Slush Invaders Wiki

Ayoo, guys. It's me, Vince! :D

Anywho, for quite some time now... I've closed my "Requests Book", meaning that I'm not doing requests for anyone for anything, so, I'd like to make up for lost time that I forgot to re-open my book and for all those times that I could have been doing all your requests for me.

So now, I'm re-opening my "Requests Book" and welcoming new requests from all of you.

And to avoid anymore complications, whoever comments first before the other will be the one I will do first before the next, unless I find it a bit complicated and too much time consuming to do, I will try my best to do it for you all.

Another note is that, to avoid boredom and 'inactivity' from the wiki, I'm gonna update the events schedule on the May events, I'm gonna squeeze in something, but if it doesn't fit, I'm gonna put it on the June events.

So anyway, that is all for now.

Thank you for reading, keep those requests dry and cool.

Stay Positive, be yourself and as always... I will see YOU on my next blog...


- Vince! :D