i need some help with SRPG2 *Slush R P G 2* in the graphics department... i have done some textures (blues,drabs,first boss) but i need alot of help still i need to make the character sprites (i can do the faces of the chars thats easy) so please support me with as much as you can do here are what i want them to be like

  • start at 16 by 16 sprites if your doing an enemy then when you finish with that scale up to 97 by 97 (and refine the sprite a bit if you want)
  • if your making a character sprite it has to have a standing facing down up left right and a left foot forward for said directions and a right foot forward again for said directions.. and if you say im being to direct im just goin by how the graphics work in the game so dont blame me

thats all the help i need with! and music is something im having an issue with (once i figure out a good free program to make music im golden*

ok? together we can make this happen!!

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