• I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is cs player for TMS
  • I am an AWPer/Lurker


Hi, welcome to Slush Invaders Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Activate page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! The Real Sthomas (talk) 05:37, November 28, 2013 (UTC)

Real Welcome

The message above is an auto message. I, with my own mouth, is giving you a true welcoming to the wiki :)


Hi :3

Hi, Iamw (new nickname?). Are you still active? I just saw you edited your user page 8 days ago. Please reply ASAP. Tenks! :3 BTW, your profile pic os scary. ~Fan aka Falcon, Fanny, TFOW, Fan fan, and UnitedDestiny


Hia! I am Seth and welcome to slush invaders wiki land :3


Hi, glad to see you again Iam! And...dude...sometimes people who are very afraid and stuff like that join the wiki, i'm just sayin', don't post that much creepy pictures...Anyways glad ur back from the dead! (Haha, im so funny :3)

Shaden 09:08, August 22, 2014 (UTC)gg


Hi Jeff or lam (lol) dude please don't post more creepy pastas i can't sleep! I mean what!? Smile dog's transformation i am creeped out right now >_< ~ Seth 

AND DUDE WHEN I COME TO YOUR PAGE AND SEE SMILE DOG WITH JEFF, i freakin run away i don wanna come back to this wiki it's now a freakin creepy wiki >O< ~ Seth


Don't worry dude, you cn post pictures of whatever, but just remember that don't post a lot of creepy ones!

Shaden 09:05, August 23, 2014 (UTC)gg

Please change your profile picture

Your current picture is disturbing and making me uncomfortable. Please change it.

Go to potato
This picture would be preferable:


Listen, Iam. I'm getting sick of myour creepy profile pictures. It makes the community uncomfortable. Please stop NOW. This is your last warning.

Thank you for stopping, I'm sure it will make other around you more comfortable.

+4 wiki points because turtles are cool.

Active and Chat

Ayoo, Austin!

I hope you still remember me, dude. Anyway, if ever you were active in the wiki, or on Facebook, just give a heads up since I'm practically active everyday at any given time. Feel free to leave a "Hey Vince!" or just a "Yo!" if you were ever around, because, dude, in all honestly, I want to talk to you again. I'm pretty sure the others do as well.

- Vince!

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