Yo, guys. It's me and though I said that I will leave the wiki... to stay true to that, I will in the next 13 days (on the day this was left here) so in order to not waste anytime, I thought of making up a few contests before I leave this place. Although I will be here during holidays and I will make some random edits and appearances on chat, but not as often as I am already. Anywho, lets get this baby done.

This contest is about guessing the character through a riddle that I'll post whenever someone guesses them right or if everyone loses or gives up. The riddles (Note: I ain't good at doing riddles, so yeah, they'll just be random questions) will be in terms of their hobbies, color, abilities and names as such. So, try to think clearly before answering, cuz one wrong answer will immediately halt you from the next riddle thus unabling you to answer the next 2 riddles. Also, there is a time limit for the next set of riddles, so this gives you a chance to look at character articles ahead of time before the timer runs out and you will not be able to look at them once the next riddle has been posted. There will be up to 50 characters in this contest, the one with the most correct answers win. Good Luck! :)

Helpful Tips:

  • Words with a BOLD text indicates a clue word in them, use them wisely in your answer.
  • Words with an Italized text either means that this word is a misleading word or a helpful one. Think about it before answering
  • Get to know your characters well before answering, it's your best chance at guessing the right one in each riddle.
  • DON'T ANSWER JUST YET!!! Sort out your final answer first before punching that comment button.
  • Shushers* ... don't give away your answer to anybody, keep it to yourself.
  • "Sthomas says: "No Peaking!" - Do not look at character articles, be a good sport and be independent on this contest. Those who take a peak on any character pages will be automatically disqualified for 4 riddles.
  • Watch that Clock!! Each riddle has it's own countdown on when they will be posted next, be mindful and use this to your advantage and take a look at some character pages before the time runs out. This is your ONLY heads up against your other opponents once the next riddle has been posted.
  • Need a little help? Ask Vincetick for some additional hints. It's cool, no penalties and no paybacks are needed.
  • "Wiki Family Forever!!" - Be nice, be positive and be assertive to those who aren't.


Contest Starts here:

  1. Green is his color, Pink is his friend. This guy knows a thing or two using his favorite weapon again and again. The Answer is: Ben Stickobi (RMD wins this riddle).
  2. Fierce and Sacred, this fellow with horns and fang is not to be dealt with unnerving intents, if you dare to challenge him, you will be burned by the ancient. The Answer is: Dragostick (RMD wins this riddle).
  3. He is fast as can be, normally as fast as light, although he aint much active during the nightThe Answer is: StKhen (Metal stonic wins this riddle).
  4. He's anonymous, he arrives whenever he wants to. He's a good friend, with a Blue capeThe Answer is: StAlec (Metal stonic wins this riddle).
  5. With the color of Green and Fire-Red in his hands, this fighter is not one to mess with. A geek by sight, a fierce brawler on "Fight!". The Answer is: Stickyle (TRS wins this riddle).
  6. At day it is White, but Dark Violet-Blue at night. She is calm and friendly, not one to be mess with. Be thoughtful around her at every chance, for if provoked, you will meet your endThe Answer is: Fanny/Falcon (RMD wins this riddle)
  7. With the title of "Dame of the Season", this female fighter is not one to be angered as she has more than meets the eye (In this case of Season 4). The Answer is: Stick Spring (RMD wins this riddle).
  8. Former S.A.S Operative, joining a grand set of fighters, this guy knows a lot when it comes to combat. Not one to abandon his team, wounding himself if it means no one else is left behind. The Answer is: SmaTavish (TRS wins this riddle).
  9. Pink as he may look, frail as he seems, but he is one bulky fighter. Defender of his team mates, he wont let anyone get hurt on his watch. The Answer is: StiCorey (TRS wins this riddle).
  10. Comic book geek and video game nerd. Has a very fierce rivalry with Sthomas. The Answer is: Stick Ivan (StKhen wins this riddle)
  11. The heart of their groupthe girl who knows nothing else than her team. Pretty and Powerful, this one has it all (almost). The Answer is: Stick Zee (TRS wins this riddle).
  12. A Spam here, and a spam there. This dude is very instantenous. As aswesome as he may look, he isn't much of a big hot shot if he doesn't do any combosThe Answer is: Sthomas (TRS wins this riddle).
  13. A member of the Slush Fighters, but mostly on a team that has something to do with revenge. A guy who knows a lot about racing, especially Burnout. Possibly a former racer himself, but who knows? The Answer is: Maxstick (Scottick wins this riddle).
  14. The one and only Coolguy Extraordinaire of the Slush Fighters WThe Answer is: DrewStick (StKhen wins this riddle).
  15. As pretty and majestic as she looks, she is one female not to be messed with as her spells can easily dominate over her opponents. The Answer is: Strixie (Metal stonic wins this riddle).
  16. He is pure white, who hates evildoers. Though he is good by blood, his other half is pure evil​. The Answer is: Mr.White (RMD wins this riddle).
  17. He may look silly and cute, but this little green creature holds an arsenal of tremendous abilities within that derpy-looking face (dat tongue tho :3). The Answer is: Bill (RMD wins this riddle).
  18. With his trusty flaming daggers, this guy might be the one you dont wanna fight withThe Answer is: Trystick (RMD wins this riddle).
  19. Calling forth the randomness that is within, this guy knows how to make a boring and dangerous situtation a fun one. The Answer is: RMD (Goodnumber wins this riddle).
  20. Originally two troublesome fighters, after a fateful meeting with the legendary fighter, this changed their sight from bad to good. The Answer is: The Twicks (TRS and Fanny got this riddle right).
  21. With two proportionate Drills on both his hands, this fella can dig through almost anything. The Answer is: DrillStick (Goodnumber wins this riddle).
  22. A malicious leader of the Crush Fighters, this guy knows no limits when it comes to his ultimate goal. The Answer is: Blakestick (StKhen wins this riddle).
  23. The brilliant leader of the Slush Fighters CThe Answer is: StiNeil (StKhen wins this riddle).
  24. A guy with an anger issue, though he hides it with a friendly demeanor. The Answer is: Sthromas (StKhen wins this riddle).
  25. Blind yet powerful, this one is not the person with an eye disability you want to make fun with... The Answer is: Stummer (StKhen wins this riddle).
  26. With the symbol of a titan, this vigilante of righteousness is on a journey to serve justice wherever he goes. The Answer is: Sticktan (StKhen wins this riddle).
  27. Fast and Flurious, with his trademark bandana and twin daggers, he is the fastest and most prominent scout member of his team, yet. The Answer is: Stucker (StKhen wins this riddle).
  28. With his trusty bottle, this guy almost has it all in one hold of his weapon of choice... almostThe Answer is: JamesLOB (StKhen wins this riddle).
  29. The most derpy and silly guy there is, his pie loving antics and love for pranks will either save the day or make things worse. The Answer is: Chakatan (RMD wins this riddle).
  30. The living MP3 player. The Answer is: Lil' Sandwich (RMD wins this riddle).
  31. A guy with an M4A1. The Answer is: ?
  32. A boss with a Glitch. The Answer is: StGlitch (Goodnumber wins this riddle).
  33. He's a destroyer. The Answer is: Sticksroyer (StKhen wins this riddles).
  34. The General. The Answer is: General Blue (Goodnumber wins this riddle).
  35. Leader of the Green Groovers. The Answer is: Greg (Goodnumber wins this riddle).
  36. The Phoenix. The Answer is: Sthang (RMD wins this riddle).
  37. Original Bad Guy. The Answer is: Big Blue (StKhen wins this riddle).
  38. A guy from the military. The Answer is: Generastick (Goodnumber wins this riddle).
  39. Blurred with Red. The Answer is: Blureed (Stick Leon wins this riddle).
  40. Knife Wielder. The Answer is: Stick Lucas (Seth wins this riddle).
  41. The shocking red fighter of the crewThe Answer is: Red (Seth wins this riddle)
  42. The girl with more than just two armsThe Answer is: Jessie (Seth wins this riddle)
  43. The dude who can clone himself. The Answer is: Dark Green (Seth wins this riddle)
  44. The seemingly powerless leader. The Answer is: Standrew (RMD wins this riddle).
  45. The undefeated and unstoppable champion. The Answer is: FLLFFL (TRS wins this riddle).
  46. Wielder of the Plasmagnetic GaunletsThe Answer is: Oxob (Seth wins this riddle)
  47. The tomboy-ish fighter with clawsThe Answer is: Paige (Seth wins this riddle)
  48. He's kind of a thief
  49. The infamous bounty hunter. The Answer is: Vinnie Mercedez (Seth wins this riddle)
  50. The main character. The Answer is: Vincent Universe (Seth wins this riddle)


This section is about the lists of scores that the participants of this contest have accumulated.

  1. Fan-Fan - 1 Pt
  2. Sethster - 8 Pts (3rd Place)
  3. TRS - 6 Pts
  4. Scotty - 1 Pt
  5. Drew - 0 Pts
  6. GN - 5 Pts
  7. Try - 0 Pts
  8. MW - 0 Pts
  9. RMD - 10 Pts (2nd Place)
  10. Skppy - 0 Pts
  11. BX - 0 Pts
  12. Mart - 0 Pts
  13. Waqas - 0 Pts
  14. Francis - 0 Pts
  15. Stick - 0 Pts
  16. James - 0 Pts
  17. Alec - 0 Pts
  18. Tri - 0 Pts
  19. Mega - 0 Pts
  20. Austin - 0 Pts
  21. MS - 3 Pts
  22. Khen - 11 Pts (Lead Taker/1st Place)
  23. Chakster - 0 Pts (Dead Last)
  24. Leon - 1 Pt

Good Luck, everyone!! - Vincetick! :D

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