Ayoo, guys. It's me Cap'N Vince Sparrow. Yarr, me mateys. Okay, I'll just stop there and act serious now.

Anyway, this blog will mostly be about the wiki's current condition, its future and about each User, especially the now resigned User Brothers, Trializ and Cykrion.

The Current Events:

Well... what can I say? We just lost two users in the form of Tri and Cyk, two users who are brothers in reality. It seems that the wiki is falling a bit, probably from boredom and lesser time than before. I'd like to put something in motion sometime in this month about the wiki.

If any of you are up to it, it's gonna be about the new changes, rules and other stuff. things that needs to be in this wiki, something to improve this and ourselves. If you can agree with me on that, I'll make a blog or thread about it soon.

Anyway, apart from Tri and Cyk leaving and the wiki's natural and still on-going problem of boredome and attention seeking, not much is going on, except these two events.

Trializ and Cykrion:

Well, I have no idea why Tri quit, but I can only assume the below reasons:

  1. Problems in Real Life he can't get pass on
  2. Loneliness/Attention
  3. Depression or being neglected by his own family, friends and being bullied at the same time.
  4. He has moved on and given up on the wiki

I'm thinking on #1, #2 and #3, but not #4 since he said to me, sometime in the past, that he'd stick with us until the very end. I'm not gonna lose hope on him to returns, everyone in this wiki always returns.

Cykrion left because, the only thing keeping him here was Tri and probably us. He left after his brother did, so, if Tri came back, he will too. I know Cyk wasn't much active here than his brother, but he was helpful, kind and very cool, much like his brother. Both of them were very talented artists, as you can see from their many drawings.

Both of them define the meaning of "Brotherly Love", meaning that both of them always have each other's backs whenver one of them needs the other. This is actually showcased numerous times, in where, I'd spot both of them on chat sometimes, and with Cyk leaving because of Tri leaving too, you can be sure that Cyk is a very responsible brother to Tri.

Don't get angry at them for leaving, either temporarily or permanently. We just have to give them time and they'll possibly return. Don't lost faith on these two... if you do... well... I hope you're happy, you Jerk.

The Future of the Wiki:

Alright, Slushians (Ask me what that means)! Pay attention, because this could change a lot of the many things we'd anticipate on this place.

So, first off, I'd just like to say that, hey, look it's March again and pretty soon, yet again, about a few months from now now, the wiki's gonna get its 3rd Year Anniversary... and with that coming along soon, I'd like to make things clear first.

  1. I'd just like to say that, can we please reconcile with each other? I know a lot of you have problems on each other and I want you all to make up right now.
  2. Security - We need two users to act as 'guards' of the wiki. I can rely on Drew and GN to do this, but this might affect everyone else. So, in order for this to work, I'd like to pick someone who's eager to take this position.
  3. Discussions and Results: Yeah, most of our discussions right now are less than last year, probably since not much new is happening. To avoid any further problems of Boredom and seeking Attention, I'd like you all to come up with a few good ideas for you and the others. Try to help each other out. Discussions were pretty much the ones that kept us all together. The one that actually started it was Ultra's message to Fanny when he gave the ownership and co-ownership rights to Fanny and TRS (who later gave it to Mart and Mart gave it to someone else).
    1. Discussions - Try to add a few topics, either related or not to the Slush Invaders series. Just try to come up with good ones that everyone can relate to in any possible way. I don't want anyone being stranded on "Noonecaresaboutyou Island" or sinking on "Ineedattention Lake".
    2. Results - This is mostly about the results we'd get from every single conversation that we have. Whether bad or good. I'd like everyone to avoid any bad results on conversations. Avoid trolling other users who are in a bad mood or bad day that they don't feel like joking around that much. Otherwise, you might end up in that person's hate list for the day. So avoid at any case any user is literally angry. Someone like me, TRS and Scott.
  4. Building Up Relationships is Good, Not Bad - Try to garner and improve your relationship with each other. From being just friends to being good friends to becoming best friends. This was mostly what started my relationship with everyone, and a good case with be everyone since I look at all of you as my family now in the wikia community. No one else. So, to further explain this, I'd just like you all to avoid any unnecessary arguments or inappropriate fightings, anything bad will results in a TRS Ban Hammer to the Butt or Vince's Mallet to the Face. Just avoid anything stupid, okay?

Alright, so second is that, we need to change the wiki's background to something more modern, per say like the Slush Tile Rush app's background or something that was in the current progress of the series. Anything new to the series will do, so long as it isn't the same one we had before or anything that the other fans have seen in the wiki's background images in the past.

If it's okay with you all, I'd like to appoint Drew to do this one, since he's mostly the most active user to chat with Michael, next to Chak and Me. So, if it's okay with you, Drew, you should do it.

Third, I want a few things that should improve in this wiki, not just the chats and threads. We should change a lot of stuff. things in the wiki. Not just the background too. Maybe the editors and designs of each Canon Pages. Just to make it feel more 'Slush Invaders' oriented. So, in this one, I'd like Fan, Skp, Try, GN and Seth on this, if you guys can do it.

Lastly, I'd like to announce a special event that I will host on Saturday. Everyone needs to hear and participate in this. It will be a commemoration of the wiki's 3 Year Run in the Community, despite not being much of a popular one in the Central Wiki's System of Wikias.

RMD, if you can, and even though I was pretty much against this, I'd like to speak to you in private on chat before Saturday, okay? I'm not angry at you, I just wanna discuss something with you and you alone.

So anyway, I believe in all of you, I trust all of you, I love all of you, even the ones that have left the wiki. Everything I have is mostly on all of you. Not much I can say as to how much I care deeply for every single one of you.

So I guess that's it for this blog. If you have any questions please submit them on my Talk Page or the Comments section below, if you have any problems regarding this blog, please check up on me on the chatroom or my Talk Page.

Also, I have one last thing to say, if you guys are having any problems in real life, feeling a bit lonely or upset or you feel like we're not paying attention to you or that you think we feel that you're insignificant to us. Don't. We're a family here now. We've got each other's backs, noone in this place is left behind or left for dead. Don't think Negative. Think Positive. We're here for you and for everyone.

We care for you like you're our own now. We're Slushians, we're a big family here so please, bear with us and we'll help you, no matter what the case.

Stay Positive, be yourself and May the Slush Invaders Wiki live on Forever!!

- Vince! :D

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