Ayoo, guys. It's me Vince!

Anyway, about 6 days ago, I held a challenge regarding my favorite, Metal Slug, and the participants were: Banana ManShin 10that white guythe dude who holds a TournamentTrysunha and Some guy with Knives

The results are:

  • RMD -
  • MW - 37 Pts
  • Skp - 
  • Try - 
  • BX - 
  • GN - 

If you see that the results of each participants are blank, it means that I haven't recorded their total score yet. So, in order for me to get them I'd like the participants themselves to comment their respective trials during the challenge on the comment section below.

Tell how you did and I'll begin the evaluation right away.

Anywho, stay positive, be yourself and... I hope one of you wins because the passing score is 50 Pts.

The Fantastic Puncake-Man! also known as Poopy Le Fartsalot :3

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