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- Vince! ;_;


... Don't leave, bro. :/

- Vince! :(

Don't do that Ever again...

Just don't...

Trolling is welcome here, just don't take it too far...

You just dissed a character that I really like with that Troll pic edit -.-

You're my friend, but...

(read title)

I hope you take this seriously, and can you do me a favor and take that troll pic off my User Talk and that Darude - Sandstorm music, please?

- Vince! -.-

P.S: I'm not happy with what you just did

Bruh, the salt is real xD



Take the troll pic and Darude vid off my Talk, bruh.

I want to do it myself... but I'm too annoyed to do so, just by looking at them makes me wanna hit someone with a plank of wood.

- Vince! -.-


I already forgave you a couple of days ago.

And actually, you can forget about that part with Stick Spring during your Valentine's Day animation. I kinda smiled to it though. But... don't ever disrespect Sinon again, please? Or to say the least, involve something that you know that I hate. I also find your thoughtfulness about considering me in most of your animations due to my excessive anger is very well appreciated. Thanks, bro.

Anywho... Stay Positive, be yourself (Just not that the annoying part) and PUNCAKE!!

- Vince! :D

About Her

You can learn all the stuff. things you need to know about Sinon on my User page. There's a link there that can take you to her character's page biography. From there you can know why I like her so much.

- Vince! :3

Intro #2 is ze best for me :3

-Skpcboy- (Reply) 07:57, February 27, 2015 (UTC)

Hey Austin, if you got anymore codes, can you give them to me? (If you want to) Nintendo hardwear like your 3ds has pins as well :) 


Yep! :3 ~Fan

Yep. It was released last year... (and his name is Hiccup) ~Fan

Last chance

Listen Austin, I'm trying to stop abusing my powers, but you're making it really difficult. This is your last warning. If you swear again, I will have no choice but to give you a week-long block. What stings even more is that your latest offense YOU POSTED ON YOUR USERPAGE!

No, I will not block you. I will only block you if you if you upload something else "unsatisfactory" for this wiki.


Bruh, If you're gonna just use Macromedia, use their actual colors since it aint have color limitations :3

-Skpcboy- (Reply) 07:32, March 28, 2015 (UTC)


Tomorrow (2nd May) is the Wikia Fanon and Canon Voting.

Where are you?

Dude, you've been inactive for weeks now.

Are you okay and where have you been?

- Vince! :O

Your User Page

Yeah, bro, you need to update it.

"Yo! Update that sh-------" - Sthomas' fun facts reference from the first game.



I found out that you can fight Nhazul in Ice Frosted Forest.



Yep. What should I do?

The worst combination you can imagine! Ben Stickobi, Sthomas, Stedro (ugh), and Stickyle.

Thanks, Bro.

I finally beat him, and I only had to use Stickyle's special twice! Thanks. Also, who should I pick: Marc or Steric?

Thanks, but I'm not a beginner. This is my second run of the game because I already beat The Skunk. I've actually probably played more because sometimes I use Incognito mode to play with my friends

Sorry if this reply is late, but what I usually do is pick the better out of the two fighters that are presented to me, and the third fighter slot in my team is usually "fodder" since I'm forced to choose a new one every level.

Yeah. Having a good team is a curse, because it only lasts for 1 level.