Ayoo, y'all, it's me Vince! :D

Anywho, I'd just like to point out that, for the past several months, and probably a bit longer since then, I noticed that, I've been acting as a sort of Leader in the wiki, like, helping out with anyone who has a small or or big problem, trying to solve everyone's problems (sometimes causing it myself, but trying to make amends) and/or even giving everyone a specific task to do around the wiki. Heck, I've even told Fan-Fan a few things to do as well.

Along that, I've told Drew, TRS, Try, RMD and even Skp what to do too, even though Drew, TRS and RMD are at the same level of power as I am in the wiki, which is lower than Fan's. Well, to be honest, back then I wanted to be the one to be given the name of either "Co-Founder" or "Founder" since I thought myself of someone being capable of such a name to be given to around this wiki and, through incompetence back then, I may or may not have gotten a bit irritated when Ultra decided to give these titles to Fan and TRS/Mart.

I was actually frustrated since, I know to myself that I've been a whole heap of almost everything here by myself and, well, not accordingly to anyone else, I was sure of myself that I'd be promoted easily. And with that, I became somewhat of a Jerk instead in the past (I think you all remember these times, right?). Well, even though with the goal of only getting promoted as fast as I could back then, I literally had no interest in any of you before, heck I didn't want to get close to everyone here nor be anyone's friend (I shunned Fan twice when we first met, tried to get Chak off my back, had no time to talk to TRS even if he tried to start a conversation with me and even tried to do a few mean things to Drew that I never managed to do), this was mostly because of my loner type trait and self centered attitude that I had before in the past. This was all caused by that very horrid childhood that I had which started when I was 3 years old and ended when I turned 14 years old. If you can sum up those times, it was a tormenting and very abusive 12 years of my entire life which I luckily managed to get pass by without ever needing anyone's help or advise.

Let me just start with my own life story for a quick bit:

When I was born, my entire family only had their attention set on me since, on my dad's side, I was his first ever child from my mom (since my elder sister came from someone else, but he treats her as if he were her own), and to top that, he originally wished for a boy, which in turn came to be me. Lucky, eh?

My mom and dad, so is my elder sister and everyone else in my family, gave me everything that I needed when I was still both an infant and a toddler, gave me all the attention that I needed. They raised me to the point where, they thought that I could be the first one in our family to every change our history (since my family's life history is pretty blunt and somewhat interesting yet blurry), everyone thought I could do something special in this world, like bring world peace (usual crud is usual), bring forth an era of eternal peace (that's pretty far off the reality that everyone sees, I think) or even become something amazing that no one has ever been before in the past (no, a super hero is far from what I meant). Unfortunately, not everyone thought the same for me.

In our neighborhood lived about two dozen kids, from between the ages of 2 and 7 years old back then. When I turned 3 years old and my mind became self aware a bit, I began to get a few creative imaginations and even a very naive attitude where I'd make my own 'friends' (Imaginative Friends) and because of this, the other kids saw me differently from their own. Before I knew it, I became the target of everyone's anger and frustration, pinpointing all of the bad things on me for no apparent reason. They called a lot of hurtful names, toyed with me as if I was a remote controlled robot who would do anyone's bidding and even made sure that my day was never a happy one. Every day, 24/7, 365 days a year, nobody was every there to help me. My parents used to defend me against them and even everyone in my family, with that, I had great confidence in myself and even gained a very positive outlook (the one I mentioned earlier in the wiki before). But, not long after that, I was left to fend for myself against a world filled with nothing but an incredible desire to make me miserbale, watching me suffer every single harsh setbacks that were thrown at me and making it its goal to make sure that I would never get any break from the ongoing torture.

I became misunderstood, misjudged and even mistreated in every which way that you could possibly think of. Although, the insults and minor beatings were literally that bad, I never lost hope and my very childish and good nature, why? I had high hopes that everyone's opinion and point of view on me would change someday, so, why give up when you can wait for that fateful day that everyone will finally change for the better? I waited, day and night for that day, even wished that it could arrive sooner.

But then, a major impact struck me so hard that bore an ever lasting scar on me that would never heal forever. My parents themselves began to look down on me, they lost their trust and even support for me (although they still help me with my financial problems in College right now from time to time). Even though at times when I'm not the one causing any trouble, they'd put it all on me because 'I'm the oldest' (is that even enough reason to put all the weight that everyone carrying on me?) and that 'I need to start acting and take massive measures into my own hands' (I am acting like a mature teenager, but noone even sees or notices it). The worst part is that, when I do something good that could get back their positive view on me, they're not there or even paying attention, or ever worst, they'd say that it wasn't good enough or dictate that it's childish and immature for me to even get their support back, and scold me for even doing so, and when I accidentally do something bad, they'd see it with all of their attention and they're somehow there when it happens (CURSE YOU MY FOREVER SIDE OF BAD LUCK!!!). I don't know which is worse, being told that trying to their love and support back isn't worth their time and somewhat being rejected like I never existed or was never part of the family or getting scolded at the wrong times.

The bad part about me is that, back then I never let those 'tormentors' of mine get to my head or even let their words get the best of me. Sadly, this proved otherwise when I got to the 7th Grade, where my bullies managed to change my kind and behaved nature to something lower. I let them get the best of me, I tried to act tough and even tried to bully a few people back for it (If you have someone who's trying to get you down, don't let it happen). I would soon make up for these mistakes, but would come with the price of everyone looking down on me even further than before. After this, I decided to shut the door on the whole world and just become a lonely sap who no one should ever pay attention to, no matter what. Whenever when we were off our classes, I'd go by myself to sulk or even just think about my past somewhere in our school that pretty much no one would bother to go without someone else to be there. During classes, I'd sit somewhere far from everyone (even though my teachers would ask why, I'd just tell them I feel like being separate from everyone, to which everyone else, safe from our teachers, who gets the idea of why I'm doing so, think that it's kinda weird and that I'm only doing it to gain their attention, which is the opposite of what I want). Along that, when I'm at home, I'd lock myself in my own room and just do my 'stuff. things' (y'all know what it is) and I'll only come out when my parents are asking me to do a chore or when it's time for me to eat or go to school or go somewhere with everyone else that's rather important.

I've been invited to a lot of occassions from my classmates that they claim would be a good way for me to open up to them, but I'd coldly reject it. Some of my classmates understand why I was acting like this, while other took advantage of it. But I became a very reasonable person after having to take in so much anger and hatred from everyone else that I began to develop my own anger and hatred for everyone else, which had started to develop since I was 7 years old (how long has it been since then? And I still have it with me to this very day and forevermore). You've all seen how pessimistic and negative I can be when I'm not in a good mood, right? And you all know that it's best to not further my bad mood and just try make me relaxed and calm (I appreciate it and thank all of you for the effort too), but that never settles me right.

Anywho, to end this somewhat small of a life story that I have, the end will be about the wiki. When I got an interest in stick figures back in 2008, I had decided to make my own series (which is the one you all know now). Originally, when I first saw the Slush Invaders series, I thought of taking a few ideas and converting them to my own original idea (pretty cruddy move right there). When I came by the wiki one fateful night, I had decided to help around with the grammar errors and give my own piece of trivia about the characters (me and TRS came here by accident and helped out as a random user before joining). Soon, I had decided to create my own wikia account and joined this wiki, which is my first in all of my other wikia connections.

Originally, I had no plans to interact with everyone nor even attend the meeting Ultra, Zed and Binary were holding since I was just dead set on learning a few things about the series and then making them an idea for Stickman Universe (which was at the start of Season 2 by then). But, whenever I saw how close most of the original users were back then, I had gone through a decision to give interacting with others one more chance, sadly when I found out that the wiki was gonna close down (WAS, not IS), I desperately (yes, Desperation) tried to check if anyone else was gonna stay to keep this place alive, unfortunately, to my own knowledge, everyone had already finished the farewell ceremony on the chat room and left the wiki. My loner type began to envelop the wiki thereafter since I know to myself that I was the only one left trying to keep this wiki from dying. After retaking my actions of not cooperating and interacting with everyone here, to my luck, a few of you came back and several new users joined.

By then, we all started the Slush Invaders Wiki Family (Group Hug?), which stands to this day right now, as anyone who joins is a part of the family forever. Well, I have a great sheer of gratitude and debt to you guys, since if it hadn't been for all of you, I would still be who I was back then. And even though I may act like a complete jerk and troll sometimes, it's just my way of having with you all (sorry, if some of them were too literal :p).

Anyway, that ends that, so, about the 'stepping up' part, I'd like everyone to rise up from their current position (No, I'm not talking about getting promoted), I want y'all to further employ whatever knowledge you have to yourself about both the Fanon and Canon articles and try to further improve yourselves in the wiki, like I have in the past, to which what I am right now. Also, I'm not gonna ask for the Founder or even Co-Founder rights, I want to stay who I am in this wiki. Even though I may start to act like a true founder and leader, I'd like Fanny to keep the title to herself and the other to TRS/Mart.

Anywho, here's one last quote to at least motivate y'all from me:

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.

Never lose hope and ever determination. You are your own struggle and burden... and you are your own key to every lock there is in this world. You must unlock its secrets by yourself or with a friend. Doing this, you will uncover a lot of amazing and wonderful things in this world that has yet to be discovered by anyone.

May god be with you forevermore in this little wonder we call life..."

Stay Positive, be yourself and may we shine bright in the sun along this place we call home forever!! I believe in all of you, nothing more... nothing less. Everyone here has and always will be a part of who I am now!

- Vinec! :D

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