The Real Sthomas

  • I was born on October 28
  • I am deciding what will next go here.

Hey, thx 4 making the Gen 2 of the slush invaders wiki, it's awesome.

RandomMinecraftDude444 (talk) 17:23, November 14, 2013 (UTC)RandomMinecraftDude, PS: my name is Shaden

Why Thank you! 

DrewStick (talk) 02:09, November 21, 2013 (UTC)DrewStick

Sorry for making you feel insulted ^^" I didn't mean it


Hi! sort of new here, Eric J.K. joined Nov.30. HI!HI!( being redundant) (being repetitive)HI!HI!Ericw0620 (talk) 17:18, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Sthomas How Ya Doin ? -Chakatan

Err...o-o Umm...So.. I made A Wiki...And Umm...If You Could Help I Would Really Appreciate It...Its The Stick Fighters Wiki...



Remember me, old friend? Dimitri Rascalov 4 Life (Leave me a message and I'll get back to you.) 18:07, December 28, 2013 (UTC)

I made this for you. 
Screenshot from 2014-01-08 18-51-58

Just sayin'... 

Please, ask if you posted a file uploaded by me. You didn't even credit it... It's just a (voice) test run Sthomas and I forgot to delete it last night. It's okay, I'm not angry to you, I'm just disappointed.

The Fan of Wiki="TFOW" |:(

Hey Sthomas

You forgot this slush invaders playermade character for your own Slush Invaders PlayerMade Game, witch is made by Shazam7121.

Stick Jordan

-Melee Rocket Booster Blast.

Image Below:


Happy 4832nd edit! Hope to see your 4833 :D!

Mart456t - "Now I'm here, then I'm not, then I'm there, and then I'm here, and then I'm eating pie! And then I'm not! D:"
TALK - 3:41pm

Talk about Dimitri...

The Fan of Wiki - "I Dare You to Move"
TALK - 04:48, February 2, 2014 (UTC)
What's with him? I though he was our friend... and now he was trying to vandalize/delete pages of the wiki. Look for the thread "Avoiding Threats and Warning from the users". Randomness will be accepted on the thread. This message is also found on Mart's talk page.

The Fan of Wiki - "I Dare You to Move"
TALK - 05:09, February 2, 2014 (UTC)
He still threaten the wiki so we must talk about an equal punishment for his acts.
And, please Sthomas, remember to put on signatures on the talk pages and everything will be fine. ;)

The Fan of Wiki - "I Dare You to Move"
TALK - 07:20, February 2, 2014 (UTC)
We'll talk about about it on the said thread, Sthomas. Let's see if the users want him to be block, remove his admin/bureaucrat rights or stay here on the wiki. If I ask you, what would you choose on the three choices? Please reply ASAP.

Are you guys GOSSIPING about me? ; D I was just bored, so I decided to go NUTS!!! You wouldn't block me anyway. Think of the consequences. There is NONE. :D Anyway, goodbye. I'll go threathen another wiki, but I'm not like that. The first thing that is the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best. ?...Dimitri Rascalov 4 Life (talk) 04:03, March 7, 2014 (UTC)

Song thingy for StGlitch

Hi Stomas! Back and badder than ever i see! So i suggest Guitar vs piano v3 by Goukisan for the theme song for StGlitch
Guitar Vs Piano 3 - Sample 2

Guitar Vs Piano 3 - Sample 2

- Shaden xD

You're wish is my commnd

okay, you wanted it without commentary? Here Ya' Go, buddy! -Shaden

Request Guitar vs Piano version 3 by Goukisan

Request Guitar vs Piano version 3 by Goukisan

I like the theme, thanks Sthomas

Thanks for letting me be the first to see your new signature

I know you made stian, but Ian is a good friend of mine and fellow fan, though i understand but i also told him that i wrote him in ine of my pages, 

I found the perfect theme song for StGlitche, Pirate dragons by tut tut child, it is awesome!

StAlec (talk) 19:32, March 12, 2014 (UTC)StAlec, STICK PITCHARD LIVES ON!!!!

ExCuse Me, But I don't Like People Who Judge. So Please...

Talk To The Hand. It's Lonely.


You're doing this on my talk page why?


Hey Sthomas did you Request This the Sthomas vs StAlec pic..well if you did

Here ya go :D !
The Real Sthomas vs Stalec

Is it ok?

And also...The Solo Pic Of Sthomas!

The Awesome Solo Pic of Sthomas :D! ( The Cape Went Missing D: )

Hey Sthomas ! I Drew..General Blue

Hope ya like it - CHAKATAN
General Blue 2

Yep i know it sucks..well because it WAS made in a hurry

'Fairylove7777 (talk) 19:31, March 23, 2014 (UTC) si yo hablo español y tu, supongo que no cierto 'Fairylove7777 (talk) 19:31, March 23, 2014 (UTC)

They went to the market to by some potatoes :3

- Chakatan

Im Running out of Ideas

Help Me D: !

- Chakatan 


Hey Dude Lets make a New Slush RPG Game! and This time Lets put it on a Seperate Wiki like...Idk my Wiki?  or Its Very Own Wiki...

Ok I have an Idea for the Main Antagonists and its Kinda Cool!

Alright The Enemies are : The Corruptions...and Evil Corrupt Matter that came from the Negative Energy of the People. The Corruptions Crash Landed on Earth about 5 million years prior to the Events of the 1st Slush RPG. After the Battle with StGlitch all the corrupt Energy from him single-handedly Gave the Corruptions Extreme Power. After that They Began Consuming the World with Darkness. They Have the Power to take clone another person's body..So They Copied All of The Fighters Bodies and Natural Abilities by Observing Them and Making Evil Corrupt Versions of Ourselves. So If you want to suggest more ideas? Just Tell me ok?

- Chakatan 
Corruption 1

Normal Corrupt

Corruption 2 ( Trs )

Ultimate Corrupt (A Fighter Corrpution) -The Real Sthomas-

If you want it on a seperate wiki

Click That Link

Mm, Dat Club Penguin icon >:V

Trializ (talk) 05:29, April 27, 2014 (UTC)Trializ

Ah , did I say something was wrong? Well if I did, sorry. ^-^


Hey Sthomas, I made an actual Blu page for you to edit and stuff. So yeah, another blu guy for you!


If I create a slush fighter, is it with or without eyes?Ericw0620 (talk) 00:15, May 1, 2014 (UTC)

Can I?

hello trs. I was wondering if i can add a category, its for the pages i'm working on they're all scattered i need to organize them can i add a category, please reply quickly

Stick100-:)-thisisasmiley (talk) 01:00, May 4, 2014 (UTC)jekjek

How do i own an article? ````StiCarson

By Vincetick!

Yo, TRS! I finally got time to draw a picture of you.

Hope you like it, it took me just now to make it.


The Real Sthomas by Vincetick

- Vincetick! :D

Hello i'm new and how do i put my character because i want to show every one my character :)

Hello this is seth are you the one who welcomed me?

Hello this is seth are you the one who welcomed me?Sethreuben.zafra (talk) 12:56, May 22, 2014 (UTC)


Sure! RandomMinecraftDude444 (talk) 09:30, May 25, 2014 (UTC)gg

I know you're just trying to help by changing my article, but Hand of Blue was created before the events of slush defenders and therefore, Big Blue was in charge when the team was comissioned.

TRS, Seth Reuben said he will leave the wiki -StickhenStKhen (talk) 08:33, June 7, 2014 (UTC)


Hello, Sthomas. I come as a neutral mediator to deliver an apology on the behalf of Blnoriel. He says that he was unable to deliver this apology to you because he "Blocked, i want to apologize, but i can't talk to them". He says, "I;m Sorry, i'll fix what i left and promise to never do that again And it's my birthday today, I was blocked ON THE BEST DAY EVER!"

If you wish to contact me, please contact me on my profile on Community Central. 

Just Need to Set Something Straight...

Okay, so Francis.minoza.58 has just claimed that you just kicked him out of chat for no reason earlier today. I just need to clarify from your side of the story, was there any reasons you had for kicking him? I just need the info.

Scottick (talk) 06:14, July 6, 2014 (UTC)Scottick


I know you wouldn't recieve this message but...I hope you come back...but the chance of that happening is minimum to 1,Just come back..


Here is a pic!

i made a pic , well i got bored and started to make several pics of different characters here is you!

TRS by Stkhen

TRS by Stkhen

You, Me and CP!

Hey, TRS. Wanna head onto CP everytime you log in?

I'm always on so, I think I'll see you at some time. When are you always on, dude?

Lemme know! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Vincetick Wrote: Actually, lets just agree to meet on Big Foot. Just like today. Sound good?

- Vincetick! :)

Ok, so Im done early. Is this the way you want it? 
Screenshot from 2014-08-13 21-37-01


if I remember correctly, Blnoriel asked me to make boss portraits and one of the people he said was stethan. I'll ask permission next time tho

so wait do you want me to redo the icon again?

Hey, TRS!

Yo, wassup bro, anyways, I made a new pic of you.

Hope you like it! :)

New TRS Look ---->

The Real Sthomas' new Look! By Vincetick! :D

- Vincetick! :D

Yo dude

Uuuh what are you talkin about? I don't use your monsters and i don't even know about your series so i am not using your ideas. Seth



Screenshot from 2014-09-19 20-43-11

Kinda messed on the eyes and hands...I coulda done a lot better on paper tho c:

How can I Chat now?

Hey T! Umm My WIki Chat's Broken and Won't Load anymore, How can i Chat now with you guys and any remedies for this ?

BrightXeno (talk) 03:57, September 20, 2014 (UTC)

In Reply to:


I think you just have a connection problem. Try waiting for it to load.


Umm, No matter How long i Wait, It Still Wont Load

TRS on CS3


I forgot to remove those lines and I think I mis colored the eyes. HOpe you like it!


Awww, thank you <3 xD


You have a Mr. Cow 2 tracker on your CP fannon page o.0



Hey TRS one of my friends are playing as you! Check out his screenshot. Seth
Bandicam 2014-09-21 11-01-16-644



Hey Sthomas, am i allowed to post messages on your talk page, if yes, then thanks,

Oh and am i also allowed to post a picture here which i just made? Thats all i gotta know

And i beat tusk in club penguin! it was awesome!

(what did you mean in the chat???) (live chat!)

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 15:39, September 23, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

Oi Dude! I drew ur Character! It's entirely random and it is Nat inspired by Vince's Character Emoticons blog.

TRS Profile

So fab


Hello TRS

Hey TRS I hope we're friends forever... and I hope you like this pic

Hey, TRS

It's me, again, Fan. Do you have any other accounts? Like google+, tumblr, etc? We have to talk about... someone else. ~Fan


Hey Sthomas :D, I haven't seen you in a while, how's it going :P?

btw I quit club penguin so I really need to change my talk sig :v

Mart456t - "Now I'm here, then I'm not, then I'm there, and then I'm here, and then I'm eating pie! And then I'm not! D:"
TALK - 3:41pm


You copied lots of my templates from me without asking permission :/, but I copied some of them from Penguin-Pal without asking for permission so I guess it's alright :P.

Mart456t - "Now I'm here, then I'm not, then I'm there, and then I'm here, and then I'm eating pie! And then I'm not! D:"
TALK - 3:41pm

Dat Fab Pengiun
This is for You :D!

~Chak (i made this with total randomness in my mind)

General Blue Profile
HEY DUDE!!! I just Drew General Blue :D!

I still like him, he's pretty cool


TRS! Ban-Hammer Time
I Drew you again! But this time, With the Legendary Ban Hammer :3 . Hope ya Like it!


Yo dude, You're in a Random Pic!

Ayoo, TRS. Its me, Vince Sparrow (lol)

Anywho, I added you to a random pic i did:

Caped Fighters, ASSEMBLE!!!

Hope ya like it

- Vincetick! :D


Sure you can modify Red-3000 Seth :D

Happy. I dunno when's your birthday. TO YOU :D 
Sthomas Bash

So you think I should change the design? I mean, I've kinda changed the scarf design to what Chakatan made it to...


Sprite Poses
Sprite Poses 2

Gilded guy Zer0 XD: I am Suggester, I am Editor and my A.K.A is Wiki Suggester, Editor and Contributor of Slush Invaders Wiki Gildedguy Zer0 XD (talk) 06:25, November 18, 2014 (UTC)

I'm Sowwy That you didn't get included in the Pic, It's actually the Profile Picture for the SF Page and all the People appearing in the Picture are Admin's in the Page.


Don't Worry about the comic TRS, I promise i won't upload it and i didn't have any plans on uploading it either cuz i know i might get in trouble.


I'm still working on it.

Dude, are you serious?

I'm already on the 5th layer for the design for your logo of BfS and then you ask Seth to do it? The only reason I can't finish it in a day (like I usually do) is because of College, man. You know I'm already in it. Can't you be more patient for it? I'm still working out the details, besides you didn't tell me what kind of design you wanted it to be so I'm kinda having a 'Designer's Block' here.

I think what'll speed me up is if you tell me what kind of design you want it to be, so that I don't have to bonk my head at the nearest brick wall over and over again thinking of the design myself -.-

P.S: I wasn't mad when I left this, I just wanted to let you know. Also I was wet and cold since I had to rush through the rain trying to get home from school...

- Vincetick! :l

I get the feeling you hate me. >.>

Doue (talk) 01:59, November 29, 2014 (UTC)

Ayoo, TRS. I read your message and can you wait for at least another week? I've been... busy again with College, the foundation day for our Institute is on December 8, I had to do some research about Electronics and stuff. things, along that I had to talk to our Dean about the Tuition Fee and when the deadline for the full payment is (Long story short, I paid HALF of my Tuition, but I need to pay it in full before the deadline otherwise I won't make it to the 2nd Year).

Although, when I get home, I quickly go to my computer and ready myself to make your logo, I'm just frustrated and tired from all the extra work and sudden events happening to me IRL. I just hope you understand and I hope you can wait just a little bit longer if you can, if not then... I'll make it up to you in any way that I could possibly can, I just don't want anyone getting mad in this wiki anymore, this place isn't like that.

I want this place to be as peaceful and calm as any other wiki out there (if there are any). I'm doing those Robots you told me, well 2 of them, 1 who's destroted and 1 that's sorta firing a rocket/laser (I can't decide which one), also, should Slusher be the background or a city? If you pick one, should they be destroyed, burning or just plain (lame) unharmed? It's your logo so I want you to choose.

Anywho, please wait for it, bro. Thank you a bunch!!

Stay Positive and Be Cool!

- Vincetick! :D

Dude, I just realized that, after making the fore and background for your logo (including those bots and the ruined Slusherville), I forgot to ask you, who am I gonna put in the logo? As in, which characters should I put in? Also, how many?

Tell me on my talk, mkay?

Anywho, Stay Positive and Be Cool!

- Vincetick! :D

TRS on Season 3

I decided to post this pic of you in Season 3. Your eyes aren't still dark yellow, they just occur when your using your special abilities, anywho, I'm gonna keep making your logo.

Stay Positive and Be Cool!

Sthromas' picture in Season 3. (Supreme Blast Active)

- Vincetick! :D

The Episodes + Characters in your Logo, again.

I choose the events of Episode 1 to be that first choice that you gave where we stop warmer seasons (not too much tho) and episode 2 would be about Chakatan, trying to get back at Santa for not giving him any presents, (I think you might know where I'm going with this one) and yeah thats just it.

Also, have you picked which characters should be in the logo, yet?

- Vincetick! :D

Progress So Far?

Well, it's actually on 47%... I accidentally cleared the layer of the background and the bots, plus I had to restart at Scrap along that, to make things worse, I'm booked until the end of New Year.

Anywho, I might have to take that '2 week extension' you told me to. Sorry for the bad news.

- Vincetick! :D

Ahem... about Your...

... logo, dude, didn't you already agree that It'd be on Christmas?

Plus I got my whole Schedule planned out until December 30.

- Vincetick! :)

Vincetick Replied to your Message: Oh okay, I'll try to send it to you before Christmas, but can it be like a sneak peek? 'cause I got a lot of things to worry about right now, mostly being my ID that's gone missing, which is very important to me as a College Student right now, since I lost it, I have to do a lot of stuff. things to get a new one. One thing is sure that, I have to pay for it again.

Anyway, Stay Positive and Be Cool!

- Vincetick! :D

Mr.White's Weaknesses:

1. Evil

2.someone or something stronger than him

3.He does not damage his friends, unless in a duel (which can be used against friends turned against him)

there you go! :D

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 18:26, December 20, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

Again, here:-

1.Same like above

2.Cosmic Holes (Black Holes) (can be thrown into one)

3.Blue paint, or anything like that

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 12:48, December 21, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

Dude you didnt tell me about any 'tourney' or 'free for all' so thats just plain unfair. Please give me the full details or im deleting these weaknesses.

new weaknesses


2.Exponential Effect (it happens when you hit him hard and he de-exponentialises which means he loses energy with each hit instead of gaining)

3.If attacked on  the bottom of the foot 3 times, is stunned/critically hurt\

These are 100% valid weaknesses approved by other people

Btw Megastick CAN create black holes T_T

illuminati confirmed




Battle For SlusherVille Logo - Complete!

Yeap, It's done. Here it is:

"A battle for all that is Slushy"

Sorry for the cruddy image, bro. I was a bit sick once I started making this one. The old one was a bit more hype. This one actually blew my list of "Worst Drawings Ever!".

I hope this is what you were expecting me to give you, if not then you can judge me and tell me off for spending such a waste of time to make this... which ended up as a big flop.

Anyway, Stay Positive and Be Cool!

- Vincetick! :D

Vincetick Wrote: Thanks for the response, it was pretty reassuring to read, bruh, although that pic you stuck onto the message wasn't.

- Vincetick! :D

Not Fair

Wow TRS thats just unfair. First u told me to make weaknesses of Mr.White to make him get un-banned from all tournaments and now even though i made them you are still not letting him enter. Here's what i'm thinking:- let Mr.White go in all tourneys because i gave you sufficient weaknesses or i will remove the weaknesses (atleast the ones i want to)

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 15:39, December 29, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

TRS Vs StKhen
I made stuff :3



master trs iam just gonna say that iam making a character reference to stedro stetro in stick fighter so please dont be angry cause i am scared of you 80 percent scared of you so please dont get angry 

Thomas, I'm going to rewrite that cussing rule you made so it sounds like it's a little bit more serious and professional...


You can't

Look, dude. I know you hate ships, and that's cool with me, it's legit because, hey, that's you and your stuff. thing. You can say your opinion about them, but telling me to stop doing so, that just crosses the line.

You hate them, I get it. But taking that hate too deep with you telling me to stop what I WANT TO DO, that just blows it off. You can't tell me to stop doing the things that I like. Yes, I hate them, but I originally did when I forgot how love truly works, but now that I've finally seen it again and what it's true purpose in life is, YOU CAN'T TELL ME NOT POST SHIPS OR EVEN DO THINGS ABOUT THEM.

You're not my dad, you're not the God of Romance and you're not the guy that I used to know now. If you continue this argument by lashing out at me all because of these romantic stuff and the fact you can't seem to bear them, then I don't see anymore reason why I should continue being your friend... and your brother.

I'm not telling you to look at them or even notice them, am I? No. So if you really can't... then this is the end for both of our friendship.

- Vincetick! >:l

Hey, for the rule page, why did you delete one of the rules? I mean, we shouldn't be adding pages that do not even relate to the Slush Invaders wiki content. Sure, personal pages about the wikians are could have added that there



I'm still mad at your for trying to force me to stop... yet at the same time I am forgiving you thogh... I just won't be able to talk to you more often than before because of what you said.

- Vincetick! :l

You need It

Look, TRS, I'm still pretty mad at you for what you did. But I am forgiving you, shortly. But anyway, the title of this message already says it, you REALLY need it, man.

You know those 'leaves' that I've been taking since after this wiki almost got abandoned? They change you, to a better state, giving you time to turn over a new leaf and most of all, teaching you a few things and reminding you of a few.

Well that's all that I can say for now.

Stay Positive and Be Yourself, and Be safe furthermore.

- VIncetick! :D

Alright bro sorry I was just so excited :p



No problem. RnR (talk)


It's up to you if you want to... but I say (read the title)

It's good to start off on a brand new start... I always do it... when I'm finished with my 'phases' in life, but yeah, (read the title again)

STAY POSITIVE, BE AWESOME AND (read the title, once again, DERP)

- Vincetick! :D


I may or may not join that wiki, bro. I have a lot of good reasons why, one of them mostly being is that, I'm already with you guys and I love how everything's been going around here. Not much worries to go around anymore...

Stay Positive, be yourself and Thanks for the offer!

- Vince! :D


Dude... why was I listed on your poll on "Who should I fight?"

And, reminder, you forgot to change the spelling of my name again...

- Vince! :3

Differences: StEthan and Ethanstick

There's a few good differences between both StEthan and Ethanstick.

1. StEthan's either made out of Poison or he's a ghost or he can either control one or both of them while Ethanstick is technically an improved (sorta) version of Chakatan.

2. The names - StEthan, Ethanstick

3. The abilities - Posion and Ghost summoner... or whatevs, Pie-lover, able to move fast with the help of his ability with his pet Bill.

4. The creators - StEthan by You, Ethanstick by Me (OC by Chaky)

5. The colors - Amethyst with Violet, Light Red with Cyan.


6. Appearances - Has a creepy yet cool glowing eye and shadow thingies, wears a yellow scarf.

Also, I just agreed that we can have two stick figures of the same name, so long as they're different. I hope this helped clarify things between us... and please don't barf on my user :(

- Vince! :)


Please don't...


I'm sorry for that TRS, I won't be doing that any time soon, again, sorry you were disappointed in me...I learned the consequences and I promise I won't do those things anymore...seeya...

Thx for forgiving me TRS, I hope this doesn't ruin anything between you and me <3

Shaden 05:20, February 28, 2015 (UTC)

I know

I did, lol

Also, I can't stop voting between "Dogs" and "Cats" on your poll. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!! Y U NAT ADD "Both"???

- Vince! xD

Yay For Ducks!!


Also. There's a reason why the Wikia Community didn't let you use the username "Sthomas".

Stay Positive, be yourself... and DUCKTHOMAS!!!

- Vince! :D

quick message aka spoiler alert

ur gonna be in my animations


Go ahead and block me :p

I deserve what i deserve dude


Are you Active?

If you are, can you check this out for me? Tell me what you think, okay? Also, please make sure that you're prank isn't too literal, okay? We don't want to have a serious fight and/or argument here.

Go here please!

Update: Actually, nevermind, I'll just send it in before midnight arrives :3

- Vince! :D

u sker me.


Strixie's Judgment

Well, since you've begged for Strixie's judgment upon your characters, I, The Great and Powerful Strixie, shall grant your wish! But be warned - it ain't gonna be pretty!


"Real?" Or just a deluded loony? Oh yeah, Strixie totally remembers that the real-life, actual Sthomas is just like his stick counter-part, only much stronger! Clearly they had to tone him down when translating him to the stick world!

Overall: 5/10 - Yes, Strixie knows he's admitted to not being the real one at all. It's called a joke, people!


Strixie remembers this one time she used a reanimation spell to create undead servants. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out so well. They were too fragile, too slow, and too stupid, so Strixie exterminated them. She wonders what would happen if she tried that same reanimation spell on StEthan...the world would probably explode, heh!

Overall: 4/10 - Strixie can make things scarier than this guy!

Stick Jackson

What is water bending, anyways? Doesn't water already bend? If you ask Strixie, that's a pretty stupid power to make water do what it already does! Huh? Water bending's the art of manipulating water? Oh. Well Strixie can do it herself, so it's a worthless power for him! Also, has it occured to anyone else that Jackson looks too much like a Blue?

Overall: 3/10 - IT'S A BLUE! KILL IT!


Oh boy, another tough idiot. Oh wait, Strixie takes that back. He isn't tough. Or that much fun to toy with.

Overall: 2/10 - And Strixie doesn't know enough about this guy to riff him proper.

The Striplets

Another sibling unit! And why toddlers? Strixie thought this series was based on college kids, not little ones! Who knows, maybe they're super-intelligent child prodigies. Also, apologies for pointing this out, but that name sounds a bit...wrong.

Overall: 3/10 - Just don't think about it, okay?



Overall: ??/10 - Seriously, Strixie can't find ANYTHING on this guy!

Giant Chish?

Who is Giant Chish? @-@ ~Fan

Do It

I want you to make a thread about your current self. No, I'm not mad. No, I'm not concerned. And no, this is not a way of telling you to calm down or an apology for making fun of you earlier.

Put it on the Arguments section. Make the title something only YOU, yourself, could possibly think of. Unleash your emotions there. Hopefully, by doing so you'd get a clear view of what I meant and I've been trying to let YOU see for yourself.

Also, no, this isn't me trying to console with you. You need to console with yourself. If you don't do this, you'll never be able to see through that dark abyss within you that's just eating you away as time goes on. Do what I just said. I'm not begging you to do it, and I don't need you to do it. Instead, you need to do this yourself. You'll find the right answer on why I left this message after making your thread.

Be sure to burst everything into it. Also, if you're gonna cuss and swear, be sure to censor. Take a snapshot of me approving the censorship: "I approve".

Anyway, if you manage to find it without any of us helping you out, they I'm sure you know what to do, say and feel afterwards.

Update: You do know that, you didn't have to edit out the first part of your original message to me right? Like I said, do it soon or it's all too late for you to see clearly of what I meant.

- Vince! :)

Not Everybody

Is worthy for forgiveness after such a harsh and very unforgettable mistake tha they made.

Just try not to act all sudden about your approach when you make the thread.

- Vince! :O

Dimitri's wiki

dude, why arent you on dimitris wiki anymore? Have you seen him by any chance during your last visit there?

~ MW


A Word with You and Try

I'd like to ask if you could come to the chat room or any other chat room that you're available tomorrow. I wanna talk to you about something. Save your questions until you meet me.

- Vince! :D


That's just how she looks like... 

Don't make fun of my fictional little adoptive sister

- Vine! :D

He is Back!!

Ayoo, TRS.

Mart is back...

He is back to the wiki

- Vince! :D


Tomorrow (2nd May) is the Wikia Fanon and Canon Voting.

Friend's List

You need one.

Almost everybody has one on their User Pages. I think you know what to do with the rest.

- Vince! :D

Meet me on either Dimitri's Wiki or Chak's Wiki

Just go.

No questions. You can ask me why later on.

- Vince!


I know you were just joking when you said that Fish Man (Chak), FabDuck (Khen), Eeloomenaughty (Austin) and Banana Mun (Shaden) were "dead", but you need to make it sound like you weren't being rude, man.

Seriously though, they aren't dead, even if you were just joking. Those things could give people the wrong idea, especially people with no common sense or are just oblivious to those type of jokes.

Now, why aren't they active in the wiki?

Chaky - He's having a "Creator's/Artist's Block" which is preventing him from coming up with new ideas for his own artworks. So he's taking his long freetime this summer in our country to think of some before the start of the school year on June, because once that hits, he might not get enough inspirations to do any art at all. Which is why he is slightly inactive (he's mostly active on Facebook using the alias, "Selor Mun". Also his picture is his face in reality so you might not want to look him up).

Khenny - I just hate him for now. That's why he's removing the contents on his own User pages (Profile and Talk, as it seems right now, blogs as well).

Austin - You know you made a mistake to him that's why he left, right? He's active on his YouTube account though, but he hasn't replied to my earlier message to him, more likely he's trying to forget us (which is a worst case scenario for me).

Shadey - School Work. He got nothing but Cs on his Report Card, as Skp said. Since that he and Skp are the smartest ones in his class, as Skp said, again, it's not common for both of them to get Cs. Bs are slightly common and that's still good, but Cs aren't. Shaden lost his computer priveleges for a week after he got his report card, but Skp didn't since his parents aren't as strict as Shaden's (bad, eh?). So for now he's studying a whole lot harder so that he can be with us more, because if he doesn't pass next time, he'll more likely be forced to leave the wiki either temporarily... or worst...

So that's just it for now...

- Vince! :]

Make it Subtle

You can joke around so long as the person you're joking around does not intercept it wrongly.

- Vince! :D

ty for link - Stick sean



Glad you noticed, lol

Also, I'd rather have new clothes to wear than a replaceable and "not actually of any importance" crown... since most of my clothes are starting to feel small... because I'm growing (I've outgrown my dad even)

That sounded weird, man. But seriously, I'd rather have new clothes to wear, because my old ones are starting to feel small because of how much I've grown in the past... few weeks...

lol, why on earth wouldn't anybody buy new clothes if their old ones won't fit anymore? Of couse I'm aiming to buy new ones before the end of the year... but I'll have to wait until we're able to do so.

- Vince!


"You danced with the devil, now you gotta pay the price!"

Deal  with it!

Too late, the deal has already been made... Good luck! ^-^

It was a Binded Contract... so yeah, it's unbreakable and unable to be backed down on. Also, it just means what it means, lol

The more you keep begging, the more it's not gonna stop :3

It wl die down eventually.... but if you kep reminding. It will stay for a heckuva long time!

Vince! :3


The problem of that picture would be what exactly?

Heh. If you really think it's gonna be a problem, then say it before I really drop the bomb on you.

And what you just said on my Talk Page would be a problem because...?

And I would kill you why exactly? And how much would that even stand as a situation for you?

(Ahem) When and Why on Earth would I say that? Did you even take a double or triple check on what I told you over at the Fanon Wiki? I said that "anybody who disses her will meet a tragic fate a my hands". Not "say her name and I'll kill you outright".



Keep in my mind with what you said on my Talk Page.

It is a clear fact that I am in love with a fictional character, but I'm not obsessed with her. Nope. But your reply implied "obsession" in it when you said "You said that if I say her name, you'll kill me". Really? Did you even think about what you just said. No. Better yet. Did you even think of what you were GOING to say? Like I said, I'm not obsessed with her and I clearly stated on your Message Wall down at the Fanon wiki that if so much as anybody in this world disses her, intentional or not, I won't forgive them for it. I'm only protecting her name in this world. That's my reason for it.

Furthermore, you could have, once again, used your brain to think. That's why it's up there on your head. It's not just some big chunk of flesh that controls your every movement and gives you ideas. It's there to help you think. That's one of the reasons we have such a very helpful muscle residing on our most valuable body part in the first place.

I've already advised you before to think clearly before acting, yet you've done nearly none of what I advised you. I know you're young, but you won't always be like that. It's almost your time to grow up. You're maturing. So start acting like one. Drew and Chak are examples of "silly users who have matured". Drew's matured quite well and Chak has astonished me even more for how much he's changed. He is still a bit silly, but not at most anymore. Drew's still a bit sarcastic and still unable to deviate his sarcasm from total seriousness, but he's trying. I'd like to see you go through the same thing as what they're gointg though right now. Also, saying that you're still a kid isn't a good reason enough to NOT do it. I could give you a dozen documentaries of kids younger than you who have matured as if they were already teens or adults, but sill retaining aspects of their own self to not lose their sight of their actual age.

Once again, it's almost your time to grow up. The world isn't all fun and games. It's a big challenge where you have to compete and survive against every challenge given to you, no matter how ridiculous and dangerous it seems. Because if you refuse to participate, you're gonna meet your end soon. A fault that you can only blame on yourself for not evolving further to reach the same level as the other competitors. Times are changing TRS. People are changing too. You aren't safe from changing. Nobody is. It's part of life.

To finish this off, I'm gonna ask you a very specific question that requires a specific and simple answer: If ever there was a challenge given to you by someone who wanted to test your capabilities in survival, where the people and things you cared about were at risk at being lost forever. All it required was you using your instincts and everything that you got against a world where everything is thrown at you at a random set of time, but then you think to yourself that you aren't capable of doing such a thing for the ones you love despite you not trying. Everyone and Everything is about to die right in front of your eyes. The person responsible for this is revealed to be someone close to you. And what if you were left with no other option but to kill him/her in order to save everyone and everything? Would you still step up and do the right thing for the right cause and kill that person? Or will you back down and let everything fall apart?

Every choice that you make is all up to you. You. Not anyone else. And if it was a life or death situaion and people were at risk, people you cared about were at risk. You have to choose which of the choices you'll have to pick in order to set the right stone on the right path.

Keep this in mind: Not everything is a joke. Not everything is fun. And not everything is always safe.



All I care about right now is you answering the question that I gave to you, not about you acting mature. If you even skip that one little thing that needs to be taken seriously, then I really don't know what type of human being you really are.


Haus ye loik et?

I'm sorry... but you deserve this for some reason, lol


"Let it sail, let it sail... let this ship sail!"

- Vince!

Sthranny, Eh?

Thanks for the ship name that you just made... so you really DO like Fan |:3

Lol, dude, watch what you say next time. I didn't have a ship name for it, but because of what you said on my Talk Page, you just made things harder for yourself. Prepare for all out teasing!


Your Fault

Hey, it's your fault. If you only used the rights words, I wouldn't be teasing you right now :3

Also, don't reason that you're lazy. You like her. It's written all over your face. C'mon, man. I know you do. Even Drew knows...

Remember this? :3



Of course you don't, you foolish little penguin :3



Also, Fanny might have saw what you said on my Talk Page, so you're on a 50/50 scale of being dead or alive... so have fun!


Diz be le trollz

Just tell her how you REALLY feel deep inside :3

Vince le Troll!


I knew it...


Let's get this straight...

Can we talk somewhere else, like, privately? I know this suggestion is absurd but I really need to talk to you somewhere around the internet besides Wikia... ~Fan

Here: (I lied on my age btw) Tell me your username after that~Fan

lol nope. Wrong site xD I don't know how it works! ~Fan! 

And... here:

Room name is Private and the password is 123

No, you can't really see my face at all on the website I gave you... ~Fan

Wait, tell me what room u r xD Or I'm gonna make a new one lol ~Fan

On what world exactly?~Fan

Am I in stickform? Or something else? ~Fan

What room? ~Fan


sure -Fan

chat on the same place? meet ya there ~Fan

Again, let's chat lol ~Fan

What room to be exact? xD It's Private Room and the password is 123, remember? ~Fan

We have to move on to something TRS, Vince finds it out LOL ~Fan

For the 14th Time

Try asking about someone or something before acting, man?

Chak hasn't quit the wiki yet, nor has he expressed any thought of quiting. I think you know that me, Fan, Khen, Skp, Shaden, Seth and Drew are practically the ones who can talk to him via Facebook, along Darkfire. You should've asked us if he has said anything about quiting before adding that "quit the wiki" template on his user.

Next time I might block you for a day for it if you happen to do it again on a user who has not said anything about wanting to quit. You've done this before with Shaden's user and then again on Khen's page before, so this is actually a third strike that should consider you for a block, but I'm taking this a "small thing" until your next fault.

Talk to you later!



^ because I'm "Sir Pointsoutdaobviousalot" to aid you, who is "Squire Dontaskanywayjustactoutofitalot"... seriously though, if you don't want me "sticking my neck through razor sharp objects" for you, try doing it yourself next time without fault. Otherwise, I won't stop "judging you incoherently" about your "brilliant" mistakes...


You can now...

Go edit this page now if you want to...



How on earth was "Golden Darkness" funny?

You know who I am

What even?

And? That was funny because of that?

The Guy who isn't seeing what you said as "funny"

Good Thing

Yeah... it was a good thing you didn't notice anything, lol



Now shut up...


Like I said before

Shut up...



My sister pulled a prank on me earlier and wrote Yami's name and alias over my signature, you silly penguin.

That didn't mean anything...



I don't because I had said "my sister".

Because the words "my" and "sister" were obviously not combined in that sentence...


It didn't

That name did NOT mean anything...



It did not, now shut up before you do something reckless...


It really didn't

Now if I were you, I'd stick my nose to myself before I accidentally go snooping around other people's business so recklessly without any further evidence toward their suspicious behavior...

Trust me.

Now just shut up and stay back...



because if you try so much as to reach a certain level you aren't supposed to reach yet, or go around and run towards something you're not supposed to be going at... or even find out certain things you weren't really supposed to find out.

You won't be able to handle it. And the only person you'll blame is yourself for being reckless...


u found a new boss?

here are all the bosses i know see if the boss u found is one of them

That One Blue you beat up a couple seconds ago, Overly Zealous Blue, Wicker Blue, Moochin Snowball, Disturbed Star Sign, Nhazul, Yoyo, Moon Bleached Blunatic, Fairy, King Cloud, Fllfll, Armored Lime, Chuck, Malware, Digi-Big Blue, Blue Uno's Ultimate Form, and The Skunk

am i missing any?


Shut up

That is all


What about a new fighter?

yo need help with big blue?


well first of all whats ur team consist of???


Pretty solid team, but no extra support, trust me support is VERY IMPORTANT

Having kyle and ben are pretty good, and save sthomas tiles so you can make combos


trust me having kyle is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for damage output

specials, 3 tiles, he will take out all the tiles around him, and each tile he destroys deals 5 damage, really important for situations when ur almost dead and need damage, so use kyles damage

Ben, dont save his tiles for +3 damage, you dont have space for others so just spam his attacks whenever u see him

Stedro: Spam. If you have too much of him one on side, either wait to clear and use extra pressure, and make combos

Sthomas. Spam. Try combos to build up damage,

Don't worry so much on combos, just spam tiles when you dont have space, and USE USE KYLE'S SPECIAL

yes, digi big blues restrction is very high, but his health sucks a lot.

All you need is atleast 2 tiles to surround his ultra, and you can deal 1/4 of his health.

If you still need help, I reccomend restarting. You need support, everything cant be offense. (I learned this from tf2)

If you need help on deciding characters, I got your back.


Well next level is Slusher so...

Since u r a begineer, i will HIGHLY reccomend STERIC

not cuz ur a noob, but when i first started off with marc i lost so bad

sorry but im not 100% sure about steric but choose him

I will name disadvantage and advantages of marc

Advantages: High damage, 15% chance of gaining 300 damage

Disadvantages: Rarely appears. starts off damage VERY low, failing on specials will just waste free combos and extra damage, marcstick tiles interferes a lot with sthomas/stedro/stucker combos

But if you want to know about marc, will teach you about him, but for now choose steric.



ok but ill just tell you my dream team:

Sticorey, Stick Sean, MarcStick, and Stickyle

More will be explained if wanted


yes choose the one that is better and wil support ur team in the next level based on what ya know


Yeah, ofc you can replace them man :)


Did You...

... even bother to think twice and look at the guy's edit twice before undoing it? His edit was legit because the two trivias he removed are unneeded since we all know that Michael is a great artist, both his Slush countepart and himself in reality. Also him having that "green ink pen", also an unneeded trivia. Why would someone bother knowing something that's already obvious?

The Trivia sections are only for information that actually has something to do with the page itself that people don't know yet or have not properly seen, heard and/or known yet. His edit was legit, you undoing his wasn't.

I undid your undoing in place of his edit because it was a legit edit. Talk back as much as you want later, but for now, his edit is staying unless his next one is a spam or a repeated one... or even an unneeded one as well.



=//// - ////=

Vince Replied: Shut up... I didn't goof up... alright?

I really didn't... shut up! =.=


um, hey

i didn't kno you were in the chat room. it must have bugged out again.

i don't know why you would say that you are far from being disappointed in vince even though he's older than you. if you were only disappointed in him because of what we talked about the harem ending in stickman universe being canon, then that's really an unreasonable way of telling that you are disappointed in him, dude.

really and i will be honest here, why would you be disappointed in a guy who is trying to hard make such an ending that has never actually happened before even in the anime industry, who has worked day in and day out on a stick figure series that has reached somewhere far that it could may as well receive something good for both its own and its creator? do you even have the right to tell him that?

i know that you dont like those things, but seriously, dude, you dont know anything about his series for now, unlike me and seth, who he let join in his website a month ago. so pretty much that adds up to what i said about you having no right to tell him that you are disappointed in him for taking an approach that you disapprove upon.

it is his series and will go as what he believe it should go on as and even if you say that if he plans on making it a media known to others, that's not the problem here. it's not gonna be aired in some studio it will just be on youtube which is a video website in the internet. i reall dont know why you would tell him that despite your lack of knowledge towards the stickman universe series and what is actually been going on in it, still adding up to what i said about you having no right to tell him that "you are disappointed but not proud either".

so please elaborate on this...

~ MW


Howdy TRS! Hee hee hee :>


WickerBlue! This user has been spooked by a Wicker Blue! Spread the curse word by putting this template on another person's talk page!


Gildedguy plz let my new slush defender Stick Jaden find it on gildedguy page plz     oh and make a tv series about slush invaders


You know what to do...

- Vince!

Do me a favor

Could you try not to act like a complete creep towards a new user?

If you can properly comply with this, that would be wonderful!

If not... then sorry to say, then you are incorrigible...


Vince Replied: Don't even use my quote against me. You were literally acting like a creep and that's something I'm at fault for.


Don't be stupid. And don't act all fulsome of yourself. I'm not gonna kick you out of the wiki unless you go way off the deep end where it's considered a major offense.

So once again, don't be stupid.

And also, "hurting your feelings"?

Please don't give me that kind of message again. I've considered your foolhardy nature and you've given me little to none reasons to consider that prior to me going back to the one person everybody [hates] me as. I've already expected something hurtful beforehand be said and done to me because of this, and I'm not gonna drop that expectation still right now.

Seriously, should I remind you of what you told me in the Stick Fighters Wiki chat room back in January? Actually, no, I will just go ahead and remind you:

"seriously though, vince, these things that you say... they get really tiring and i honestly can't even listen to them anymore. They are just getting old that's all. (...) ... (...) *plays games off-screen* (...) are you done?"

To be honest, your foolishness during that time made my inner demon laugh so hard that it literally gave up in trying to talk some major sense into your poorly constructed attention and comprehension span out of humor. Oh man, don't even begin to reprimand ever saying this. If you do, you'll just humor the devil in me so much that that side of me might die of laughter, leaving my silly yet naive and idiotic self which I deeply hate.

Any way, back to the main point, prior to the summer of 2015 last year, when I started "chilling out like a bro", we all know how much of a big jerk I was during the time before that from mid-2013 to early 2015. That was fun, noh? But since I'm back to my old self again, please, drop everything you thought of anything nice about me. I've been preparing myself with endless hate from you guys (yes, including Fan, but I honestly don't care who will begin to hate me and how many of there will be ~hate me away as you please), so why stop when I can continue insinuating it?

As for me "considering your feelings", let me remind you a part of me, which you refer to as "New Vince" (such a silly nickname), that you probably forgot; I don't take egocentric, incompetent, dim-witted people into consideration.

I've never have. And I never will (the apparent amount of hate I had for Chakatan was a more than obvious evidence of this), because why should I? I shouldn't, of course. Why exactly? People like those may drop that part of themselves, but that will only work for a brief amount of time before they go back to their brain-dead selves, so that's why I'd rather not take them into consideration unless they really prove themselves where I can really take careful amounts of thoughts about them. It's a classic thing about common sense. Well, for my standard, that is. They becoming vapid as a result of this; they don't become a major threat nor do they even pose a challenge anymore --- they just become idiots, more or less.

So yeah. If you want me to consider what you feel next time and your ideas as well, better write this on your notepad; earn it. My consideration isn't something I give out, it's something that you, as the people that know me, should earn.

One other thing, don't let this message be a center point for you in leaving or going inactive; you'd be displaying a certain nature of yourself in front of me that I've been keen on you and the others for quite some time now, so don't prove me right. Prove me right about this, and you would have proven yourself as someone less of who you are by this.

The only thing good that I can say about you in your recent message to me is about you "learning from that mistake". Knock yourself out if you want to.

Last thing, you can just plainly ignore all of this if you want to. I mean like, let's be honest and serious here. Me, Vince, is always full of bull (not an actual swear word; don't even) and I fully know that you guys tired of hearing the same melodramatic, idiotic and literally inappropriate mounted amount of words that I say in messages that I leave such as this. I get tired too (Ironic, isn't it?). But, alas, I have to write these things still because, hey, I'll be honest about myself for this; I'm full on jerk and idiot for doing so.

There you go! Nice answer, am I right?

After you have either read or ignored all of this, I will be fully expecting a long, hateful and really "i will be leaving the wiki because of what you said" sort of message from you in my talk page. Try to keep it really hateful though, I enjoy those kinds of things because I'm a sadist after all.

One other last thing: Don't be afraid to swear when you're gonna leave a message to me and try not to act as though you're a child about all that I've said here. It will really bring down my mood, but hey, if it cheers you up, bring my mood down as you will!


A literal comeback for your own Hypocrisy that defines...

... you're inner self.

Literally, if that was the best you got, I'd say you failed at that. Even if that was one of your good or bad shots to me. Not once did it hit home. I was quite amused that you tried though, but still that ship went down after the wine bottle hit the back for it to set sail, didn't it?

Sure it did.

Also the regards of me hating you?

That was my judgement, not me literally hating you for you two-bit ounced fool.

The way I show my hate is like an open road. I'm in a car, you're on the road, I turn you into road kill. Simple as that. Like going up and down the stairs. Simple.

While my judgements are meant to sound as though I'm pushing you down, that doesn't mean they are meant to show my various signs of hatred towards anyone. It's called judgement for a reason. In my standards, my judgement comes without having to sound like a prick who's being dishonest and being hypocritical. In short, when I give my overall judgement, I make sure I don't like a troll or a half-baked "cookie". You're "judgement" (that you called can "opinion") failed to meet those two crucial criterias, but to quote you: "but what do you care?".

Also, me "teaching you"? Don't flatter yourself.

I've said this explicitly before; "I'm like a third wheel in the wiki --- a character who is only there to either be killed or replaced by another person with much better experience.". In short, I'm awaiting someone to "kill" me to replace my role here and likely my role in reality too. Hence what I said before as "me being keen" on all of you (yes, this includes the many naive trolls we've had). Because I'm observing all of you.

Reminder once again: I've said this a lot before - "I'm keeping an eye on all of you, even when you think I'm not".

Did that jog your melon or was it too gentle?

The whole thing about me "being a third wheel" is by far one of my biggest clue as to what I'm like in real life; basically someone who's walking with a group for some time before I'm either killed or replaced. That's me in essential characteristics in a less than natural way.

I've degraded myself more and more each day, but that's not a sign of me either being pessimistic, being melodramatic or being a sinful douche. That's just me reminding myself of how weak I really am.

If you can go back to 2014's Christmas chat, I admitted right in front of all of you that "I'm not as strong as you all may believe I am. I'm kind of the exact opposite of that.", therefore my whole "so don't expect anything good from me" replies during the start of last year. I'm pretty sure you already know that, but if you don't (which I'm still pretty sure that you do), I'm the weakest one among all of you.

I'm not the strongest, I'm not the most insane, I'm not a saint, I'm not a harbinger nor am I someone who's "putting hate on this and that". I'm not even strong to say the least. Yet who acts as such to keep people like you, people like Seth, people like Fan, people like Stenry and the everyday people around me and you in check? Practically me because I just let everyone step on me until I can get back up again to show them that being weak isn't something to be ashamed or be afraid of. That's my taste of irony in this world. My life is one big joke, and everyone but me is laughing on it, because is it really something to laugh at?

There is a literal punchline to my life. There's always an observational comedy to it. There's even a relative sadistic humor to it as well. But am I laughing? I just humor myself for the hell of it. Because why not?

But taking that aside, here's my second judgement of your reply:

You are hypocritical.


Here's a quote that you said in your message in my talk page: "you're not my dad, you're not my grandpa, you're not the god of maturity.".

Before I explain how, I'll say this: You lost your chance when you said "I'm not going to scream, swear, or throw any tantrums.", because you literally just broke ground and fell hopelessly once I read the sentence after that since you subconsciously contradicted what you were trying NOT to do.

"The God of Maturity". That made a silent chuckle appear in my face. Let me begin with that, the whole "you can't control my life" thing that you said. That's best fit for some someone who's literally controlling you. I'm just some idiot advising you; not someone controlling you. If I was, I'd have you on the palm of my hands during the time I first met. Hell, I'd even have the others be on the same position as you are. So please, I don't have control of your little life. I'd rather be on my own perspective of life than be in control of others. And no, this isn't my hint of hypocrisy. Like I said, I'm just some idiot advising you (and the others) from time to time for your mistakes, no matter how little they are. I've also said this before "I kind of act like an older brother to most of you". Because really, I'm an older brother in real life, being the second eldest in my family. I have a three siblings, nine cousins and a niece from my older sister to look after.

That's technically how I work. It's based on experience and not control. It's discipline as an act of authority on my side. Because the saying goes: "without authority, there would not be order". The way I treat my siblings and cousins goes the same for those that I consider close to me (see that? I said "people that are close to me", that's technically another hint of how much I don't really hate you despite your really dim-witted personality that almost coincides with Chak's former self).

Remember when you told me that "I'm coming close to hating you"? News Flash: If I have someone who I consider close to me as they were family, regardless of how stupid and immature they are, I'd never put hate on them. I'd just discipline them, whether they are older or younger than me. Because family matters. Blood related or not.

I think you've seen this example between how close me and Fan are even though we aren't really tied by blood. You said this before (and even as a defense for me and her towards Austin), "we're more like older brother and little sister" towards each other. I'm supportive and protective of Fan, just like what an older brother should be, and how she's really understanding of whatever the hell I am, just like what a little sister should be. I guess I can say the same for Chak since he's maturing on his own. We've been having decent discussions over the past few months, but when we have to, we know when we have to start acting "crazy and stupid", kind of like what siblings should be when they want to.

You may think that I see you as some sort of outcast, but in all honesty, I don't. This goes for Stenry and even Munna, even if she has just recently joined. Remember our saying? "If you join the SI wiki, you seriously become a part of this whole family thing that we have".

Also about what you said about me expecting you to mature at the same rate I want you to. Don't hurt yourself on that. I'd rather you just mature on a certain level where I can voluntarily leave you alone. Again, I'm just some idiot helping you out even when you don't me to. I'm like a "foolish peasant who thinks he's a hero". But you know what? To hell with that. I'd throw myself in front of any of you, even when you threaten me not to get in the way. Because that's basically me risking what I have for everyone's sake and why I always take the bullet from the gun when they are fired your way (isn't my whole apology to Munna about what you told her a recent example of that? Because, despite the fact that I "hurt your feelings", I apologized in your place rather than you take whatever bad thing she could have in her mind.).

Getting back to you being hypocritical, another thing to quote what you told me: "and nothing you say can alter who I am against my will.".

Funny thing to mention, but you've already changed because of my ongoing crap. Maybe try looking at a mirror. You might find your answer.

One more to thing to quote yourself by: "Teach me what? That you want me to rot in hell?"

Sorry this, but, you went from "this" kind of hypocritical to being a presumptuous hypocrit. When have I ever mentioned me wanting you to be pulled down and rot in hell for eternity? That thought never comes into my mind unless it involves someone I hate. That's on your for thinking that I hate you even though I really don't. Those are just my judgements that are really hurtful yet true.

Also about the whole "users having a vendetta" against you ordeal. Nobody has some sort mindless grudge on you. And about Seth, he may not have a vendetta on you, but to be honest, he's been angry towards at one point, unless you've forgotten about that. We've all been angry at you at one or more points in this wiki. But haven't well forgave you for it? But of course. I mean like, even this whole thing is gonna go by too and I'm gonna look back at it be all like "Well, this was fun while it lasted." once after this is over.

By the way, you're not the only one who's thought about "if I left this place, all of you would probably be better without me". Remember Austin? Yeah, dude had the same thought as you. He left and is likely never coming back again. Remember me when I also said the same? And where did that land me? Still here with not much changing.

Remember when Seth also wanted to leave? He is apparently still here. What about you? How many times have you decided to leave only to come back at least an hour or so later? That is to a total of 4. Seriously though, whether you left or not, the only thing that will change is the amount of users here. We won't change for better or worse once you leave. We'll all still be the same.

"I want the best for you guys". Excuse me but you dropped one there. If you really want the best for all of us, then start changing already for Christ's sake. Don't do it for us but do it for yourself. Have some self improvement for once in your life where I don't have to continuously judge you every now and then and with you starting to think as though everyone is out to get out like a sociopathic moron. While it is irksome and tiresome for you, it becomes really time consuming for me and the others, yet we still have to do it because "discipline" and pointing out your mistakes calls for it.

My main judgement overall about you: Your so-called "self improvement towards your maturity". Not once have I seen you do some self improvement. Start acting and grow a pair, not for us, but for yourself. Because the world isn't gonna wait around for you. Time moves forward and doesn't stall. It continues, leaving behind anybody who can't act properly and quickly. Simply, you just get left behind.

About only 7% of your reply to my talk page was good, while the rest was borderline bad. No, they were really something off from what you were trying to tell me.

Honestly, Thomas, try to have some self respect for yourself. You say that you will learn from your mistakes, but about several moments later *BAM* you did it again. You promise to change again. *CRASH* There you go again. Same thing. It's a cycle about you.

It goes around repeatedly. Change isn't about changing yourself for a while. It's a permanent thing. I know you have self respect, but I don't see it anywhere because of the few "I'll learn from my mistakes and mature on my own, so please don't control my life already" messages you've told me. Because you are on a cycle. It's like a routine for you. Try to step out of it for once and do something. You can't sit like a brain-dead sloth on your EZ chair forever, doing the same things all over again for the remainder of your non-changing life. Step out of your room and challenge the world.

Because like I said, life isn't about staying in one place and waiting. It's about facing it and accepting whatever challenge is given to you. Win or lose. Experience it. Go through it. Easy or Hard. It doesn't matter. It's change or don't change. It's like hunt or be hunted. Kill or be killed.

Live or Die. That's what maturing really is. If you don't improve yourself, you die like a pathetic wimp, still in the same area you were in the beginning, even if that is something you're embracing already. Improve yourself, then maybe you can die an exciting death one day and not on the same area where you grew up on. You'll get experience from not just others, but from yourself.

That's my deal with you being "hypocritical" is. You say you're gonna change, but not even 0.1% of that has shown. You say you're gonna mature on your own pace? When is that, when you're at your mid 20s? Be serious and don't be pedantic about what maturing is.

It's not some sort of thing that you're gonna be forced upon. It's something natural and you know that just like I and the others do. So start acting like you're really changing. And I don't care how many times you tell me to stop with this. I'm gonna push you all the time, along with Fan, Seth, Chak, Skp and anyone else who I care about until you all can stop acting like major fools of yourselves and come along in the ride towards whatever bull we fall on. Because it's how I work with my judgement and discipline. It's my philosophy. And its one of my codes in life.

My most notable trait is "self sacrifice". Yes, self sacrifice. Grab a dictionary. Find it. Read it. "Self Sacrifice". Regardless of how weak I am, putting myself in harm's way just for the people that I care about is enough to even cost me my own life. I told you and the others before. If there was ever a time that we all somehow met each other in reality and we were put in a deadly situation where one has to stay behind to let the others live, I'd recklessly be the one, even when I begin to fear for my life. Because losing people in those kinds of things, more or less, is enough to break one part of a person's life. And considering how emotional I am, that's like getting stabbed through the head, without the idea of death coming.

So why else would you think that I'd bother every single darn time you screw up?

In a short form of a finale. Try to understand this one simple task I'm gonna give you: When you're gonna reply to my talk page after all of this, here's something for you to answer with a simple "Yes" or "No".

Are you really someone who wants to change and aim towards maturing?




You decide. Once again, just tell me "yes" or "no". You don't have to explain why. And you don't have to be too presumptuous about your reply. Simple task. Simple finish. I know you aren't that stupid.



Since you said that you wanted the "best for all of us". You could may as well act as some sort of support for us, or just someone who can just be there when there's something that's needed. Or at least someone that we can rely on when given the chance.

Best start of there as your first step to maturing before you take on bigger things.

But plesae read my reply above before this.

Also, try to keep "that" side of you in check for most of the time. Show it when necessary or when it's convenient enough.





Essentially, up to no good after my recent update in the Fanon wiki at the Fanart page

(I'm guessing you thought I was gonna mention Fan-Fan, didn't you?)


or the Mythbusters

Your Avatar

Who you gonna call?

- Not the Ghost Busters!


Ai TRS when are we gonna continue that RP? It was very fun!



YoU Will BuRN IN HelL

                                        EVILMe and my friends (talk) 00:42, May 1, 2016 (UTC)


ok im sorry i had enogh time to calm down so can we please pertend we never met i just need one more chance a promis i can help u on drawings and lots of stuff im .....just .......sorry

ps:i am srs wit u

Alone betraded broken (talk) 11:22, August 9, 2016 (UTC)


The Titans, Seiru and I talk about the matter and when it was finally done, I saw in Sei's eyes that she's guilty and denies breaking down despite of being attacked by her nightly anxiety. The Titans leaves to give us some privacy and I thanked them sincerely for telling us. That's when I knew Seiru went to her bed and fell asleep while I was away.

When she woke up around midnight and couldn't sleep, I took the opportunity to ask her if she forgives you. Sei replied with "not yet" and looked away from me. Maybe she thinks you're angry with her because of choosing me. I wasn't expecting any of this. She answered me after ten months because I, with the help of the others, have been always been there for her and even saved her from her dangerous (like suicide) thoughts for a couple of times.

Since the Titans told you had this huge crush on her and built a long-lasting friendship over the years, I took the blame that I destroyed it. Sei is the one I'm looking after all these lonely years I spent in my dimension, but I never really thought I would destroy something special between you two.

I'm so sorry, Sthomas. You just wait for the half part of this apology when Sei gets back... - Bill Cipher


Hey TRS wanna chat for a bit? -Seth

TRS I'm sorry I left, I'm gonna pick up my grades. -Seth

K see ya.

Hey TRS!!!

Hey the guy who calls himself Sthomas! (I dunno at this point if you're the real Sthomas, but what do I know at this point, its just a theory!!). Thanks for the help at that misconception at Waqastick! I hope that your EVER GROWNG BLOODLUST BOREDOM will stop.



Thanks (Insert name here).

Hahaha. I don't even know your name. How am I supposed to know???!!! Well...... As always, I am very happy to help this wikia!


Here are my thoughts

Well, I told you that I have problem with scriptwriting, right? Well, the real problem is my professor who values logic over creativity. I don't know what have gotten into his mind but I hate how he discards uncommon ideas without the "logic". I am actually scared right now that I might not pass this subject because the prof is not easily impressed by our works. 

Secondly, is about William. Well, I can't say it here but maybe my headmates will do when the time comes. ~Fanny 16:16, October 16, 2016 (UTC)


Happy Belated Birthday :3 ~Fanny 07:12, October 30, 2016 (UTC)

Quick Draw

Quick draw 3

Have a quick little drawing of GG's head.

Take this nice drawing. Dapper Trapper (talk) 08:27, November 22, 2016 (UTC)Dapper Trapper

                                          ^^ Originally BlueUno


well its been years since i came back to say any thing you might had aready forgot me well never mind now since i went crazy with are stuff maybe.......REQUEST ME TO DRAW ANYTHING ANY TIME (sorry if i went to exited again)welp your choice by the way it will also be sent on DA  so you can see it on google(maybe)

Ya know, I loaf ya cuz nya :3

❄ SeiruxWinter ❄

(aka The Fan of Wiki lol :3) Get on chatstep x3

❄ SeiruxWinter ❄

(aka The Fan of Wiki lol :3)

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