aka FirestormNemesis.

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  • My occupation is staying alive.
  • I am the queen of nothing.
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Hi Echo, is me, Kiki

I'm meet you in Wattpad and i saw your art, because is awesome and i like your OC.

Also i like you drawing the art wth use pencil color in the paper too.


FirestormNemesis (talk) 11:58, May 2, 2017 (UTC) Okay hi Kiki!

If you need idea or request, you can ask me and i'm help you in Wattpad. Especially i like drawing the art and writing the story on my book too.


FirestormNemesis (talk) 14:41, May 2, 2017 (UTC) Sure!

I hope you enjoy my book, because you're my awesome friends and my Wattpad Family ever. Especially i'm glad you like my book, my story and my art, because is awesome and funny.


Thank you for vote my book, i'm so happy about you enjoy my book, like i'm vote your book and put your book in my reading list. also i'm glad to help you by drawing and writing, chat and comment, idea and request.


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