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  • I live in In the Other Fantasy World
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is an awesome but mysterious combat butler
  • I am some dude you forgot to call about that $5 you owe me

Of course

I'll draw him sooner or later.

PS I'm a girl. ~Fan aka Falcon, Fanny, TFOW, Fan fan, and UnitedDestiny

Oh Sorry, I thought you were a Boy. Anywho, can you tell me how to create an article?

By the way, I've been browsing here for the past 4 hours, and I see you guys are having a sad day, whats up?

I'm dissapointed. I've been here for 2 years with them and now this? Their departure somehow affects me deep inside.

Anyway, you can create a page by clicking the "contribute" button on the upper right corner of the page and click "add a page" ~Fan

Who departed? and Why? wait? 2 Years? How long was I that Dumb to not browse to find this wiki? (lol jk the last one :3)

Lucas, I can tell you what happened. Seth Reuben, a fellow user who joined by April, kept on irritating Vincetick, an admin who has been here since the start. And Vincetick left the wiki. TRS, another admin, once said that if anyone else leaves, he's gonna leave too. So, Seth made two long-term admins leave.

Oooh! No! I just met Vincetick today on a thread and now hes gone? Wow.... he must have really this wiki so much, 2 years, I cant believe it. O_O

About it...

Hey Mysterious, like I said, I wont be here in the wiki for the meantime, but I want you to keep an eye on things while Im gone. If you ask why I chose you instead of my friends, its because you're new here and I want to test how you'll do in this little exam I did for you. As you know, when Saturday hits, the countdown for my fate of staying in this wiki will begin. Remember if 2 weeks have past and I havent returned and make that thread I said. Its over. I am gone. But If I do, you can help me get TRS back here. Okay? does that all sound clear to you? Good, no questions, dont ask why, just do what I said...

- Vincetick! |:l

Umm... okay? ._.


Here it is! -SC

Cool, thanks SC! :D

Stick Lucas

Stick Lucas By StiCarson

Seriously MW?

I though you will make another character, i will give you sticatherine,stzack and sticapricorn. That is the one i will remind you.

-Francstick :3

Wanna Play...

...Left 4 Dead 2 again? Lets do another Versus Mode match. Dont worry... I wont kill ya...

...I'LL ONLY OWN YA!!! >:3

lol jk. Just remember, when Im a Hunter or Smoker. Its best to watch your back and your teammates. Dont leave the for dead dude, even though the games title says so... lol. Teamwork is very efficient and, in this case for the game, all you have left in a world gone wrong and is now, almost, painted in Red (Blood to be exact) EVERYWHERE. Seriously, even though they're AI's watch your teammates, dude.

- Vincetick! :D

Please dont, you already killed me and my team twice. Dude, seriously, Y U SOOOOOOOO PRO??? you killed us twice in one life as a Hunter!! WTHECK??? How are you soooo freaking amazing?? D:

Re:what programs do you use?

I use GIMP for drawing and draft for animation. I use Stykz and Macromedia Flash 8 in animating. And, hey, no swearing here. Another thing, please stop calling me "Ms. Fan", just call me Fan. :3 ~Fan

Okay, thanks. btw is GIMP downloadable? also... i didnt swear... i think... and sure...! :)

GIMP is free and you can download from their official website where you can learn some basics. ~Fan

Thank you, DrewStick! :D

Thanks for the info, Fan.

Screenshot from 2014-09-03 21-09-35

hey dude

Hey MW sorry if it's not great but it is still a draft i promise i will make a fan art soon... :D Seth Reuben (talk) 13:35, September 4, 2014 (UTC) 

It looks cool, man! :D Thanks for adding me... now to bother vince! :3
Lucas' draft

here it is MW

Chat Emotes

Hey, MW. If you can read this, Im giving you the temporary right to add some emotes to the wiki. Try and search some emotes on Google and add them, remember that the emotes must NOT contain cuss, swear or diss words, otherwise TRS, Fan, Drew and I (yes me as well) will kill you (or just punish you). Anyways, find some and upload them and go here to edit. I think you remember how to add emotes right?

Go Here to Add them:

I'll talk to you later, Peace!

- Vincetick! :D

Its done vince, but i couldnt edit the Emotes cuz of the stupid thingie on my editor and i had little time to do it anyway, but I uploaded the pics. Maybe you can edit them? :)

The things on my hand is called Gauntlets , Manufactured and made by me . =-= StKhen (talk) 04:58, October 5, 2014 (UTC)

sleepy doodles.png
Sleepy doodles

bad coloring and anatomy is bad

Oh my god, dude, Tri, its awesome. Thanks! :D

Look. This is completely my fault. I didn't really mean for you to do suck a thing D: Now I think I kinda believe him about his website...but Vince told me for you not to tell me anything about the website anymore...or I think that is what he would yea :( I am so sorry MW...really


hes actually miffed at me because of that, dude.

R u joining or not?

Hey MW, if you want to join The Pure Knights then click on that link and write down the characters you want to join it in the comments section. Thanks

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 16:41, October 27, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

I will join... I just havent gotten the time to. But I will though, dont kick me out of the Knights please?

Why Not?

Dude, I already told you, Alanna's relationship with Vincent is pretty much on hating him and nothing more, for the meantime. But on Vincent's side, he thinks they're friends, unknown to him that Alanna thinks otherwise, thinking of him as her rival and enemy rather an ally, but nevertheless they've helped each other out.

I'm gonna release the first episode sometime in Late September, as I always do with the others :)

Anywho. Yes, I will be active on SU: UR! later today and I'll meet you there.

Stay Positive, be yourself... and stop mentioning spoilers please.

- Vince! :D

It is...

Yes your drawing is good enough. GOOD. ENOUGH.

- Vince! :D




- You know who this is...

Looks like BOTH of us are after his head, now!


Re:I have questions

  1. I did. I created a fanon wiki and here it is: Slush Invaders Fanon Wiki. It is still under construction. 
  2. Go to your Preferences and you will the "Signature" section. By the way, if you need HTML codes for your signature, ask me.
  3. The picture "following" you is made with codes I made with this:
<div style="position:fixed;left:25px; top:280px; overflow:visible;">
[[File:StuckerTFOWdrawing.png|160px|Hi! *Stucker brofist style*]]</div>

You can see the file name "StuckerTFOWdrawing.png" and put the code I placed above. It's hard to explain because I haven't taught you the basic codes yet.

4. Lastly, there are minor changes in the wiki and we lost Austin (again). I have a feeling that this is because of TRS or he just needs attention to get him back. RMD and Khen are currently on semi-hiatus (for short, they are in school too). TRS, regretting everything that he have done for the past 3 years, changed and will always try his best to be an admin of this wiki. That's all I can give to you now...

And another thing, Gildedguy made his new animation. Check his channel! :D ~Fanny

Your Pages

What other pages do you have other than stick Lucas?


What I meant to say was that I do not disapprove of the harem ending, but nor do I approve. Basically saying, either way it's fine by me.

But if you want I could delete those and pretend this never happened.


okay then dude...

~ MW

I guess my words could be perceived as a bit blunt. That happens a lot to me, believe it or not.


Sorry about that. Here's a Wicker Blue to cheer you up.

WickerBlue! This user has been spooked by a Wicker Blue! Spread the curse word by putting this template on another person's talk page!

So am I cursed now?

~ MW

Only if you don't give the template to somebody else. Don't tell Fanny, but I left it on her talk page back in October and she never responded to it, so she's "cursed" to this day :3


lel xD

~ MW

I wonder when she's gonna find out. x3


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