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Well... it's about 2 months from Valentine's... which is actually WAY TOO EARLY for me to do this, but what the hay?

For the non believers of love (specifically TRS, don't barf please), I'd just like you guys to check this pic out:


"Should these two go back together or stay away from each other, forever?"

Yes... as you should all know, Stummer and Stick Spring are having a bit of... how can I say this... "Separation Anxiety" sorta thing... but let's get down to the real deal here.

Anywho, since this will be a Valentine's Day Blog, only I can edit this blog until Valentine's. Then all of you can edit it as well.

Anywho, keep this quote of mine in mind alright?

Just in the case some of you may fall out of love... whereas I might do the same... since I'm getting a bit... augh... with... well... you know what... let me just end this by saying my own fave quote.

"Whether you'd be alone or felt that you were never noticed by anyone, even by your own family and yourself. There is always someone out there who has always paid their attention to you, and you only. Never abandon hope, as love will always be there to guide its way into you and others." - Vince.

Stay Positive and Be Cool!

- Vincetick! :D

P.S: Your own position in this blog is below :) Also, do not edit them until February 14, 2015. Thanks! I love you guys (lol too early for that, what the heck, I do)


For the Fan of Wiki's.


For the Real Sthomas'. Well, Vince. You've done the impossible: You've actually made me feel a good emotion. Enjoy.

Vince request
Vince Request 2


For the Fab He-Duck's.


For Battoman and all his Potato Pies.


For RMD and his Randomness. Belated Valentines Day Everyone :D :3


For Ahsuntry's


For Trializ's


For Goodnumberlessadi's


Let me put this in one sentence. Valentine's Day was one of those holidays where I don't like it, but I don't hate it. 


For Seth's.


Happy Varentine's Day

User's Listed Trivia

  • Stummer and Stick Spring have broken up since the episode "Aftermath Revelations".
  • The second pic that Vince has in his section came from the horror game "Misao", albeit in a different ending, alternated from that of the good ending.
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