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The New Page You Added

I deleted the "Digi-sluish-ball" page you made, because there's already one within the wiki, named "Pokeball" due to the reference Gildedguy made towards the series it came from.

Also, please only add the necessary and needed information on pages and don't change the spelling of words within the page itself without knowing whether or not it is the proper word used to describe it as a meaning. Because you changed "Spray and Pray" to "Spray and Prey". In actual meaning for military personnel, "Spray and Pray" is a tactice used along the "Run and Gun" tactic, except the soldier doing this tactic tends to "spray" the bullets of his weapon all over the enemy's field during an attack and "praying" that the sprayed bullets will immediately hit an enemy despite the chances of hittin an enemy using this tactic being 2 out of 10.

So next time, find the meaning of the word before changing it because you might unintentionally change a word that means the actual meaning of what it is on the page itself.

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