Hey guys, its me Vince (just call meh Cap'N Vince Sparrow if ya may :3). Anywho, I know I've said it before that you guys will get to decide my fate here. And yet there's only 2 days left before I leave (day will be updated until Nov. 20, 2014). So, here's the thing, I want YOU guys to decide whether it's time for me to pack up my stuff. things and leave or put myself back into the spotlight here in the wiki.

Here's how it'll go down. I want you guys to write down 4 reasons why I should stay, BUT you guys also have to write 4 reasons on why I should leave. Either way, the stuff. things you guys will say will decide my fate. It's okay to say your thoughts, y'all can call me something good or bad, I just wanna hear your thoughts on what you guys think and look of me. I won't get mad (what's the sense in getting mad, right?).

Well, the last day of this blog will be on 'Judgement Day' (lol i know) which is Nov. 20, 2014. Remember, I am not forcing you all to say good things about me OR bad things, it's up to you to speak your mind (and heart and sould) about me. That's just it. Well, it's been fun and I will talk to you guys later. Peace.

- Vincetick! :D

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