This..... Is.....fanfiction!!! ... not all charachters here have been made yet BUT ILL MAKE EM!

fan slushers in story so far-

metal stonic (me)

stonic (ill make him soon)




stadow(WHAT DO YOU FRIGIN THINK? AND SHADOWS NOT EMO (i mean cmonhe was in a deep sleep for 50 years got woke up by eggman and started evil then turned good in ONE GAME give him a break guys!))

It was a normal sunny day at slusher except New slushers were moving in! SCCCRRRTTTTT-CHHH that must be the moving truck...

Standrew P.O.V I walked out to the truck to see a dark blue with a blue outining stick with robo hands and feet and had hedghog hair the next looked like the last except he was wearing white gloves and red shoes with the same hair but he was a brighter shade of blue the next was a yellow stick with two tails and 3 hairs on his head pointing forward-ish (he also had gloves) there was a red one with dreadlox and white gloves with spikes on them and red shoes with... air prupulsoners? *no idea how to spell that* okayyy the 5th one was pink and had red dress and girly shoes ..WAIT GIRLY SHOES?! HOLY HOT SLUSH ITS A GIRL! she has the same hair as the yellow one mixed with the two blue guys and the last one was a black hedghog with similar hair to the first 2 and had HOVER SHOES? "so im gusseing your standrew?"


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