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I don't hate you. I said I would ban u becuz ur obviously the one who re-opened the thread.


I can do what you are asking..

Well, I've read your message in Vince's wall. I could create a template that has an auto-add the "fanon" category to a desired page. I just need time... ~Fan aka Falcon, Fanny, TFOW, Fan fan, and UnitedDestiny

Back-Up Idea

I've read your message and I see it clearly, I'll take it in mind just in case my plan doesn't work. In the rare case that my idea does end in failure, I'd like your help to make your idea to be a success, unlike my idea which may fail.

If not, then thanks for the suggestion.

Stay Positive and Be Cool!

- Vincetick! :D

Hey Doue, I'm liking your idea about the new fannon templates, but do you mean that if they are not labeled as cannon, they will be automatically be labeled as fannon? We have a template for fannon and a fannon label :c (just saying, in case you didn't know)

i'm stalking you for some reason.


No, if something is fanon they should be labeled as such. I feel labeling canon is unessicary as that's what a wiki is for, unless designed to be a fanon wiki.

Doue (talk) 03:07, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

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