so while iv been on this wiki ve noticed pokemon and sonic crossovers... BUT NO ZELDA CROSSOVERS what the heck? so...what the heck? I may as well make sink (stick link) and zelta (stick zelda) but oh well...

also today marks the 2nd to last sunday untill school starts for me so in 8 days i might not be on the wiki sometimes because... HOMEWORK GIRLS BULLYS FRIENDS AND COMPUTER CLUB oh and grades... so yeah ... expect to see me in a bad mood some days whatever the reason maybe (probaly got punched in the face or something...) I HATE FRIGIN SCHOOL OK ... but somedays i might be ecstatic (maybe i became friends with the cute and shy girl in the class also SCREW YOU HORMONES) but anyway except ALOT of mood swings and absences from me for the duritation of school... also blogs will be up every sunday... because im lonley on the weekends... well see you in chat!

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