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DUDE NICE PIC THANKS DUDE! YOUR AWESOME! :D so adding you to my wiki friends list! again thanks for the AWEOME PIC

Metal stonic \ V / 02:10, September 18, 2014 (UTC)


I think you just have a connection problem. Try waiting for it to load.

And...I think my job's done :) 
Boss Portrains When Clicked On


Thank you for the picture very much and for joining my group. The picture was amazing too.

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 14:14, October 2, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

Im back, meet in chat

Im back, meet in chat (if possible)

Goodnumberlessadi (talk) 14:22, October 5, 2014 (UTC)Goodnumberlessadi

Rakion's color

Dude, I cant make Rakion's emote without Rakion's color palette... tell me what his color palette is so that I can do him and Mega's Caboose.

- Vincetick! :D

A head start

Aye matey, It be me Shaden the random, and it be me pleasure to give what belongs to you my friend...You know what I'm talking about so here it is!

Shaden 14:05, December 15, 2014 (UTC)GG

Hey nroeil, I just say a new picture that you made, the black one :D Just make sure you don't name it Freddy Fabstick, because that is my character, but I need to make a page ;) 


Here's the picture of freddy.......IT TOOK TOO LONG >:( And I'm not lying. I don't know why it didn't send right away
Freddy Fabstick

Sorry if it is looking sideways :/ just go edit the picture and flip it. And the hook should be a little bigger

Oh, and BTW, Freddy's colors are like the actual freddys color, but he also has a black outline :)


SIT pic

Thats Josh's Pic


Vincetick Wrote: Yeah... that's the pic I made.

I know so he could use in the SIT bracket



Hey dood i made this for no reason, hope ya like it :)


Skpcboy (Talk)

07:08, January 2, 2015 (UTC)

The Story Suggestions

  • BrightXenoWat is the suggestion?
  • 3:24Goodnumberlessadiwait
  • so basically
  • Tekno is building a giant robot
  • for versatile uses
  • and when Nolik sees it
  • he gets afraid and accidentally manipulates it
  • and it goes haywire
  • and destroys everything
  • and they have to stop the robot
  • from doing any more harm
  • k>
  • u dere?
  • 3:31BrightXenoHere
  • Any other suggestions
  • 3:33Goodnumberlessadiokay
  • i forgot to think of more
  • but i promise i will do so
  • Ok, i got another idea
  • How about one day the raiders go to a secret mineshaft they found.
  • to explore.
  • and there, they find a blue glowing diamond
  • but they resist to take it,
  • but accidentaly Nolik touches it, and the mine caves in
  • and a giant stone monster appears and attacks them.
  • The cave suddenly spurts out lava, making the fighters surrounded.
  • but they are able to destroy the stone giant
  • and use it as a raft.
  • Thats when nolik spots a mechanism.
  • A mechanism that was spurting out the lava!
  • he manipulates it
  • and stops the lava from overflowing anymore.
  • Once that is done, the diamond reappears and lands in front of the fighters.
  • The stone giant/raft then is used to get to the cave entrance, so that they can find a way out
  • and then they do find an opening
  • and exit the cave with the diamond, safe and sound
  • is that good?
  • 3:39BrightXenoOK, any more?
  • 3:39Goodnumberlessadihmm.....
  • let me think........
  • AHA!
  • i have an idea
  • how about one day,, while stno and rakion have gone out for some time, the other fighters decide to see who is the best out of all of them!
  • will that work?
  • you there?
  • well if that wont work.....
  • 3:42BrightXenoOK, any more you can think of.
  • 3:42Goodnumberlessadithen let me see.......
  • hmmmmmmm
  • AHA!
  • how about.........
  • uhhhhhh
  • wait brb lemme think about it
  • yes!
  • how about,
  • one day, when the fighters woke up,
  • they found that NOLIK!!!!! was missing.....
  • and so they went out to find him.
  • but after a long search, were not able to.
  • then they went back again, but
  • the next morning,
  • Stno found out that all of the other fighters had vanished!
  • so he went out, and saw a note
  • it had written:
  • -Rakion
  • and then he saw a paper trail.
  • He followed it, and followed some more.
  • and when he reached the end, he saw a small shack.
  • He burst open the door, only to see a few plant pots with different plants in them!
  • but then he heard a wierd noise behind him.
  • the Witch began to cast her spell, but before she could, Stno striked her with a hard blow.
  • Then that was when he noticed: HIS FRIENDS HAD BEEN TURNED INTO PLANTS!!!
  • He quickly searched the shack for any clues or spell to figure out how to turn them back to normal.
  • But after searching the whole shack, he saw a tiny piece of paper
  • he opened it, and saw how to turn his friends back to normal.
  • all he had to do was uproot them from the plant pots!
  • and he did so, and they all turned back to normal.
  • They all had a nice greeting and thanked Stno, but when they exited, to their surprise, the Witch had withered away!
  • and after that, they left the shack, and went back home.
  • 3:50BrightXenoIt's good. Got anymore?
  • 3:50GoodnumberlessadiHmm.....
  • wait brb
  • okay....
  • hmm
  • This could work:
  • A Space Adventure
  • One day, when the fighters are bored and have nothing to do, Tekno blasts into the room and shouts:
  • 3:52BrightXenoNot till set 3
  • 3:52Goodnumberlessadioh okay
  • XD
  • well then
  • i guess thats all for now?
  • 3:52BrightXenoThe space adventure
  • But any other is fine
  • 3:52Goodnumberlessadiokay...
  • hmmmm
  • how about this:
  • 3:53BrightXenoHuh?
  • 3:53Goodnumberlessadione day, the fighters
  • (you can choose who accidentally did it)
  • set up a fire
  • i mean
  • a bonfire
  • but by accident,
  • the fire travelled towards the building and began to burn it down!
  • the fighters were extremely worried,
  • but they brought water from the nearby river,
  • and tried to extinguish it.
  • But before they could finish off the last of the fire, a stickman appeared.
  • He shot blazing hot flames at the fighters, and attacked them.
  • the fighters tried to attack him, but even after a long try, could not defeat him.
  • That was when one of them had an idea.
  • and then they led the fire stickman to the river, and surprisingly, the Fire stickman unknowingly fell into the river and was extinguished.
  • That was when a fire engine appeared.
  • They extinguished the fire
  • And the fire was over.
  • the fighters thanked the fire extinguishers for extinguishing the fire
  • and went back into the building after a looooooong day.
  • well, thats all i have for now! hoped you liked em!

Bracket Problem

In the Tournament Brackets Josh is in both Howlite and Flame Aura And Stord is in Amethyst and Howlite....


Tournament plz!

Hey BrightXeno! I was wondering if GastroDude could enter the tourney! Here is his profile:

Name: GastroDude

Power: Unstoppable Green Lasers and Gamma combos

Creator: JamesLOB


Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 9.08.22 PM

Gamma Combo by Gastro

Thank You

-JamesLOB Gastro Dude 20:25, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

Nolik (request)

Here, he is coming for you! (Sorry for the shaggy outline, I'm still adjusting to my new pen tablet)


Fish fish fish

Nein shall thy record 


I should do the flavours of only my sticks right?

PS:I tried but i can't make the roster.I can't do anything that involves drawing cuz i am bad at that.

T r y TryStick(SITSSE5PicReDesigned) 14:41, February 6, 2015 (UTC)

Last 5

Well... I tried but i cant write the way you do how do you do it...? (tournament bracket)

- Try

First offense

Hello, BrightXeno. It has come to my attention that you are vandalising pages by spamming letters. This is your first offense and you have been banned for a day due to multiple offenses. I hope that this does not continue, and if it does, your next punishments won't be as merciful.



If you want me to tell you on why I began to hate Pretty Rhythm throughout all this time, you can ask me, that is, if you're willing to take the judgemental reasons I have on the show itself.

Also, it's best that, I'd tell you this privately, because, I don't wanna anyone else to know why I started to hate it in the first place... and the truth behind everything that started it all.

- Vince! :(

MS Challenge

Even though I know you didn't much do it, I'd still like you to tell me how you did in the challenge on this blog of mine.

- Vince! :D


Hey, BX. You can actually edit the page now. Consider it yours my friend ;) ~Fan!

PS I mean you own the page now xP


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