Hey, guys. As you should know that, I'm leaving the wiki... but only temporarily... and there's a good and obvious reason for that matter.

I won't be active for at least 2 or more days... and with that, I'm hoping and gladly gonna pass on my 'responsibility' to a few users, who should do great while I'm gone. They are: Ahsuntry, Seth, GN and MSonic.

Well... maybe Fanny or RMD can fill you guys in if you don't know the EXACT reason. Hopefully y'all can understand, as for my leave. I may be back on January 15, or probably next month if I can't handle myself with my own personal and emotional problems. But anyway, I hope you guys are doing find and wonderful than I am.

I will talk to guys when I come back. And make sure to Stay Positive... and well... be yourself, that's all. From your good old friend, Vince.

- Vincetick!

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