Nah it's just me, Vince (lol)!

Anyway, I'd just like to ask you all in the most polite and sincere way that I can that, if you could all just let Tri, Cyk and Shaden alone for at least a few weeks, yeah, this year isn't turning out to be the best that I thought it could be like I originally it would be back in December and that, right now it's going downhill for most of us and the wiki itself, but, think about how it bothers Tri, Cyk and Shaden if we're completely 'chopping down on their necks' to get them to come back. They have- No- WE ALL have our own problems, either in real life, in cyberspace (yes, we have those type of problems too) or both that's bearing down on us with a pile of "You're a loser at life", "You are a noob at the internet" and/or "Your life is worthless... so just DIE" remarks that's nothing more than words that aren't even necessary or even physically abusive, but still leaves a nasty mark on us, especially our heart and mind (Think and Feel before you Tease/Insult, kids. Bcuz it meks ze life of we oso FUN!! [Sarcastically saying]). We have problems. We have a life. We have stuff. things to do. We've got a lot of stuff. things to do. We can feel. We can hurt. We can love.

But we can never... EVER... leave these types that are forever with us that we all know fure SURE, is INESCAPABLE and far from the point of where you'd want to waste your own LIFE, just to get the feeling that these bring you now to FOREVER be GONE from your own SOUL.

Yes, as it pains me to say this the most, I didn't want anyone to leave this place from the start of where I took it upon myself to take care of the wiki forevermore

Until. My. Very. Last. Breathe.

Which is like a hundred years from now if I were to take care of myself for that long until I pass away and leave this place to my future kin (Yes, I plan to leave the wiki to my future children, grandchildren and family to look after to. Since this place WILL BECOME one of my treasures and memories in this world once death has arrived, knocking on my door and asking me to come with him to the afterlife where I may have a peaceful conversation with God himself and reunite with my beloved, deceased family. No jokes intended because if you make at least one hint of a joke about this. I will ban you for a whole week just to make you think about what you said about this. And no, that's not abusing my power. It's just a stone cold lesson that I'll give you for making a witty retort about this).

So to speak, and once again this blog is becoming long like I always do, why not just let Tri, Cyk and Shaden have their own time to spend for themselves. Don't be selfish, we have all the time in the world right now, but we won't in the future. Why is that? Think about it thoroughly. Once the future arrives for us, meeting here will become rare with a percentage of 7.4% out of 92.6%, since most of all will be in College and have Jobs.

Currently here in the present, I'm in College, Fann'y about to hit it too, TRS is running out of ideas (was this even needed to be included in this? Yes!), Skp, GN, Chak and Try are close to becoming inactive (Yes, Chaka is close to becoming inactive... slowly. Skp is showing hints. Try hasn't been making his daily edits for the past two weeks (and Yes, I know there's not much to do here, but that's not the case here right now) and GN is about to, I assume, engage in his new step in life, which I kindaly think if great for him) Khen isn't able to join the wiki normally than he used to (Curse his internet problems, I say) Leon, MS/ZG and Iam have joined Binary as the Ghosts of the Wiki (Yes, they are slowly becoming like him) Dimitri hasn't been active in his own wiki for the past few weeks, which I worry greatly (Even if you think he's still a jerk from his past crime in the wiki, don't be a complete stinkbag for even thinking that, he needs help.. a lot) and furthermore, I think James, Alec and Drew are almost slowly becoming inactive (Drew has his own problems to deal with, so just leave him alone for his own sake. StAlec is once again 'active, inactive and active' and James hasn't been heard since his last edit/post).

But mostly, I made this blog for Tri, Cyk and Shaden. Since they have their own problems to deal with (well, Cyk is an exception, since he only left because he was following his little brother, which I respect greatly, considering I know how it feels like since I'm an older brother too and I have 3 smaller siblings; 2 can't seem to follow what I say and take them seriously, while 1 of them (the Youngest) quickly acknowledges them and easily intercepts what I mean just by looking at my expression. Yes, I have a lot of expressions that means something). Tri has, if what I think is correct to me, a depriving phase... so the only 'cure' for that is 'Time and Self Confidence'. Shaden's problem is pretty normal for others, since he got complete C's on his Report Card. Because as Skp stated before to me, it shouldn't be normal to him (And Skp himself) to gain C's on his report card, since both him and Skp are at the Top of their Class.

So my guess for RMD is that, we just made HIM flunk. Which is why he left... either permanently or temporarily. Tri's becoming a bit pessimistic and negative as I was (Don't even bother mentioning it, because I will slap you silly with my Mallet and ban for you for 2 days if you do; again that's not abusing my power and again it's just a stone cold lesson from me), which I may or may not be able to relate to.

Just give them time, whether it's goodbye for real or a temporary leave from them, we all need, and we LITERALLY NEED to, honor their words as best as we can. There's no need to yell "NO, DON'T LEAVE!!! YOU PROMISED TO STAY WITH US!!! Y U LEAVE???" or even "Wutever... ur a loser fo leavin', pfft" (<---- here's looking at you Skpcboy), saying these to them could only make their problems even worst because, in their thought, you guys aren't helping (sorry, but in reality, you really aren't; no hard feelings or offenses are to be made from this).

So to cut this blog shorter than it should be or even be, since most of my blogs are rather strangely lenghty, due to the fact of my words becoming a bit too... 'loose' on myself, Just give them time. Let's try NOT to beg them to come back. Just help them when they TRULY need it (either by asking it from us or wanting us to do so). Make sure their feelings aren't way below the average meter of "Normal" and "Upset" (Yes, there is a meter for feelings and emotions... which I made up). And just keep them feeling motivated and positive. If you do what I just advised, it could really mean a lot to these guys, and all of us too, since that, we would really... as in REALLY be helping them this way.

Try not to smother them too much. It's rather annoying and very degrading if you do this. And no backtalks are needed in the comments right now. I know you guys may yell this at me:




"Are you serious right now, Phoenix?"

As Scatman John once said:

"I want to be a Human Being, not a Human Doing"

This means that, life isn't about living it just to work for a modest and comfortable life. Life is made so that we can live it out we the ones that are close to us deeply. If you guys really care for these guys and even yourselves and us. Please don't be an overreacting fool and an oversized jughead of total attention hoard. Don't let yourself feel down even in the worst of times.

Here's another quote from the 15 years dead Scatman John once again that I highly look up to now as one of my own quotes currently:

"If you wanna Break Free, you better listen to me, You've got to learn how to see... In your Own Fantasy"

This one means that you need to live life as you see it, not by how other sees it differently from you. Whether your own perspective for everything Good or Bad. Creative or Dull. Intense or Boring. Don't make other people tell you that your own 'fantasy' in life isn't real. Whatever imagination of pure goodness and creativity is messing around with you on your head is your own reality. If it's only fictional, make it real. YOU MAKE IT REAL. Don't let others beat the living heck out of you just because your different from others. You're one in a million. You're far better than any of them think.

I see the world differently. I feel the world differently... I sense that the world is different. I can feel myself that, I AM different. I've accepted that I'm different. I'm ready to know that others out there see or think of me different. Because that will never bring me down from the reality that I'm in. I live in my own fantasy. My own dream. Nobody, not even the Government, can ever hold me back from this world that I live in. This plain of internal modern society that's being let down by its own superiors. I try to separate myself from others, so that no matter how different I become, nobody would tell me otherwise or even try to cheat me out of it and everything that's yet to come for me.

Now, my question to end this blog of mine to you guys. Will you do the same? Not for anyone else, but yourself? Would you act, feel, think and breathe deeply enough to acknowledge your own reality from others and finally accept your difference from everyone around you?

Here's something that I have to admit first. Everyone has their own secrets that they don't wanna reveal to anyone that they find untrustworthy. They would only keep this to themselves, while horribly carrying a feeling that's far worst than their own secret(s). This feeling will quickly evolve and will eventually drive them mad to the point of insanity. So, keeping a secret is good, but letting out a few of hit is better. No matter how ridiculous, embarrassing or even pointless it is. I've shared my own secrets with you all that's pretty much within all those three categories that I mentioned in the previous sentence. So, this will be it for this blog and...

...Here is a final quote from Scatman John too:

"Everybody's talking about something very shocking, just to keep on blocking what they are feeling inside. But just listen to me brother, You just keep on Walking, 'cause You and Me and Sister ain't got nothing to Hide. Scatman, Fat man, Black and White and Brown man, tell me about the color of your Soul. If a part of your Solution is ending Reclusion, than I don't want to hear your stories told, I want to Welcome You to Scatman's World."

And to commemorate this quotes that I just gave from John Paul Larkin, here's a music video from him to help motivate you all further. This song has inspired me greatly everyday to keep a very positive and naive outlook on everyone and everything in this world that's different from me. And I really hope and wish that it would REALLY help YOU too:

Scatmans World - Scatman John 1080p Upscale (Official Video)

Scatmans World - Scatman John 1080p Upscale (Official Video)

John Paul "Scatman John" Larkin - Scatman's World (I'm calling out from Scatland)

And yes, the quotes were from this specific song as well. There's no harm dome if I were to make his lyrical words into quotes of inspiration for you. Though it was just pieces of Lyrics from Scatman John's song, it was enough to inspire me so much that I've decided to clear any left over negativity that I have to make a few more rooms for my original and new positivity.

This is the end of this Blog. Thank You for reading!

Stay Positive, be Yourself and I hope that both God and the forever Scatastic, Scatman John's songs guide you through your own path in life.

- Vincetick! :D

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