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Just a Warning

You might want to think who you're dealing with, because unlike you or anyone else here, I can let go of my morality as a human to kill people because I've had my fair share with misery, pain, hate and anger, so a rightful cold-hearted serving of murder all coming from me is enough to let the world know that I'm not gonna let it step on me any longer. As if you weren't o'so oblivious by now, I'm both an Admin and B-crat in this wiki, also acting as the somewhat leader, both here and the Fanon wiki. So I have eyes all over you, and everyone else, and one wrong move, I can easily send you packing out of here. Continue it for as long as you wish, I'd find it pleasing to continuously kick you out anyway, regardless of what trash comes out of your mouth.

No matter where you are in this world, I'd find a way to find and make you pay for whatever idiotic thing you'd do, whether it was to me or someone else close to me; keep in mind that I ain't bluffing. I never bluff. Nor will I step back from what I've said or done. I ain't a coward stick who just sits there idly by and just do nothing. Oh no, of course I won't. I'd like a piece of the action, whether it's gonne be clean or messy.

So stick this within your worthless muscle that you call a "brain" that you seem to not use; I'm warning you. Do something stupid again and you're gonna gone. Literally.

By the way, you were right, you are like a street rat; just another pest crawling its way into the big city only to be killed by the big cats.

Yeah nice choice of words there. I feel SO scared of you right now. Boohoo...

Even though I'm not...


Nobody says "In your face" nowadays, so I recommend you getting yourself a proper dictionary before opening your mouth that's filled with nothing but a heaping load of stinking rubbish.

Have a nice day, kid.


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