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Mart456t - "Now I'm here, then I'm not, then I'm there, and then I'm here, and then I'm eating pie! And then I'm not! D:"
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I saw you're message i can't be more happy seeing it. Of course we can be friends.

RandomMinecraftDude444 (talk) 18:12, November 17, 2013 (UTC)<THE SHADEN>

Oh..Oh Hello *coughs* *gets written paper* I Am...*reads paper* Chakatan And I Think You Are Awsome..Thank U

-This Epic Poem Is Written By Chakatan

I Leik Ur Face Tenk U

- Another Epic Poem By Chakatan

Talk about Dimitri...

The Fan of Wiki - "I Dare You to Move"
TALK - 04:49, February 2, 2014 (UTC)
What's with him? I though he was our friend... and now he was trying to vandalize/delete pages of the wiki. Look for the thread "Avoiding Threats and Warning from the users". Randomness will be accepted on the thread. This message is also found on The Real Sthomas' talk page.

fan im on the case ! :P


I Use Flash CS5 Dude...But i wish i could get my hands on a Macromedia Flash

and Thanks for the Promotion :D !!!!


Stickman form?

Hi, Mart! :D How's going? Anyway, just wanna ask what is your stikman form. Of course I need the inner line, the outline and the color of the eyes. I'm gonna make a wallpaper for "Slush Family" which is name of our group in our wiki. ~Fan sounds cool XD

Hi as well

wassup Mart! how are ya doin'? Thanks for your message! It truly was late, like, REALLY late...

But, anyway, how are you doing? good. im not new or anything. I joined in December 2012 -mart

Vincetick Wrote: is this it, Mart?

- Vincetick! :D

O stalka!

Yo, Mart. How you doin'? :D :3 ~Fanana! (aka TFOW)

Hey, Mart?

Why aren't I in your Friends List on your User Page?

- Vince! :D

cos I made it when u had like 200 edits, ill add it in a sec

btw I pretty much quit dis wiki in 2k13 and am not on 2 often, so if u would like to contact me, add 9+10=20juan on Skype :P

Demote me nao!

-Skpcboy- (Reply) 03:56, April 19, 2015 (UTC)


Hi Mart! Heard you were back! :D ~Fanny!

Vince Replied: AI, DAZ MOI LOINE, M8!!

- Vince! |:3


Tomorrow (2nd May) is the Wikia Fanon and Canon Voting.


Mart, how are ya?

You haven't been on the Wiki for a couple of months now last I checked...

- Vince!

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Happy 3 year anniversary Mart! I know he probably won't respond, but he still checks the wiki like once every 2 weeks.


Well two of our new users are keeping the place as active as it can and they deserve a lot of respect and praise for it since they've basically taken over the role I said that I would take over in the case that, somehow, most of you began to be inactive.

Most of us are at the Fanon wiki at this point, but me, Fan and Bob/Darkfire545, especially me, often come back here to check the place out. I do have plans to actually update the pages here but because of certain real life schedules preventing me from actually carrying them out (and others from my other wikis that I'm in), it's hard to actually edit a lot of pages apart from just my own user page.

But regardless, glad to have you back dude! If you want to right now, I'm at the Fanon wiki's chat room waiting for the others. You can join in if you can~

- Vince, MioMayuri, Yui and Nepgear!

5 Years

  lol happy anniversary 2 me i guess


still alive



its 2020

im still alive

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