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Why did i jst say that?


Where do I begin?

1. I'm not Gildedguy, nor do I have control of his website. The real Gildedguy hasn't visited this wiki since sometime last year.

2. Gildedguy is a professional and won't accept any fan fighters. The existing slush fighters are based off of Gildedguy's real life friends. Seeing as how you're too dense to get the message: YOU WON'T BE THE NEW SLUSH FIGHTER

3. There will most likely never be an official TV show dedicated to the Slush fighters. Judging by what I've seen you do so far, I'm assuming you don't know that an animation process takes years, then there's budgeting, voice actors, storyboard writers, and other positions needed for any TV show.

4. Please check out a nice little book I like to call "Basic English for Dummies".

--Admin TRS

P.S. Do not swear any more unless you want to be banished from this wiki for a couple of months.

You're not welcome here

You're going to have to stop spamming your nonsense or you'll get a deathwish.

Alternatively, do you wish to get banned infinitely so we can both be happy?

❄ SeiruxWinter ❄ (aka The Fan of Wiki)