well i have TONS of projects to do that everyone is waiting for me to do and because im human i cant do it all at once SO im doing a todo list! the items at the top of this list are my highest priority and ones at the bottom ill do last so HERE IT IS!

  • finish the intro for mega man crossover estimated completion date : 12-29-14
  • do something for youtube estimated completion date : 1-1-15
  • finish the first dungeon of slush rpg 2 estimated completion date : 1-20-15
  • make a decent minecraft mod estimated completion date :2-20-15
  • more comin soon!

yeah thats my todo list! and i gotta have fun beetween those so thats why i added estimated completion dates so yeah!! also i wont be around for a while starting tommorow cuz... IM GETTIN A PS4!... yeah!!

-Z out!

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