Hey guys! Its me again, and I know I've held a lot of contest around the wiki (actually at about 2 - 4 contest i think?) its high time I did my own Q&A. Since my friends have done it on YouTube on several occassions (about 4 - 8 times now).

Anyways, y'all can ask me a question, just make sure I know it, and I will answer back.

Also guys, note that this will be a Q&A, not a Contest like I usually hold on each Blog I make, so yeah... thats about it I guess. Anyways, feel free to ask me a question and I will answer back and I will talk to you guys, later.

How to Begin:

  • You must write at the comment section below "Q: insert question here"
  • You can add a back-up question as well like this "Q-B: insert back-up question here"
  • I will answer at random times, so be on the lookout! :)
  • Y'all can add pictures to your answers as well if you like to.
  • Don't be a Jerk, be Cool.
  • Haters gonna hate! (lol i dont even know why I added that)
  • Ask any question(s) that you like

-Vincetick! :D

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