(Because I know that you guys have been waiting for these again from me)

Ayoo, everyone.

Anyway, I'm gonna take too long with this, so let me get on with it. Alright, so as far as we can all remember, the last "competition" that I held was like, almost a year ago, I think. If I recall correctly, that was that contest in where I had all of you guess 50 of my riddles which corresponds to a different character... I believe.

Getting to the point here, I'm gonna create another contest soon... probably not later, not soon... but I will... so keep an eye out because, guess what? Vince is making another set of contests for everyone to join in again!

Enjoy the rest of your day for now, guys. I'll talk to you all later!

Upcoming Contest Vote

So I have three (3) contests in mind, and they are listed below and I want you guys to choose which one would be a better thing to be held for all of your entertainment while there's not much anything to do in the wiki (since the "browsing around the wiki for anything that's not needed, spam checking and grammar fixings" are pointed at MW since he, like he said before back then, tends to go around here, Dimitri and the Fanon wiki without anyone noticing until now).

Anyway, I'll show them, explain what they are and how they work and then let you all vote for which one you favor among them, and they are below:

  • Your Choice, Your Fate 2: House of Damnation - The sequel to the (incomplete) "Your Choice, Your Fate". Six friends five themselves trapped inside a cliffside house somewhere far from a city on Halloween Night. A young witch introduces herself to them and forces them to play her "game", if they don't, she will slowly and painfully kill all of them, but even if they do, they still have a chance to die as they are all given six life points each, and if these are all reduced to zero, they will be permanently dead.
    • Same mechanics as the first "Your Choice, Your Fate" game, except with a different setting, different characters, different obstacles, more difficult choices, deadly consequences, horrific enemies and a deeper backstory about the person trapping the main characters, "Eliza the Witch" (completed by finding "secret diary entries, items and rooms" within the House of Damnation).
    • Game Setting: "October 31, 2007. Outside an unknown city, near a cliffside and rumored "haunted house".
  • Choose Your Adventure: Set Sails for Fun! - A "choose your own adventure" type. A group of friends suddenly find themselves occupying a pirate ship and must find a mermaid who is being held captive by a band of bad pirates named "The Ocean Marauders". However, an adventure is not without failure, as the group's choices can either lead to an awesome success or a funny failure.
    • Inspired by the "Henry Stickmin" series by Puffballs United. Different endings, different routes, different stories and different encounters.
    • Game Setting: "January 5, 2009. At a Dock, near a big ship..."
  • Mind Games: Musical Thoughts - Participants must figure out what kind of instrument or song (depending on the "chosen musician" choice between an instrument or song) the musician is thinking in their minds. The musician must give out hints as to what song or instrument it is. A round will be over once either all of the participants have dropped out or one of them has answered correctly.

That's all that I got for now... NOW CHOOSE!!!

Which game do you like to play?

The poll was created at 10:22 on November 16, 2015, and so far 12 people voted.

"Your Choice, Your Fate 2: House of Damnation" wins!


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