aka Elijah

  • I live in In a house
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is STudent
  • I am Male


Hey guys! I'm now a 6th grade student named STelijah (OK. You got me. Hahaha. I like naming myself like the Slush Fighters .). I'm from the Philippines and my life is Slush Invaders . (Oh and yeah, to kids out there, don't sneak into your school's computer lab just to contribute to this wiki like me. LOL.)

STElijah (talk) 10:22, August 25, 2016 (UTC)Elijah :)

Welcome to the Wiki

Saw your edits, but have yet to review them properly due to lack of time to do so, and I really appreciate the help! The wiki hasn't been on its proper, if not highest, standard lately in terms of edit counts these past several months so your help just really contributed a lot, both to us and the wiki itself.

Anyway, enjoy your time and I'm hopeful that you know the rules and regulations of the wiki (if not, I'll share the link for the guidelines to you once you reply back). If you've got any question, don't forget and admin, such as myself, for help. The people here will be glad to help with your problems and will work with any possibility to help you out.

Also, in case you haven't known yet, there's a Fanon wiki connected to this place and another sister wiki that is, for lack of a better word, "detoriating" but that's a story best saved for another time! Also, read your page and noticed that you, like some of us, are from the Philippines and... well. Happy to have another fellow Filipino here... however, don't speak in our native language since, for both reasons:

  • The wikia community is an international website, so the most preferred language be used is English (both as a MUST and an ONLY type of language rule; excluding swearing/cursing for some)
  • Unnecessary, but, I hate hearing people speak in our language; this is mainly due to my hatred of our own country -- both toward people and modern culture. I'm not racist though, I just have a really profound hate for everything related to our own country -- even myself at times. However, there are some exceptions; both people and material things.

So far, I guess that's it for now. Try and remember what I said above though; it's a good way of really getting started: Not only here but in other wikis as well.

Catch ya later!


Answers to your Questions

I'm just gonna sum up the answers to your questions

  1. There's a heap load of reasons why I hate our country, but I'm only gonna give two reasons for you to at least understand and accept the fact.
    1. The People - Despite being considered "unique", "nice" and being "ingenious", let's face the truth here; most of us are horrid people. From being uncaring to the environment (the streets, the water, the air... ooooh boy, do they look and smell clean) to being complete douches (Oh hey, you sayin' something serious? I argue back with a very unfunny and corny remark about how stupid your words mean even though they are very emotional and actually have a point in them!). In short, Filipinos don't honestly deserve any kind of respect or any good comments on who they are --- Most of them at least.
    2. The Culture - Wow! In less than just a decade our country became from one of the most beautiful countries in the world to the most disgusting and wasted one. It just goes to show you, all beautiful things can become ugly in short time!
  2. I'm not saying where I exactly live or give you a hint on where; when it comes to privacy I become strict and serious over it hence why I changed the "I LIVE IN:" part of my user page.
  3. I don't necessarily hate the way we speak, but its just the spread of new slang our naive generation is making is what puts me off. Not only that, apart from the reason that speaking in the sole language we all grew up with being something not supposed to be an ALWAYS in the wiki, I just casually hate hearing people talk like that in the Internet. It triggers me. It's in my opinion, however, and there's no need to take that seriously. Just don't ever speak in our language when I'm around (Try asking Fan, she's Filipino too, and she knows all too well to avoid using Tagalog when I'm around; it immediately irks me).
  4. Umm... okay? Dunno why that was necessary to be said, but what was his/her reaction to it?
  5. No problem! Having a new user become a part of the wiki is always great and welcomed warmly!
  6. Go here and read the entire page thoroughly to get yourself accustomed to the rules of the wiki.
  7. Yes, I am an admin at the Fanon wiki. Not only that, despite this being unnecessary, I'm also an admin at the sister wiki (if you want to know, it's the Stick Fighters Wiki), the K-ON! Wiki, the Randompedia Wiki and also a chat mod and pending admin at the Date A Live Wiki. I'm also a user at the Call of Duty Wiki (which I have not yet gone back to for months now), the Metal Slug Wiki, the Blank Dream Wiki, the Is The Order A Rabbit? Wiki, the KonoSuba Wiki and the Club Penguin Wiki (also haven't gone back there for months too).
  8. Being an admin isn't easy: You're gonna have to perform a lot of important edits around the wiki, become a part of the core user members, get yourself involved in serious discussions and also needing to be consistent with both your edits and log in times. However, you can't become an admin at this point since there's already like a dozen admins in the wiki, with only a few being B-Crats. Sorry to say that though, hope you understand!
  9. You're welcome. I'm glad you know I'm a guy and not a girl; unlike most of the people I've met these days always assuming that I'm a girl because of my many avatars in the wiki being female characters.

If you have anything else, don't forget or hesitate to ask.

- Vince!


Fan is the current owner of the wiki since the original owner is currently inactive and has not yet logged in for months now.

Also, on an important note, Fan is a girl; just in case because people tend to confuse her to be a boy ( mainly because the majority of everyone here, except her, are boys ).

- Vince!

Hey there! :D

Hello, StElijah. Yes, I'm a Filipino though not very proud of it. And, sure, it's good to hav as a friend :) ~Fanny 06:30, August 29, 2016 (UTC)


Hey there, Elijah. I am in fact not the actual Sthomas. Only one other user here knows my real name.

But I also wanted to say I really appreciate the work you do around here along with Flamesword, so you're welcome here anytime.

I'm glad you love helping the wiki! We all happily induct you into the Slush Invaders Wiki Family. Just let one of us know if you need anything.

Also, everybody just calls me TRS, so you can call me that.


About the Conversion

Yes, there was a discussion about converting the entire wiki into a wiki dedicated to all of Gildedguy's works. No, scratch that. there was supposed to be a discussion about it all.

What happened? I shut the whole thing down. Why? Lack of participants. How? Except me, only FlameSword and Bobby were the ones to have taken the whole thing seriously and actually participated while everyone else, despite me notifying them of it, didn't bother to actually leave even their own opinions in the comments of the blog I posted about it (see this blog right here to view it). There were people who voted, but from the tally of the polls I put in, only 4 people were there; 3 participated and actually talked about it while 1 just voted and didn't took it seriously without deeper thoughts. The rest didn't even show up.

The disappointment and frustration of that made me decide in a half-arsed way to shut the idea and permanently reject it as punishment for those who didn't really visit here and even put some spare time in their schedule to actually talk about this. Me, Bob and FlameSword are as busy as they are, more or less, and we can still find time to actually stop by the wiki every now and then and do some minor things for it even if the series has not gotten any new updates for a long while now.

I may come off as a bit of an arsehole about this, but my reasons are justified and therefore, as I said in that blog, complains are open to be given to me about it... if Michael were to complain about it, or if Bob and/or Flame did too, I'll take it with more consideration and think about giving it a second chance. But, if the complains are from those who didn't bother to actually participate (I'm sorry, but you are included), their complaints will be given less consideration and be quickly shot down. I can still hear them out... but I won't accept any half-baked attempts of disrespecting the decision of the idea being rejected permanently and towards me about "taking my position higher than it is" (I can argue about both all day, but pointless task is pointless --- I and the complainant will have wasted each other's time over a pointless matter at this point that has been settled).

Also, welcome back to the wiki. In case nobody's told you about it yet, but most of everyone have turned to the Fanon wiki; a sister wiki to this one where all fan made Slush Invaders-related things can go and frolic to their heart's content.

If you've got any more questions... just remember what I said to you back then: Don't hesitate to ask (or insult) me straight away.


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