'd like to go on a Rampage on Rampaging Island instead! >:3

- Vincetick! >:3

Then let's do it! >:3 ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Imma do something first.

Drew x Elly! :D Yay!! :3

- Vincetick! O3O

I told you to stop it. >:/ Don't make me mad again or I will really quit the wiki. I'm serious about this and I'M REALLY GONNA LEAVE IF YOU GUYS KEEP DOING THAT.D:< WHOEVER SAID THAT AGAIN AND I'M GONNA QUIT THIS INSTANT. ~Very Angry Fan >:|

Vincetick Wrote: ok, ok, ok, ok.... i wont do it anymore, except in the fanfic that is (if you're ok with it). Just dont leave the wiki, ok?

- Vincetick! <:(

If TRS is reading this, can we just be friends and stop this madness? ~Stil angry Fan :|

Vincetick Wrote: ...

- Vincetick! ._.

Hey dude new Livestream Yay :D!!!


Vincetick Wrote: ... Um...

- Vincetick! O_o;

Hey Vince it's seth and can i be a member of slush fighters v. since your the leader send me a massage :)Sethreuben.zafra (talk) 11:10, May 25, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Hmm.... I'll have to think about it, but if it comes to my mind to let you join my made-up group, Sure! :D

- Vincetick! :D



Click here To find out :3 (

~Not Chakatan

Vincetick Wrote: It somehow doesnt work for me, but then again I'll try later. And also, I know its you Chak, no need to hide...

- Vincetick! :D

Hmm? Who is this man named Chakatan? I never heard of him <.<

~Not Chakatan

Hey, Vince. Why don't you check the history of the page? >:3 Here's the link:


NUOOO!!! Don't listen to her! She's secretly Gandalf working for teh Russian Government >:U

~Not Chakatan

Buking ka na ,ano? >:D ~Fan (in tagalog mode)

Vincetick Wrote: Y'know you didnt have to go in you-know-what Mode. I kind hate speaking in our language in the wiki and the other wikis I've joined. Its not that im ashamed that Im a Filipino nor do i dont lilke being a Filipino, its just that our Country is really, well pretty, mostly a bit, then again its a tad... AH Screw it.... OUR COUNTRY IS ALL MESSED UP!!! |:L

- Vincetick! :|


I can't forget the promise you made, Vince. Here's the song: ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Dang it! X3 Alright, I'll listen to the song, but dont expect me to listen to it over and over agian like I do with the songs I like.

- Vincetick! |:3

Vincetick Wrote, Again: OMG!! Man, does the song you linked me stink! No Offense though, just saying what I truly mean. Sorry, Fanny the song you made me listen to, didnt make it to one of the songs i like, heck it didnt even made it to 1%, only 0.4%... lol still sorry! :)

Anyways, my turn! You know the first ever Spider-Man Film back in 2002? Heres the Main Song to it: Spider-Man (2002 Film) Song

- Vincetick! :D

But is it awesome for me though. It's about not losing hope and we are all born scarred. That's the true meaning of this song. Maybe you didn' understand the true message of the song. BTW, your comment kinda offends me because it's one of my songs I played everytime I lose hope. It encourage me to not give up in life and face your fears, and also, dont give up dreaming. This song is also from my favorite band and whoever judges their songs, I forgive anyone does it. I'm open to any songs because they are not just awesome or stink, it's because of their powerful message that moves my mind, body and soul. The songs you just heard also came from a man who is full is wisdom which he shares to other people. I also share my songs to inspire others, not to criticize the given song. Hope you understand my feelings right now. ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: ...Hookay... sorry for calling your song a 'stinker'.

- Vincetick! :l

Well, make sure you look for the meaning of the song I shared to you and find the lyrics of Let It Out before you rate it. That's how the judges and reviewers rate the songs. Anyway, I know the song you linked to me :P Guess you have to try again!

PS And as a judge or a song expert, How many stars do you rate my song? I rate Hero by Nickelback "4" stars ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: ...hookay...

btw wanna join me and TRS on chat?

- Vincetick! :D

Actually, Im replying to you via tablet that does not access on chat. Beside, Im already lying on my bed, still surfing the net, Sorry that I can't join this time. ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Actually, TRS left me on chat. Now Im all alone... :P DERPIDY DERP DERP!!

BTW I made two new pics today, if you're gonna ask how i did it with might right hand still broken, i used my left hand to draw, though poorly.

Check it on the Photos.

- Vincetick! :D

Hey Vince , please help me make another picture of Stickhen with bigger eyes. thanks! ~-StickhenStKhen (talk) 07:31, June 7, 2014 (UTC)



Hey Vince, Try to Draw Stalec and Tell Chak to Draw Himself I Mean For the SIT FF!

Blnoriel (talk) 07:36, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick , Seth Reuben said he will leave the wiki -StickhenStKhen (talk) 08:31, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick, Answering Here!

To StKhen: Okay, I will! :)

To Blnoriel: Sure I will and I'll tell him later on chat.

To Khen about Seth: What? Why? What the heck, why is he leaving? <:O

Answered your messages, now reply back below: (The ones with your names on it)

Khen:are you done with the Stickhen Picture???, TRS said Seth was just testing our reaction lol :P , oh and vincetick can i join your Slush Fighters V??? if i can join where do i put my name ? on top of StRick??? Vincetick Wrote: Not yet, Im still doing it along with Blnoriel's request. I know that. You have to pass 12 Initiation Tests. If you manage to gain a 90% or higher score, put it at the bottom of StRick.

Blnoriel: Vince, Let me ask a few things

1.How did you find the Red Rose

2.Why does Spring has a crush on you and

3.Is it possible to do most of the challenges in the Legit?


- Vincetick! :D


I have heard that you have once accused an innocent man of sending posters of the series on Facebook without crediting the original creator, when he starts off trying to help but ends up getting banned. Is it true? If yes, why did you think it’s him?

From whatever I can see he is a poor naive Chinese dude who wants to clear his name and find the true culprit.

No Worry dude :)

Hey, don't worry, i'm still here! There's a couple of reasons i don't chat nor go to threads anymore: Chat just seems to not work on me, and the threads are HUGE, my computer is going to be 5 years old in a few days! Well, those are my excuses...

- Shaden <:)

Vincetick Wrote: Oh, okay! :) btw I did a pic of StAlec with you in the background making a pic cameo! :3

- Vincetick! :D

Yo, its Tri :D

Sooo I can post things from my Samsung Tablet! :D

Anyway, your request :3

Vince! :3

Took me a loong time to get his color scheme right =v=

-Trializ :D

Vincetick Wrote: Thanks for replying and doing the request, Trializ! :D

Also, one thing, Red Rose is on my right hand, just so you know. Anyways, what have you been doing around the wiki, we need new Updates on each of the Slush Fighters cuz.... everything was fine but now I realized they're all a mess, can you help out?

- Vincetick! :D

Um Vince i am a member of slush fighters why did you say i wasn't?Seth Reuben (talk) 16:05, July 5, 2014 (UTC)


Hey Vince, you can't leave!!!

What about your promise never to leave the wiki even if it meant the end of your life!!!

If you leave, that makes you a quitter and a liar!!!

You were one of the first people I ever met on the wiki!!!


-JamesLOB ;_;


What about TRS? And if you liked him so much, why didn't you give him a farewell message?


Auto-Message from User:Vincetick: Hey guys, if you already this, this is an auto message, anyways if someone has left a message for me in my Talk Page, sadly I will not reply anymore. But, in this one last and only instance this auto-message contains some of the things you need to know for my sad farewell.

I may come back, MAY Come back, but its not guranteed yet. If 2 weeks have past and Im still not active, it means that my farewell is real and I've moved on, forgotten the wiki and took the rest of my life doing other stuff. things (The last of my "stuff. things" joke that you will possibly see me write). If 2 weeks have past and/or earlier than that And Im active, only once, then that means Im staying again and I'll devise a plan to get TRS back. Unblock Seth and we can continue our "third family" life here. But refer to the 1st option.

Anywho, I made a drawing of me leaving you guys and moving onto the road of nowhere, in where I have to find a new place and new life to start over like I did with every wiki I joined. Also I did my own Farewell Picture done in Paint (as always) which you can see Below:

The last (possible) Drawing I made that you guys will ever see... Goodbye! :(

You can see me going my own way there and leaving into the sunset (last possible joke here)

Anywho, please remember the new promise I made above. Farewell Guys, Hope you guys can continue on keeping this place alive as I originally intended, please continue my Life Task here. Take care of the articles, yours and mine. Dont fight each other, dont blame Seth also, he may have some parts of me leaving, but It was also because of me. Dont ask (last "Dont ask" You will possibly see me say).

Bye, now. (Possibly Forever) Also you guys can still see me in my other wikis. And Steam if some onf you play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. You cant add me on facebook, like I sad before.

Also stay tuned for my Upcoming Series, in 2020. Red Tiger is my YouTube name.

Remember to keep each other safe and dont let yourselves go down because of me leaving (and TRS).

This was long but i think it was worth it. :') Also remember to keep each other close when at times of hardship. Dont leave each other's side, do this for me. (If I do leave for real in the next 2 weeks).

Remember, Stay Together. No matter what! William "Bill" Overbeck. One of his last words to the other 3 Survivors when he sacrificed his life to restart the Generator, raise te bridge and Got them to safety. He was soon killed by 3 Tanks after his noble sacrifice. (See these pages to find out more: Left 4 Dead and The Sacrifice)

- Vincetick! :'D (Possibly the last time you'll see me write that Signature of mine)

Minecraft Skinning

here it is...

Vince with red rose

here vince :)

here is a pic i made! :) hope you like it!

Vince by Stkhen

StKhen (talk) 11:22, July 19, 2014 (UTC)


Vince!!! I'm so glad your back!!!

i'm in france with a bunch of french bread!!!

I missed you so much!!!



Vincetick Wrote: I still aint, check the wiki for any news about me.

- Vincetick! |:l

Hiya!- hey Thomas what are you ARGB! YO PUSH DAT S-*arm Turns into machine gun sthomas:... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHHADOUKAN! Me:transforms into super metal sonic .... anyway im metal stonic and want to say ... you and I are LOTS alike (though it does kinda burn a hole in my cpu but oh well!) And just wanna ask you this ... do you like sonic games!?

-Metal stonic =)

Vincetick Wrote: Umm... whoever this is, I aint TRS. You got the wrong user...

- Vincetick! :]


Hey Vince! I have 1 question did you make Stick spring? Seth Reuben (talk) 13:42, July 28, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Yes! Why're you asking?

- Vincetick! :)

I was just curious that you didn't have a picture so yeah

_Seth :3

Vincetick Wrote: I cant much do anything now, since Im busy with my series and my studies at College. So, basically, I cant do much of anything that I usually do when I was in High School, education comes first for me now. Well... 76% of it at least.

- Vincetick! :D

Of course buddy i believe  :D   -Seth

Vincetick Wrote: Cool... and also, MW wanted to know when are you gonna release a Beta Version of your Game. He's been testing my "Age of Extinction" game since I fixed the character and item glitches and bugs... he says that he'll probably edit in the wiki on Monday... hes been my new daily tester... beating IWantSammich101... :)

- Vincetick! :D

Ok the beta version will be fixed in a moment because i need to add stuffs.

Vincetick Wrote: Okay, send me the link when you're ready. And also, be ready for some bug and/or glitch reports from me.

- Vincetick! :)

Dud wat the....

i made this..... ( angry stick100 inside )

Stick100-:)-thisisasmiley (talk) 23:50, July 28, 2014 (UTC)


jek >:O

Vincetick Wrote: Whoops! Sorry, i forgot! <:D

Did you watch some of the videos btw?

- Vincetick! :D

You're Improving

Vince i noticed how Your Art is Becoming Better and Better,Especially Your Latest Drawings! I Leik it :3.

~Chakatan (SpahHead)

Vincetick Wrote: Oh those? Those are just some test drawings im doing... since in the 2nd semester in College, were gonna head down over to Multimedia... which, i know, has drawins in them and animating... two of the things Im good at. Im just doing some Top body examples of myself... though, the real 'human' artworks are in my "Disk C/Stickman_Universe/Vincent/Human_Vers/Top" Files... not that one... thats just a noob paint version...

- Vincetick! :)

Hey Vince!

I Have a Question,So i watched Some of the Videos that you posted on your Page and I Have A Question,

Which one are you? (Btw i already knew Who Vanoss was before i came to this wiki)


Vincetick Wrote: Im "The Terrorizer"... Vanoss found me when I used to troll people on CoD: Black Ops II. And he thought trolling me could add to his Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trolling Fun Moments, turns out he soon added me and since then I play with him, but because we're from different Timelines, I play on them occassionally when its either a Weekend or a Day-Off from School. :)

But I may sometimes not be on the other vids, Im just either posting them there or Just feeling okay to just post them there to share Vanoss' vids here.

- Vincetick! :D

Just a request....

Hey Vince! It's me SC! Just wondering if you can highlight this for me? It's ok if you don't, I'd be requesting a lot of people at once... StiCarson (talk) 13:18, August 12, 2014 (UTC)StiCarson

Hey vincent, just wondering, but is DrewStick's new character design to hard to draw?

Vincetick Wrote: What do you mean?

- Vincetick! :l

Ahem,Vince it seems i just found Stuker Putting your Picture on Another Wikia


There you go


This is non of my business but what!? ~Seth

Vincetick Replied to Chakatan: Hu-what? I dont see it... but what wikia?

Vincetick Replied to Seth: Okay... at least you know it is! :)

- Vincetick! :)


can i make a picture stummer vs. Black? ~Sethy

Vincetick Wrote: Permission Granted...

- Vincetick! :)

I know it's not the best but here it is hope you like it! Sorry if i messed up about stummer. ~ Seth

Vincetick Wrote: Hmm... it kinds looks a bit like it... but... its cool! :)

The "Power Battle" is actually more hype, where a very awesome soundtrack will play in the background to keep the player(s) on 'edge' for the sequence when it intiates. I did a test footage with Hyun (FlyingPanda) 4 months ago, but I decided not to post it until mid 2027.

- Vincetick! :D

WOW! ~Seth :D

And Vince i actually have a pic where you and Spring are in it ima post it later :3

Vincetick Wrote: Dang it! >:3

lol, post it.

- Vincetick! :3

Stummer vs. Black


YO vince! i worked on my fanfic! check it out!

Metal stonic (talk) 03:27, August 21, 2014 (UTC)Metal stonic

Vincetick Wrote: Where is it?

- Vincetick! :)

my blogs!

Metal stonic \ V / 01:29, August 23, 2014 (UTC)Metal stonic

Vincetick Wrote: link?

- Vincetick! :)


Thank you! The new pic is awesome!

Vincetick Wrote: No problem, bro! :)

- Vincetick! :D

hey vince

Hey vince what does this picture mean? :3


StKhen (talk) 08:57, August 29, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Nothing... just a random face gesture I did for me, Chaka, TRS and Drew!

- Vincetick! :3

Let's just open up here...

Tell me why you are full of hatred. I give you permission to censor your swear. Like this kind of censor: _______ ~Fan

Vincetick Wrote: Talk to me tommorow... I'm too sleepy to talk... along that full of haze within my head.

- Vincetick! |:l

get better soon!

hey vince, i hope you get better soon! :D

MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 09:55, September 2, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Vince

Vince why does Dag and Zee have a relationship? They are just friends man. Seth

Vincetick Wrote: It's just another 'take from and take in' deal I thought of. Since in your series, Zee and Stan are... Nnngghh... and I originally thought that Zee and Dag were... Grrrgurgle... so I said "Hey! I got an original thought and I'm gonna make it into an Idea! :D". So that's how it came to be... now do you get it? The idea actually came into a reality 3 days after you said that 'Stan - Zee, Zee - Stan, Black - Zee - Stan, etc.' deal.

- Vincetick! |:D

Ok deal but what's awesome is the "Black serpent" which looks like a giant Black mamba great idea I should add it to Black's abilities. :D seth

permission please?

hey Vince.... so uh.... i know you might get mad at me for this but... can I post pics or at least videos of the games, episodes, etc on the site to here in the wiki? Just to show the guys (and gal who is Fan), huh?

Can I, Sensai? :3

MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 01:05, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: NO!!!

- Vincetick! >:O

Aww... why no? :(

Is this it?

Hey Vince, its me again. I know you might say "Shut up" to me again, but lemme just ask this first.

Is this the macromedia you used to use?

Tell me if it is because I wanna follow your foot steps, dude. U IZ MAH SENSAI!!! X3

MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 03:02, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Yes that is the old one that I used.... I use CS6 now... just waiting for CS7 now

- Vincetick! :D

Ok ok, just get on today, okay?


vince please tell TRS or The Real Sthomas to make my blocking not 2514 is he trying for me to not do anything for absoulute 50 years  this is Ezekiel strafe e caritativo (talk) 11:19, September 9, 2014 (UTC) E caritativoEzekiel strafe e caritativo (talk) 11:19, September 9, 2014 (UTC)E rattrap

Vincetick Wrote: Maybe he'll unban you if you stop spamming, being a butthurt and a complete noob in all of the stuff you're editting and stop taking other users characters into your own story without out permission... its not cool if you keep doing these stuff, dude. Just stop and I'll tell him to unban you. Just edit around the wiki as normal like we do. and STOP USING BOLD AND HEADINGS MAN!!! It's so immature. :/

- Vincetick! :/


Happy B-Day man! wish ya a happy bd xD StKhen (talk) 11:57, September 12, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: lol thxn, brah! :)

- Vincetick! B]


Hey Vince in your series how about you turn black into a black stickman :D seth.

Vincetick Wrote: already beat ya to that idea, bro! :)

- Vincetick! :D

Yo :3

Remember dat pokedex pic with Ash n' Dawn?

I think I found out why/how that happened :3

Vincetick Wrote: lol pretty much yea! :3

- Vincetick! :3

Click me :D



Vincetick Wrote: What's wrong with you?

- Vincetick! :[

Vince, you know that guy who is near DrewStick, the guy in red and with a brown outline? THATS YOU. I (nearly) made everyone with out their accessories/powers/weapons/stuff. And thank you for drawing DrewStick :)


Vincetick Wrote: By brown you mean dark red... but I saw it as Black rather than Dark Red. And You're Welcome!

- Vinetick! :^

lets chat if you're active vince :P StKhen (talk) 10:49, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Wrote: Sorry if I couldnt make it earlier... wanna try now?

- Vincetick! :D

Vince hello!

Hey vince it's me seth and i made you an ultra in stickman adventure! Hope you like it 

Here you go!

Vincetick Wrote: It looks cool... thanks, Broblack! :)

- Vincetick! :D

Well it's not an ultra but your picture lol any way Sethbro has a good news! Promise this is real and... 98% OF MY TESTERS LOVE YOU XD. Sethbro

Vincetick Replied: Give them my regards, bro.

- Vincetick! :)






I told you not to get on my bad side...

This is honestly how I feel right now...but more enraged.


Vincetick Wrote: Deal with it... both of you. (if Fan was included here).

- Vincetick! :)

Fan wrote: What's happening here? ?_? And, Vince, you need to archive your talk page ~Fan

Vincetick Replied: Nothing... nevermind, I thought you were involved with TRS. Also, no need to. I like to keep this Talk Page as it is...

- Vincetick! :)



Vincetick Replied: Nah... I think I wanna lie down on a Bed... then go to sleep and... "Wake up in the morning and gonna drink some coffee" meh... imma do something right away! :D

- Vincetick! :D


I loved it, it was freaking amazing thanks! seth

Vincetick Wrote: Glad you liked 'e, bro.

- Vincetick! :D



Vincetick Replied: Uh... who are you? also, JSYK (if you dont know this little acro of mine, it stands for "Just so you know") whenever im around to talk with or to, always remember to NOT speak in our language (Filipino) and Yes I am. I have a half-hearted hate for our country along that our fellow countrymen and women.

- Vincetick! |:^


Stop acting like a bully, Vince. I saw earlier you've been harassing Khen and Seth lately because of the small things the've done. Remember that these things are not gonna shake your soul so badly. Also, stop being so perfect and a boss to others. It doesn't mean you have a "sharp" memory, you're perfect at everything. Our brains have flaws. We can't remember details that fast. Also, you don't have any evidence to prove that I wrote "bunching" at Sthang's page because you don't even know how to look on a page's history. StiCarson did it, not me. I may have these kind of errors because I'm not good in speaking or typing English. FYI, I'm also a writer in for the people to say "Hey, correct this grammar" or "I will help you" on the reviews of my work.

Another thing, dude. I'm not mad, I'm just clarifying the things you have been doin' these days. I've seen you've been blocking users because they act crazy. We can forgive them. I can forgive them. When you act like crazy, we aren't do anything to you but listen to you. If some user acts that way, I talk to them instead of blocking them because they have reasons. It may be intentional or not, but forgive them. If you think you're perfect, fine. Some users have enough of your attitude. Be a kind person, Vince. Ask yourself: "Am I hurting people because of my immature actions?"

Think of it, my friend. Don't let anger rule your soul. Remember that the voices inside you are turning you into someone we don't like. ~Fan

Vincetick Begrudgingly Replied: I have only 6 things to say to you, 6. Things. ONLY!!

  1. I ain't acting like a Bully (heck its one of the things I hate in life), I've told you guys before not to get on my worst side, which I try to avoid at most occassions, take me down too far and BOOM!!! Bad Tidings are on your way.
  2. Not harassing, I'm telling them to tone down the Craziness on a 'down low'. You do remember the way I acted to Chakatan back then when he kept saying his (stupid yet silly) Pie, Potato and Sanwich gig, right?
  3. My memory and yours doesn't have to do anything in this. Leave that out or we might get, either, off topic or get into another arguement... this time fiercer than before (best not to)
  4. I dont care about, even if you guys are a part of that site.
  5. I dont ask myself whether I've hurt the people I care or love in this world, what I've done, what I've said... thats it. Nothing else. I dont have second thoughts on what I do or say, what comes in my head will be the first and last thing I will say and/or do. Immatuity doesnt have to do with anything on this.
  6. You guys might not like this, this, this... 'thing' inside me, but im starting to reconsider letting it consume me (Yes, thats right). For my sake upon this Barren Wasteland we call "Earth".

- Vincetick! ):l


Hey dude thanks for the shipping i didn't get to see it due to  the fact that i usually finish coding. Seth

Vincetick Wrote: lol its cool! :)

- Vincetick! :D

Where is ur DrillStick huh cant seem to find him.

Ahsuntry (talk) 15:49, October 4, 2014 (UTC)Ahsuntry

Vincetick Wrote: 10 Words... "I Didnt add him to the wiki because Im busy..." and you also owe me an Apology...

- Vincetick! )=l

Hey not my fault if you didnt add him


Vincetick Replied: You should ask first, before doing anything. Because you might accidentally do something that other people might fing as annoying, sad, disturbing or unsettling. Much like now.

So... its kinda your fault.

- Vincetick! ):l

Fine im sorry for ripping off drillstick.


Vincetick Replied, Again: Its okay now, I forgive you anyway. You should also know how hard it was thinking up of a good ability, name, color pallete, attitude and fashion for DrillStick. Also, I had to think up a few reasons on why DrewStick (in my version of the Slush Invaders) was Jealous of him over the fact of-... nvm

- Vincetick! :)

You have been banned

You have gone over the deep end, Vincent. See you in three months!


Want me to remove them?


Vincetick Wrote: Wait... why remove the quotes? and why do you wanna remove them?

- Vincetick! :)

From my articles. ~Try

Vincetick Replied: You mean Drillstick? the guy you totally ripped off from me?

- Vincetick! /:l

No from AquaDasher and Josh

Vincetick Wrote: Yeah, you should... not unless you ask for my permission.

- Vincetick! :)

Ok i'll remove them ~Try

Vincetick Wrote: If you ask for my permission next time, I'll allow you to do so. If not, then you know whats next...

- Vincetick! :D

Thanks nice picture dude

- Austin

Vincetick Replied: NP glad you liked it!

- Vincetick! :D

Well i've decided

Well i think The Red Unknown Stickman in SF.C will be called StiCharles with the power of Red and Blue Flames and the Power to make Small Explosions While The Unknown Orange Stickman is SF.C is Called Stick Jayden with the power of the Wind. well that is my idea . -Stkhen :3

Vincetick Replied: Wait... the orange guy is JoshuaStick... the other dude is the guy you should name, not him. lol, you misunderstood what I said.

- Vincetick! :)

Stkhen Replied:Well Alright Then , The Red stickman is Stick Jayden with the power of wind , the Blue stickman is StiCharles with the power of Fire and the power to make small explosions. :3

Vincetick Wrote: okay then... AND STOP COPYING MEH!!! XD

- Vincetick! xD


I Spent my Last 2 Hours drawing this just for you...I Hope you like it!


wait wait i chg my mind , the red stick figure is StiCharles while the blue is stick jayden ..... StKhen (talk) 13:59, October 17, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Replied to Chakatan: yeah its cool, bro. :)

Vincetick Replied to StKhen: Dude... make up your mind...

- Vincetick! :D

Dude, you dare edit my stuff without permission, and I swear, I will get so pissed.


Vincetick Wrote: FYI, It isn't in this wiki, and I didnt edit your page for crying out loud. So stop yelling and move on... i didnt edit your DrewStick article.

- Vincetick! |:/

When you say that you know what we are all doing, does that mean that you can take a look what is exactly on my screen?! Cuz that's pretty much invading my private space, bro! >:l


Vincetick Replied: When I said "I saw what you two were talking about", I meant that I can pretty much see almost all the things MW does, pretty much half of my testers too. The others... not so much, with that having said, Im pretty much scared on the fact that they might reveal this to others.

- Vincetick! ._.

Hi dere vince, do ya want the Slush fighters V and T.P.K (The Pure Knights) to become allies? i mean like its your decision, you can do whatever u like.

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 19:28, October 23, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

Vincetick Wrote: Thanks for the wonderful offer, Adi, but, I'd rather stick with my series plan since the group is already alligned with other Slush Fighters (from A - Z, lol). Maybe I can get the Pure Knights to appear as members of Slusher like everyone else, or at least Supporting Characters in my revision of the Slush Invaders series (which i havent asked Glidedguy for his permission, still), do you want me to?

- Vincetick! :D

Dat pic

You know the pic you just uploaded with Seth and Zee?

Out of all the things anybody (including me and you) have said/uploaded, that was the think that made my stomach churn the most. Now please apologize to my overflowing toilet.

Vincetick Wrote: lol sorry TRS' toilet, I promise both of you that I will never make another Shipping War pic again (Because that might start a dispute between my 'you-know-whos').

- Vincetick! :D

Sthomas locked.PNG

Thanks dood :3

Thanks for ze pic I loved it and gave me an idea :3 seth

Vincetick Wrote: No Problem... now I hope I didnt start a 'host war' by making that, lol

- Vincetick! :3

Stop Lying

I know you hate me. Seth told me everything. Stop lying that you still want to be my friend.

This is further proven by this picture of everybody shaking their fists at me while I go berserk.


How is that still being my friend?

Vincetick Wrote: That's because that picture right there is an episode scene from "Mind Games" of Season 2 of SI: TS.

Ever tried the word 'asking' before? You should try it...

I keep most of every scenes (including SU) from each episode in a "Paint File", right now I wanna try GIMP if Fan gives me the link to the program, so that it'll look a bit more 'fresh' than paint. Plus the Antagonist there isn't you (almost), Its Greg who's using YOU, StiCorey and Stick Merlin as 'leverage' to annihilate Slusher.

Also, wouldn't've I made a more 'sadistic and sinister' pic of you trying to kill me or the others If I DID hate you? I've already said to RMD, Seth, Khen, Leon, Ahsuntry and GN that You're one of the people that I'll miss the most here in the wiki once I leave, the others being Fanny, Chak, Ultra, Austin, Drew, Khen and Seth.

So if you still think I'm lying and that im just covering this whole thing to not REALLY show my hate towards you, its fine. Even if you think or belive that im lying and that I hate you back, that still wont douse our friendship and camraderie here with the others.

- Vincetick! -.-

I guess you're right. It's just that the one thing that I hate the most is people poking fun at my anger managment issues.

I still don't appreciate the shaking of the fists though.

Before you leave, (I'm gonna miss you too, buddy) I just want to let you know I've forgiven all the past incidents that have happened between us.

Vincetick Wrote: It's okay... as long as you understand this whole thing, its cool

- Vincetick! :)

Glad you're having third thoughts!

Yo dude

Yo dood thanks for including me on that pic with different wikians but why are the fighters in pain about ze TRS mode? Seth 

Look, I want to apologize for yesterday =.= I over did everything...again. I didn't mean for anything like that to happen, and I do respect your choices. I just want for you not to think as me as sarcastic all day. I hate it when people think I'm lying when I'm telling the truth. NO ONE DOES. And I noticed that you were saying something about Fan might giving you a GIMP file. If you don't have gimp, you can just download it online. :L I highly suggest you use GIMP for coloring and shading tho.


Vincetick Replied to Seth: It's a scene from Season 2 in where Greg brain washes Sthromas, Stick Merlin and StiCorey to attack Slusher and you are welcome.

Vincetick Replied to Drew: It's okay, all is forgiven...

- Vincetick! :D

Thanks bro

Hey Vince so if you are gonna leave heres what  I need to say:

Thanks for everything you have done for me all the good, great and amazing stuffs, you actually inspired me to draw more and more. On the chattroom you make me laugh, happy and joyful and you are one of my favorite persons on the world... I will never forget you throughout the years. Thank you Vince

-Seth ;)

Vincetick Replied to Seth: Thanks, Sethbro. I promise you that you, Chak (He somehow managed to 'bug' me about it), Fanny and Khen will be the first of the group. (about Early to Mid 2021, sorry cuz I'll be closing down the Beta testing once the premiere starts for at least a year by then).

- Vincetick! :D

Oi dude , i got the same bug again . the slusher chat is blank . i kept on trying to log in multiple times but it dint work . do you know any ideas how to solve dis? StKhen (talk) 13:59, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

Vincetick Replied to StKhen: 

lol xD

Ask Fanny or TRS for that, if not then... (let the meme talk for the next words)

- Vincetick! x3

Hey Vince

Dood it's Seth and thanks for ze pics, the team pic with easter egg and the Dag & Zee shipping I thoiught it was funny XD

Vincetick Wrote: lel, glad ya liked 'em. I just released some sneak peek pics of SU. Ask RMD, Khen and Chaky about them.

- Vincetick! :D

Updated with new information

Not really quitting just a break


Vincetick Wrote: *phew* glad to know! 

- Vincetick! ^-^

Oi Moite

Thonks for ze incumvlete animazion . cant wait for it , thou the stkhen in that animation talks pretty fast. o.oStKhen (talk) 13:13, November 25, 2014 (UTC)

Vince, maybe you should have your animations at 24 frames per second :) It would look a lot smoother! And did you make that parkour background yourself, or did you download it from somewhere? -Drew

Vincetick Wrote: It's just an animation for fun, when I do those, I literally dont take them seriously, unless they're about SU or SI or others related to Stickpage. Anywho, it'll be probably be done along StKhen's anim next month, I hope.

- Vincetick! :D

So do you mind if I use a parkour background that you made by today? My dad is disabling my internet because he doesn't believe that I worked my butt of 6 hours on programming. :( -Drew

Vincetick Wrote: I can send you one on Saturday, I can't send you one today because from today until Friday, I'm pretty much booked in school, since I start in the morning and I go home at night. So sorry for the given date, I'm really stuck now in College and all that. I gotta put education first now. I'll work on a new background for you until then, once you regain your internet back, you'll find one on your Talk Page.

Anywho, until then, be positive and be cool, as always.

- Vincetick! :D


Is Trystick confirmed for SI?

Nice pic btw


Vincetick Wrote: The voting ends whether my testers are done voting or until next week... whichever comes first though, let's just hope he does get accepted.

- Vincetick! :D


how did you have guns so well?   

So i'm answering your question i am filipino 100% i also looked at your account i find out there is other filipinos  like mewho liked series so thanks for asking do Theplayer999 (talk) 11:40, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

Hello admin of the wiki.

I'm here to talk to you about templates and why they're important because the one admin that was on wouldn't take me seriously, closed the thread to prevent me from arguing, and even threatened to ban me after I somehow (Don't ask) reopened the thread.

Anyways, here's my pitch. Note that on this device, there's only source mode, so if it comes out weird, sorry.

Why I think we need the template idea:

  • It makes it more obvious that it's a fanon page.
  • It can auto-add the category "fanon"

Also, there's a problem with your current idea. You want to add the category "fanon" to all fanon pages. But remember-

  • This does not remove the canon categories
  • It's subtle - many users come to wikis for info and only use categories to browse through info.

Also, if we made the template auto-add the fanon category, it'd hit 2 birds with 1 stone.

That's my idea. Hope you take it seriously! --Doue (talk) 02:15, November 29, 2014 (UTC)

  • sort of like Slush RPG but with robot features scattered all over it.
  • make it unique in some way too!
  • thanks

Uh, excuse me for sounding rude, if I do, but I'm getting impatient.

No! No! I'm not mad at all! It's just that I am not usually this patient. I'll be happy to wait one week if you wish, heck, I'll give you TWO weeks if you like!

Anyways, I want Slusher as the building, and I want it to be in a backround. Remember, Slusherville is the village/city (what ever you want it to be) and Slusher is the building. And one more thing, make it in ruins. Thank you for your cooperation!

And Merry Christmas!

It's awesome! BTW, which robots are you talking about?

So anywho, I'm planning on making an episode based on winter, but I have two ideas and I can't decide.

Episode Idea 1: To prevent the coming of warmer seasons, living snowmen try to destroy Stick Spring, and their leader is Moochin' Snowball.

Episode Idea 2: Chakatan, since his fiasco invloving Santa and his pranks, (see his page) takes the role of Ebenezer (however you spell it) Scrooge and is visited by the ghosts of four deceased characters.

Tell me which one you like best on my talk page. Thanks!

I meant you have to choose which one I'd use. Also, I don't want any characters. Just the destroyed Slusher in the background, and some robots maybe. Thanks!

How far r u with it?

I regret to say that your deadline is coming up. That deadline is when we're both eventually on Christmas Break.


I know. You can present on Christmas, but our goal is that we at least try to finish by then. You may be thinking "OUR GOAL?", but I meant to put that because I am working on THREE presents. 1/3 is done. See ya then ^^

Um, the logo? Where is it? This has been me for the past few days:

It's great! I'll even make the two types of robots that were in the logo actual robots! A few things though:

  1. You put too many chars. Don't worry. I can work them into the game.
  2. Ugh, you put ME in there. I'm not in the game.

Aside from those, it's perfect!

Oh my goodness

Wait a minute, YOU FORGOT DREW! You HAVE to fix that because he's the main char!

I'm not too dissappointed actually since the rest of it was awesome.


Thanks for the background Vince, but I think I'll just continue to look for parkour background ^^


Rating of your profile page...

(drum rolls) It's 8/10! :D  ~Fan

"I approve it! :D"

Oh, you were expecting a new message?

Too bad. Penguin time.



TRS TIME!!! Vince, big news! YOU'RE ILLUMINATI!



Hyun says he still needs to make a lore for Yo-Yo in general. I might as well ask Michael when he is on the dojo.


Random Random Random Random Random Random

I'm Watching You Tiny Baby...........O.O


Was Trystick Accepted

Was Trystick Accepted for SI?

Hey Vince!

Wassup Vince! I'm back and better than ever! you can announce this or stuff!

Because it is almost christmas break, i'll be back on the wiki!!! Because I want to becomea B-crat! I remembered that after doing a few hundred edits, I can become one!

So yay! Also, thanks for the art! it's amazing!!!

-JamesLOB :)

Vincetick? I Want you to draw a Portrait including all of Storiel's Forms:

  • Advent
  • Norma
  • XenoDrive
  • Royal
  • Advent
  • Prism
  • Harmony

amm master G what did you want to talk about just leave a message i am always online

wut did u want to say


you can tell the rules here master vinceIAM THE STUCKER THE ONE 05:48, December 28, 2014 (UTC)memopariston

i changed the friendly one's name into the beast and please add my character stezekiel you'll see him in atctivity log and the beast to your movie 24 as a camro its okay i know i have no right to say this after my romance with spring with no permission but please add them as cameo or even just a second please please please

Please add my character to your movie

please please add them the beast new name of the friendly one and stezekiel my new character please add them to your movie 24 as a cameo it s okay master vince mentor i know i have no right to say this beacause of stick dual but please just add them as a cameo i tcan be okay or even a secon appearance


but if it continue could you please add any of those two character i did please just add them if you continue even a cameo if you continue

and why does it says on your lastest movie master vince mentor new information will be added soon that mean its not finish ? then you master say it done a month ago hmm confusing and intergueing

SO master

so master if it continues please add one of my character as a cameo is okay just please add them if it continues i beg you please please please please please......... weh that was alot of drama ain't it mentor

master please let me join the slush fighters V please any of characters even if its addressed the weakest fighter or even villain please please IAM THE STUCKER THE ONE 15:38, December 28, 2014 (UTC)please please man


can i join the slush fighters V my characters the beast and stezekiel or even just one of them and big news is it true that your an illuminati


master please let me join your slush fighter V any of my character please even if its the weakest fighter in the slush fighters V please let me join in it please please please please


master vince i wish you read this before i make the character can i make a charater that has a referance to stedro but instead he plays final fantasy and have laser shooting uzi and a reflector thats color yellow and his color yellow too and his knee of justice is mighty kick of games can i i will put character referene on start of the story and trivia can i please answer this after new year have to watch firework here in philippines soo i have no time to draw him any can i make like that his name is 

STetro can i please and please answer quick cause its starting please please


now for no reason i'll just create a new account


mastere vince i know right when you read this your like what who is this ???? in your mind it me actually i'll wait for you to answer this but to be easy i am Stucker Real i quit my old account cause haaa Life Sucks its boring nothing happens i wish i was different the guy that can have fun in LIFE BOOOOOO RING

Is it done 

is it done yet oh wait thats why i can edit now hihihi sorry for this i'll end it master and yeah 


Master Vince, please stop

I am seriously getting literally sick of your shipping. Especially on the SF wiki. That was just too much. I've been also noticing that the last three of your profile pics are all shipping. So please, ditch shipping for now at least. To think that you once hated this!

Well that was unexpected

Sorry about that. Your sudden outburst made me realize you care about this very much. As an apology, I will try to tolerate your shippings. Barfing will be kept to minimum. I promise. And one more thing:


Are you ignoring me or secretly forgiving me?

Well, if this makes you feel better, I will be leaving in about a week for four days or so, then three more days until I leave for a week. I still may not be very active then. I seriously think I need these breaks from you guys. Don't get me wrong, you guys are family to me, but sometimes, like all families, you get pretty overwhelming.

I couldn't agree more.

Seth haz question

Ayoo Vince, uh do you think I should make "synopsis" in sticks the series page?


Hey, Vince. Do you have any recommended animes for me? I'm a starter when it comes to it. I bet you know some animes I'm not familiar with. 

P.S. Please put this on your archive, your talk page is getting laggy (especially for my computer)

~Fan (Fabby lel)

is it real?

hey kirito-sama, is Lucas really gonna be apart of the Seth's team for real? because I saw you add him to his group and did seth agree to this?

anyway, thanks! :D

Vince, Blue uno can still be appear after you beat Slush Rush Tile once. Should I add that they face Blue uno and the skunk? And what does the skunk even look like o_O


I need help.

So, since you're making your whole "Slush Fighters V" thing, I was thinking of making a completely new team and starting fresh, with the current members, but a whole new name and a lot more members. Should I do it?


PFFFFTT!!! Ju need somethin moar den an animah mallet to rekt me xD


I love it!

Hey Vince I loved your Dag and Zee in season 2! It's awesome and btw I fired that laser! Sethy :D


Thanks for the picture Paly!


A wiki you may enjoy

I heard you like Club Penguin, so may enjoy this wiki: Club Penguin Fanon Wiki!

The only downside is that you have to create a whole new account, since it's different from other wikis.

Re: The Both of Us

I know, no pun intended :3 (Re: means reply)

Anyway, let's get this straight...

Well, this wiki is NOT the only one with few spammers and users faking their identity. I experienced this twice on Cartoon Network Wiki where spam is on most pages. It's a difficult task because the wiki has almost reached 3,000 pages and yet 45-70% of these pages are stub pages and others, more likely, are vandalized ones.

Back on this wiki, it is much more easier to handle because of fewer pages but has lack of security. Generally, we're having a lack of policies to fix all problems we are facing today. I saw many different policies on every wikis that I visited and, indeed, they are well-explained to every user who reads them (unless they are the undisciplined ones and kept on spamming). I even copied some policies and put it on my former wiki (it got deleted sorry D:) and made the policies much more easier to read and to understand by passing Wikians (btw I NEVER plagiarize on my wikia days).

I think we'll get another meeting on the 3rd week of March or the 1st week of April. This month, I have a load of school activities and projects to deal with so I will be less active for the next days.

And, yeah, I took a look on the page your saying in Chak's wiki. Okay, okay, now, don't tell me your screaming in front of your computer screen or whatever-screen (in case you are on a gadget or something). I respect your decision not to say this girl's name because I knew she's special... :3

~Fan! 2/3/15


Whats Trystick's personality like in SITSS5?


Da Puncake

I ate da puncake cause it looked so delicious and i couldn't help eating it.

And i hadn't seen that before you gave the link.I have seen it now though


xD You actually believed all of that? That went better than expected lol. Sorry for all of that ;p


I ship Kirinon :P

Ultralord159 (talk) 20:58, February 7, 2015 (UTC)


Hey Vince please tell me about the "Seth and Zee inside the construction site thingy" cuz I didn't finish reading it last night please tell me! Seth

Hey Vince um I have a request, can you make a pic of Seth and Zee arguing? Seth :3


Thanks Vince tiger! So awesome btw before I lose theres some cheating to do :D Seth

Added sources/appearances

About the name "Ethan"

Vince, you may have to alter Ethanstick's name a bit because I already made somebody like that. You can read about him here.


How do i clean my profile...?

P.S:I completed the task BX gave me so i NEED MORE WORK!


Sorry, Vince. I promised I wouldn't barf anymore, but "it" is coming. Just giving you a little warning.

User Page ratings!





solid 9/10 needs information though :3 ~Fan


What do you mean...



U mad bro?

Also check out this awesome song.

-You know who it is... XD


Okay main im sorry :'(


Sure thing bud XD


Y U NO BAN ME PERMANENTLY FROM WIKI? i cusses in the chat with the baddest word and im a chat mod.

y dont u take mod power away? ime a bad person :c

please ban me vince, please ban me :c please do it :c PLEEEEASE :c

Crazy&Cooler (talk) 11:40, February 21, 2015 (UTC)C&C


Have Some Wafflez :3



(Make trystick or his face only)

- Try :3

yo vince, heres thev pic. 

do you think u can make it?:


 *YES :D

  • NO :(

Put a "[  ]" on the one u choose ~~C&C~~

Another Apology

i actually feel kind of bad 4 what i did from the last 3 weex or so

1. I trolled you by putting Darude Sandstorm on ur page and by making fun (kind of insulting) ur favorite anime

2. I put u wif Stick Spring in the valentines day special, and i no you get a little uncomfortable when things about your characters get misplaced

Just another quick apology, just to letchu know 

P.S. When i animate i get a little nervous thinking, "will vince get mad again" or "should i make a cameo of his character" since i try to make everything "perfect" as possible cuz i dont want to insult u agin

-Austin :/

Whats Sinon


Yee and Alanna

Vince, I know you're a bit obsessed with Sinon... but really?

Basing a character off of her and putting said character on a 'soon-to-be-romantic' status with Vincent?


MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 16:20, February 27, 2015 (UTC)

Know wat I just realised?

You joined 12 days before me!

Alright, I added the "both" option (Which I have a sneaky suspicion Fan's gonna like). I also realised we both joined  the wiki on accident!

You see, back in 2012 I played the Slush Invaders Game nonstop and I was ADDICTED to it. I even made a whole sheet of my original fan fighters (Which are probably now rotting in a landfill somewhere D:) so I was using powerpoint to make a collaboration of all the original fighters (which is probably rotting in an E-landfill D:) and I was looking for their pictures on Google Images. When I came across one of Sticorey's pictures, I saw the website it was posted on. "Slush....Invaders....Wiki?". I don't remember exactly why I went there, but probably my most logical reason is that I clicked "Visit Page" on accident and I was lead here. Right away I started making edits as a random wikia contributer including my first troll (yes, that was me) and commenting a bit. After a while, seeing how great this community was, I decided I wanted to join. My original username was supposed to be "Sthomas" but Wikia wouldn't accept it for unknown reasons, so I changed it to "The Real Sthomas".

That's how.

Ur welcomez, but in all seriosuness, it's a penguin. I'm kind of tired of being called a duck |:|




  • grabs hammer and [POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!]


Another request

dear vince,


there must be some uses wanting to know mor or need some help so they will be sad to know the thread is closed, and will blam u and form a angry mob of noobz and come to ur houze and beat u up for closing it.

soo u need to bring it backz


Hey Vince

I was browsing Netflix and Lookie what I found!

No reaction?



Weight Vinze dew u hav teh ful verzion ove frash?


Why are you trying to revive like 4 threads?


Dude, you gotta see this

Vince, you HAVE to get back online to CP at least for one day. Take a look at what I found at the Mine!

Dreams do come true!

Uh, bro?

This is one of the longest talk pages I've ever seen (tbh) :3 ~Fan

SAO made me ;_;

I just finished the series today and I literally broke down on the last arc "Mother's rosario" (of course it was season 2). This is one of the shows that have depressing aura that makes you wanna curl and cry all you want. I don't know, but I have a feeling that I really am emotionally and mentally linked to most fictional characters. ;_; whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? :3 ~Fan (still can't get over it D':)

... At least you saved me from 0.5 awkwardness with the other users... thank you big bro -3- ~Fan

Here: :3

Bad news

I'm sorry but you may not post links to external social websites such as Facebook that may contain profanity. The only exception is if you're linking to a youtube video on your youtube channel. Please upload the picture on the wiki. Thank you.


Portraits BrightXeno (talk) 11:49, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

Hey V, I Request that you create A Portrait that Includes:


This was made by Fanny

Simka:Her Picture

Sonic:(To Be Created)

Ey, Vince

New Sinon avatar, eh? :3 Cool!

PS: Please don't give in to your hatred D: Pleaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee? <:3 ~from your lil sis

Um, Vince

Did you ever upload that picture that was on that link you posted on my talkpage?

I saw your message earlier.

Ok, I'll do it sometime soon, but it won't be pretty. I think what I say will sting the most for you. No offense.

Again, I'll let you know if I find "it".

Know, what? I don't think I should.

Nobody else will have the slightest clue what's going on. They don't know me anymore as a dark person with burning anger deep inside. I'm afraid that if I do it, nobody will ever forgive  me. Not even you.

P.S. I just listen to the scatman and the pirate song at the same time.


Bruh, can you demote me? :3

-Skpcboy- (Reply) 07:41, April 18, 2015 (UTC)

Quick question

So I'm writing a story. When I say story, I mean like a novel, not like a short story. I started it last year in around September or October, but didn't have much time so therefore have been working on it at a really slow pace.

So. Anyway.

Vince, can I create a character in my story based off you?

It's my policy to ask someone for permission before if I want to create a character based off them. I feel like it would be kind of weird otherwise.

-Darkfire, blowing up

Darkfire545 (talk) 04:58, April 19, 2015 (UTC)


MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 07:54, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

Is it just me or...

Doesn't it look like Isumi-chan's head is waaaaay too small for her body?


good enough?

i don't know if this fan art i did of Vincent is good enough. But is it good enough?

how do you do those lighting effects?

MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 18:16, April 27, 2015 (UTC)


Hey Vince! It's been a long time!

A lot of things have changed. I have a small question as well: How do you change the color of your name?

Thank You :)


Here is the drawing you asked for!


8-bit Vincetick

can you show me a picture of Megastick in slush invaders the series

Mega (talk) 16:44, May 1, 2015 (UTC)





Hey man I'm not sure if you requested this or not but I made it..

-Seth :3

Vincetick fan art.png

Sudden shut down

I accidentaly pulled the plug so the computer shut down unexpectedly -3-


Hey Vince, guess what!

I was able to get on chat yesterday! You were afk during that time! LOL


Hey Vince plz

Vince, can you please unprotect my user page? I can't edit it without my admin rights. Thanks.


Oh my gosh, Vince

Can't somebody joke around on the wiki anymore without you going ham on them?



Oh. okay.

I'm not good at being subtle.

Hey Vince it's me!!! whooo!! (hehehe) 

so you're japanese now, i saw it from your profile.. .hahaha just kidding man...

now i know what you're thinking, hey it's that guy who i think he left weeks ago.. well.. i'm gonna spill the beans, (you're from manila right? i think... and if you are you're probably aware by now that some areas doesn't have internet for a month) and if you don't know that well... yeah. we don't have internet... some weirdo stole a cable...

that's the reason why i haven't been active and another reasons... financial problems.. yeah..

times are tough now.. so i can't draw on our desktop.. we need to lessen up the electricity...

so... i only have few drawings....

so.. yeah.. i posted in your wall because i wanted to ask where to put my pics for the anniversary...

p.s. reply on my page 

~Jek-jek  :3

hey dude

im jus there to troll you (again) :3

and yes, you were right on chat earlier, lol but im sorry. I just had to do xD

Now, do what the picture says, man.

U MAD? :3

MysteriousWikian1246 (talk) 16:43, May 21, 2015 (UTC)

Vince vince vince vince

Check Dimitri's wiki for a surprise.

Please check back on Dimitri's often. You never know  when you'll find something interesting.

I'm serious.


Thanks, man!

Thanks for fixing the poll! I never found out what was wrong with it. (For some reason)


lt;ns dude. this is me, Francis. I missed you so much

Francstick (talk) 01:35, July 5, 2015 (UTC) Francis


Lookie at what I found on Roblox.

Even if you don't have a Roblox account, just go see.

It's something you liiiiiiiike :33333

Er, Voince?

Bandicam 2015-07-19 22-16-47-883.jpg
Bandicam 2015-07-19 22-16-18-227.jpg

Are these more Drew x Fanny shipping pics? --TRS

You need to be crowned the shipping master.

Then you need to be clothed shipping master...?

I dunno. (Better Drew than me)

Buy some new ones and wait until you absolutely cannot get the old ones on anymore to wear them.


Spare me --TRS


No deal. >:]

Is it too late to rip up the contract?

What does any of that mean?

Oh ok. Now back to the begging. PLEASE PLEASE NO!

Bandicam 2015-07-19 18-31-10-602.jpg

What happens if I stop begging?

Thank you. Also, I'm pretty sure you thought nobody saw this --->

I know that if I say it, I'm gonna die.

So it's okay to say it for now?

Here goes.


Cuz ur gonna kill me now.

Because you said one time that you'd kill anybody who said her name.

Bear with me please, I don't have a photographic memory like Fanny's.

Also, I've hit my head multiple times.


Please stop.

Listen, I've had too much of this. If you want me to act maturely then I'll do it. I've been able to suck all teh fun out of my body before and I can still do it. If you want it, that's what you're gonna get.

Well, I'd kill the person of course.

-The Real Sthomas.

Oh no.

Not more Sthranny (Sthromas + Fanny) ships again. >//////<

(Internal Red Alert) --TRS

It's not that I LIKE Fanny, it's just that I'm a bit lazy. --TRS

?!!!??!????!!?!!!???!! does DREW know??? --TRS

;O///////////////////O; --TRS

But in all seriousness, it's never going to happen. Just believe me.

Also, Fanny's gonna kill me when she's back on... >///////////////////< --TRS

Well, erm, you have no DIRECT proof! I haven't said yet flat out that I "like" Fanny. --TRS

Hm. Looks liek Fanny didn't go on. Guess I'm safe for a while. --TRS

I don't know how to feel about the thought of her dsicovering this. --TRS

Really, it's more of a minor crush opposed to actually dating...OH GOSH NO I ACTUALLY TYPED THAT! O///////0 --TRS

Sorry to break you, TRS, but I saw everything. I don't know but I feel weird when someone likes me. Don't be offended or anything, it's rare someone infatuated on me. (dang it) -Fan

Why'd you say dang it? But eh, I'm not too sad about it. --TRS

I just... you caught me off guard with this kind of stuff. It's okay, though, I'm not gonna get you into trouble or anything. Besides, you are the one who started it -3- ~Fan

Ok, I understand. but OH BOY you gave me a scare when I looked on Recent Wiki Activity and saw you visited Vince's talk page. ~TRS

Hold it, if you don't usually have people crush on you, then why would you pass up an opportunity? ~TRS

I... don't have the "appeal" like girls usually have... ~Fan

Ah. Well, I respect your decision. ~TRS

@Vince, well it was kind of obvious. ~TRS

@all I woulda used the forum thread but I can't do hat on my phone.... I feel like this has gone a little too far. Thanks to a combined Effort from tRs and Vince.....since trS brought it up for who knows why and Vince kinda edged him on and/or teased him about it which made tRS say some things that he shouldn't has said, which allowed Vince to tease him more............?

At least that's how I see it. We should just forget about it for now.....

-Darkfire, blowing up

Oh man, I was so awkward then xD

But then again, I still am now. :|



Um, how should I tell her? --TRS

i see that you says that kannah is an idiot,i only want to say this:SO IS YOUR FACE!

haha,in your face!

Stick brian (talk) 01:57, August 6, 2015 (UTC)stick brian

Oh yeah, you call Vince an idiot you don't even know what's a present tense and how to use them! -Seth -_-

Nyah~ :3

Hello, this is Hyperdude here. This is my second account of Francstick. I really still miss you. Even though I never see you, I can remember you. So, am I welcomed now?

YOU MUST GET ON MAH BELLEH!! (talk) 23:40, August 14, 2015 (UTC)

i have a small  article on my wikia too, but your is better, i;m focusing more on other stick figures. you should really upgrade your wikia btw, the message wall is much better

Vince plz

Can u not? I'd like to catch my own mistakes. I can't have somebody like you yelling at me every time I slip up or else I'll never develop the basic skills on my own.

Also, yeah, I know it sounds really stupid. ~TRS

Thanks but

I already did. Also, I laughed at "Golden Darkness" for longer than I probably should have. --TRS

Probably because

The word "Golden" in combination with the Gold link. --TRS

I dunno. It was just unexpected. --TRS

Except your new avatar |:3 --TRS


Sure thing... Yami. |:3

Nice job trying to cover up the evidence. |:3


You have a sister? --TRS

In the history of the page, I don't see anything but what you wrote, plus you put "Yami" when you left a message on my talk page as if it were your normal signature. --TRS

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. --TRS

Sure it didn't... >:3

"Yeah, sure, whatever" --TRS

Alright alright. Yeesh. --TRS

Yeah, I forgot about Fan's birthday

Exactly what it says on the title........unfortunately.

I would've posted this on the forum, but for some reason I can't access the page.

-Darkfire, blowing up again

Good one.


I see what you did there.


Quick question.....

Quick question.....

If you could have any special power/ability/whatever, what would it be?

Thanks a ton!




No more teasing.

Thank you. :D


Yo vince, I'm starting to think that the Stickward wikian is a spammer. It's just me, but I think he's looking for attention here, and looking at that long reply you gave him (well, longish) on one of the threads, he probs won't stop. You mind like not giving him replies like that? I really don't think it's gonna help us- Forget everything I said. Just ban him already =_= I'm getting so tired of trolls and spammers 


Uh, hey Guess what.

I'm active. ~TRS

Don't worry, I won't act up. I'm waiting for somebody.


- u no ho

Bro whats a shipper ._.

it sounds weird



Can you change the color of the links to my page (<see) ? I don't really liek it. Unless, only Fanana can do it.

Thx -Skpcboy- (Reply) 04:12, October 18, 2015 (UTC)


Just go here, edit and scroll down to find this:

a[href="/wiki/User:Skpcboy"] {
    color: #7aac62 !important;
    font-weight: bold !important;
    font-family: Arial !important; }

Then delete all that. OOOOO (<if it's blue, it worked.)


There's a lot of glitches with all the gifs here...



Just a heads up, that gif near the top of your user page is glitching horribly on the tablet.

~The Penguin

Ya dun goofed




That's not what my 5 other pictures say >:3

Uh, being serious, the chat is glitching in the SF wiki, so let's try Dimitri's Wiki.


Re:What's up?

Exams were happening..

They're over now so I'll be more active.


I thought we already discussed this...

My name's not actually Ricky.

"Ricky Bob" is just an alias that I use on the internet for a couple of accounts and stuff. 

It was obtained from AceOfSpadesTH's flash animation series "Tales of Wisdom", where there were these two guys called Ricky Bob and Bobby Rick that would be 100% voice acted (everyone else used speech bubbles). 

Didn't I already say that in chat a while back?


So...uh...We gonna put the wiki format back to normal...It's been like...a month since Halloween...

...or are we keeping it?

Ultralord159 (talk) 05:42, December 8, 2015 (UTC)

Daily Message

I saw it |:3

~TRS, the Guardian of the Caped Ducks




sorry about all the unresponsiveness. i had exams, had to move to another country, lost my PASSWORD!


anywho SEE YA!



Hey, just reminding you to give MW a little thanks for being your tester soon. He seems to deserve it.



What did you do to the colors of our profile section? I can barely see the text xD ~Fanny 13:04, January 14, 2016 (UTC)

Just a suggestion

Our userbox image must have lower opacity so we can the text. I can barely see it lol ~Fanny 08:13, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Response to your daily message

(Grabs Cuteness extinguisher)



Hey Hey hey

I'm just joking around.

If you saw it as being creepy, well "that's your fault, not mine"


Ok, I don't want any drama, so just know that I didn't intentionally act like a creep, but I probably did go too far.

I will learn from this mistake.

Also, I know you probably won't care about this next part, but you kind of hurt my feelings when I saw what you said about me on Munna's page. If you truly think I may drive users away even unintentionally, then block me forever now.



Remember the "Relationship with everyone in the wiki" on your user page? Do your opinions there the same now as they were then, or do you need to update them?

I'm just curious.


Honest Opinion?

I used to think we were like brothers. Now, you wholeheartedly hate me.

I'm not going to feed your inner demon, because it's not worth my hatred. I'm not going to scream, swear, or throw any tantrums. And no, I'm not going to leave until the one inevitable day that's coming soon where everybody hates me and drives me away. I've grown, and I'm not the weak user I once was. I still stand strong.

Like I said, you're not worth my hared because it will do nothing. But lately I've been feeling like I'm causing more harm than good.

But what do you care? You don't care about people who are foolish or idiotic. AKA me. I think you'd have learned that I really can't mature at the rate you want. You've tried to talk sense to me multiple times and that means I'm a hopeless idiot? No. It means I have to learn at my own pace. Everybody does, and you did too. One day I'll look back at be so embarrassed at all of this that I'll want to slam my head into a wall, which has already happened when I see some posts I did when I was new on the wiki. Just like what happened to you. I don't care anymore what you think of me, because I'm me, and you can't judge me.

You can't control my life, you're not my dad, you're not my grandpa, you're not the god of maturity. I am who I am, and nothing you say can alter who I am against my will. Yet you persist in hopes to "teach" me. Teach me what? That you want me to rot in hell? You made that apparent about 20 other times.

So, I'm not going to back down to your so-called inner demon. In fact, a sign of this maturity is the fact that's I've had to correct myself multiple times on this message already as of this period right here. Unless you're yelling at me to leave, no amount of your hate will drive me to leave permanently anymore.

But it's not just you. The probably the only major active user at this point who doesn't have some sort of vendetta against me is Seth at the moment. I used to think that I was an important piece of the glue that held us all together, now it legitimately feels like almost all of you think that you'd be better off without me and just want me to go away.

Regarding that last topic, if life without me would be better and make everybody happier on the wiki, let me know because no matter how badly I mess up and make people hate me, I want the best for you guys, even if it means giving up my own account. I don't need to be here to be alive, and if it means it'll improve everybody

And yes, I will learn from my mistake, that's what mistakes are for.

I know you may call me a fool for this message, but that's fine with me. Just compare this to older messages that I had typed in pure fury without thinking too see how far I've already come. Or not. Maybe you'll be laughing your head off. I can deal with you now. You may bring me down, but I'll just come back. Just as James A. Garfield once said, "If there be one thing upon this earth that mankind love and admire better than another, it is a brave man — it is a man who dares to look the devil in the face and tell him he is a devil." And you know what? Just to humor you, you're a devil Vince. And that wasn't even satisfying.

I'd also like to reassure you that only one sentence in this entire message was written in anger.



I want to.

I actually agree with everything you said in the first part. Though you misunderstood one part, but I digress.

Also about the second part of your reply, that seems excellent. I've always wanted to be an emotional support for you guys.

Now what?



I saw it, and to be honest, it's pretty darn good!

Also, I thought that was a message from Fan herself regarding this situation.

Also speaking of Fanart, want me to make one of you and me? It'll be like a parody of the Ren and Stimpy Show.


Also, about your message of the day, go for it.


Who I'm gonna call?

I already got somebody on the line.


Hey... Old friend :)

Hey Vince, man its been so long. I don't know if your still on this wiki, or if you even on this website... All I can hope if that's the case is that you have the same circumstance as me. 

Remember when we first met? I was a confused yet enthusiastic new member to the wiki. I edit a few things, made my profile more neater. Then I met you, not just you, fanny, Thomas, mart... I can't even remember them properly. 

I know your saying "why did you write this dude?". I don't know myself... I just... Felt like something... Forced me to tell you something that I don't know is myself. I've been going my own way after I've had bad and rough stuff.

Then one day I remembered; I have a account on a site called wiki. I decided to login, but by was that a bad idea... I saw a notification... From this wiki. I though it was forgotten and no one comes here anymore. If your reading this, you probably or probably didn't have the swhy circumstance as me. 

All I can say after a long message like that is... Nice talking to you again... Old friend... 

... And after all this time I can't forget... So... I guess if possible I'll try to stay in this place before I let the same thing happen. 



Hey Vince!!! Its me Elijah. I got a lot of questions.

  1. Why do you hate our country?
  2. From what part of the Philippines?
  3. Why do you hate our language?
  4. This isn't a question at all but my classmate saw your reply dude.
  5. Thanks for the remarks! Also the tips!
  6. Where do you find the T&C (terms&conditions)
  7. Are you an admin at the fanon page?
  8. Finally, how do you be an admin?
  9. Thanks a LOT DUDE!!!

Haha. LOL dude. He was like "Hey what's that?" I said "Its just another guy hating the Philippines... Wanna join the wiki?" He was so enthusiastic he immediately joined the wiki. His name is CPLJIES. Dude. Please tell him about the wiki, Slush Invaders, and many more like you did to me. He is so new to this stickman editing wiki stuff. Thanks Dude. (By the way your name is so obvious. Vince has never been a girl's name.)

Oh and yeah 1 final thing. Fan is who again?

STElijah (talk) 04:24, August 26, 2016 (UTC)STElijah (STeli does a thumbs up)

HEY THERE VINCESTICK IM VINCESTICK101 i saw you in your place

Inactivity Sucks...

Hey Vince... Please update me with what happened here when I had gone to school. Heard about Gildedguy Wiki. Why was it rejected again? Though it may sound like it's about Michael only, no offense but we may mix our pages with that Wiki.

Sorry about this.

DICE125 ( It's me! STelijah! )


It's Mart.... Mart456t... do people still use this wiki? Is anyone trying to revive it? I miss the old wiki lol it seems so depressing now... it's all dark themed.... barely anyone is active...

{{SUBST:MartSig}} 00:22, July 3, 2017 (UTC)


Hi Vincetick thanks for message

Why hello

Back so I can disappear in 2 or 3 days whoo!

Ultralord159 (talk) 01:18, December 17, 2017 (UTC)

Notice of Forum migration

Hello. As you may know, FANDOM is gradually working toward retiring the Forum feature found at Special:Forum. Forum content will be migrated into Discussions. Since your Forum has not had any notable activity in the last year, its content will be migrated to Discussions in the coming weeks. Please see this help page for more information about the migration process, and let me know if you have any questions. -BertH (help forum | blog) 20:44, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

Thank you for the heads up about this change in the community.

- Vince.

Hello there

I dont know if you still see these, but Id love to do some catchup. Add me on discord: Marblelemons#4172

- Ultra

new beginnings

hi. you don't know me, as i've only just found out about this wiki, but i've adored this little game for so many years, and never did i guess anyone else would've cared about it to this extent. i wish i had discovered this years ago as i'd have loved to have made a name for myself in this community, and it saddens me to see that it's kinda died out. slush invaders doesn't deserve that. so, having experience holding up communities, i've created a little something. as you may notice if you go and check i've made a discussion post about this but as i suspected nothing's really happened with it so i was hoping i could reach out to you about this. add me on discord? i'd love to talk. poot#8312

- lilith, newcomer