Well, this is a milestone for this mini series. Welcome to Part 5!

Also, if this series surpasses 10 Parts, I'm gonna add a few pictures to the preceeding Parts to help cooperate with the story and give a few 'pictured' details of what's really going on.

Anyway, I don't want to keep you guys waiting... here's Part 5

(Somewhere in the Chariot Mecha; Cassandra's Throne Room)

Cassandra: Does this outfit make my head too big?

PurStick: Nah, it doesn't

(It actually does)

Cassandra: Hmm? Nope. Too shabby and too overgrown. I need something that's both casual and fancy. Something that yells "Cassandra... choose me", or you know, something that'll get my Red Sweety to notice and admire me even more.

PurStick: Since when has Vincetick ever admired you? The guy's practically in a relationship with someone else already... and I have to say... the girl he's with sure is a keeper for him.

(Cue angry vein on Cassandra's head)

Cassandra: What. Did. You. Just. Say??

PurStick: I said that Vincetick already has a girlfriend. And don't hurt me for saying this but, the girl he's with really IS a keeper for him.

(Gives Cassandra a photo of Vincetick and Staira from their date at the SlusherVille carnival)

Cassandra: (Trying to resit getting Crimson-Red angry) Tell me... who this, MANSTEALER, is?

PurStick: Well... if you must know, and I thought you did, the girl's name is Staira. She's a scholar hailing from SlusherVille High School. An ace at her class right now at Stick Pritchard. She's engaging on Secondary Level. Kinda low for someone with a great ammount of Intelligence. Plus, she's the ONLY PERSON, that your 'Red Sweety; ever shows any signs of positive emotions on, apart from his brother. Though he doesn't show it to Stick Jayvee at most.

Cassandra: So.... you're telling me that, apart from that seedy and unrooted Stick Spring, THIS GIRL, is another obstacle for me in getting the guy I desire the most??

PurStick: Well... I wouldn't call her an 'obstacle'. And I wouldn't even put it that way too.

Cassandra: What do you mean?

PurStick: (sighs) Staira may be Intelligent, but she isn't classed in fighting. She's typhically a weak person when it comes to combat. Though she is acrobatic. But, that won't help her in REAL combat. She mostly has her boyfriend protecting her everytime, at all costs. Kinda weird to put it down that, when Staira is in any sort of trouble and she needs him, Vincetick quickly arrives to save her. As though they have some sort of connection or maybe some sort of device that enables Vincetick to come to her aide when she needs it.

Cassandra: So... she's a TRUE adversary for me. Before I can deal with that meddlesome Stick Spring at the fireworks display tonight. I think I'd like to pay this girl a visit.

PurStick: Uh oh... what're you up to and thinking??

Cassandra: Oh nothing. I just want to teach her a few lessons that's all. Both in physical AND emotional terms. I just want to break her down. See her suffer before I end her pitiful life, I'm gonna show her the one thing that'll shatter her the most; I'm gonna take Vincetick by force from him. One way, or another...

(Rips apart the photo of Vincetick and Staira; leaving a piece of Staira's head to land on the floor, with Vincetick separated from her)

(Meanwhile, In Slusher's Infirmary)

Sthromas: ow. Ow. Yewouch!!

Nurse Styrum: Quit moving, Thromas. If you keep fidgeting while I try to wipe off any infection off of your bruises, you might feel a lot more pain than this.

Sthromas: Fine. Sorry, Nurse Sty-(Gets touched by a cotton of rubbing alcohol)-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

StAlec: Jeez, bro. It doesn't hurt that bad.

Sthromas: Easy for you to say, you're not th-OUCH!!-the one getting cl-AH-cleaned with ru-YAAH-rubbing alco-OW OW-alcohol, you big je-LEEROYJENKINS!!! (Flops down to his bed) >_<

StAlec: (sighs) -_-

Nurse Styrum: You'll be fine, Sthromas. For now, Alec, you should let him rest first. Those bruises should heal in less than 10 hours, so long as no exposure to any sort of dirt, he'll be fine.

StAlec: Thank you, Nurse Styrum. We'll leave in a few minutes.

(Nurse Stylum leaves the infirmary)

Sthromas: I hate that stupid tomboy Magnastick so much... I just wanna.. .GRR!!! I JUST WANNA PELT HER WITH ROTTEN EGGS AND STINKY CHEESE SO THAT I CAN SHOW HER HOW MUCH SHE STINKS SO BAD!!!

StAlec: (In his thought while sweatdropping: Jeez... Sthromas and Magnastick sure have issues with each other. Why are they always fighting anyway?)

(Somewhere in the Drill Field Pavilion)


Stick Daisy: Eh heh... (Sweatdrops) (In her thought: What's up with her and Sthromas? Why do they always have to bicker with each other so much? Maybe if Cupidstick's plan were to go smoothly in our favor, I think all of this and everything in the past between them, would just fade to dust. I just hope it does...)

(Meanwhile, in Slusher's Training Grounds; Sparring Arena)

(Vincetick, Anakin Stickwalker and Stickyle are sparring with Anakin and Kyle teaming up against Vincetick)

Stickyle: Flaming Wheel Burst!!

(Attacks Vincetick but gets repelled by Crimson Gauntlet)

Anakin Stickwalker: (Uses the Force to create a big chunk of metal and turns it into a ball of massive weight) (Lobs it at Vincetick)

Stickyle: (Sets the Weight on fire)

Vincetick: (Just standing and not moving and looks at the Fire Weight)

Staira: VINCE, MOVE!!! (In a worried tone)

Strock: Don't worry, Stai. Your boyfriend knows what's he gonna do... trust him.

Staira: But he could seriously get hurt from that and -

Stick Slasher: Just watch.

Stick James: When it comes to things like this, Vincetick does the most impeccable of any of movement in combat to make sure he wins and that his entire team is staying strong.

Stash: Yeap. He's not one to give up easily and he's not just about to let Stickyle and Anakin beat him this easily without his biggest effort.

Staira: but... I don't want to get hurt too much. Either for himself or for me.... or for anyone else... (In an extremely worried tone)

Stickyle: He's not moving, Anakin. This is our chance. Let's charge at the same time, GO!!

(Both Anakin and Stickyle charges at Vincetick while the Fire Weight is still on its way to hit Vincetick)

(Suddenly, the Fire Weight, Anakin and Stickyle surrounds Vincetick are all ready to hit him)

Vincetick: (Smiles an inch while still standing)

Staira: NO!!

Anakin Stickwalker: GOT YOU NOW!!! (Swings his lightsaber at Vincetick's neck)

Stickyle: YEAH!!! (Blasts Vincetick with his fire stream)

(The Fire Weight then crashes onto Vincetick)

(Huge smoke surrounds the Arena for a few seconds)

(Smoke clears)

(Everyone looks at where Vincetick was standing, and to their surprise, find Anakin and Stickyle unconscious wth the Fire Weight stuck on the nearby wall and no signs of Vincetick)

Staira: Eh? Where did Vincetick go? Don't tell me that he's...

Stash: Nope. He's not.

Strock: Yeap, because he's right over there. (Points at the top of the Fire Weight, standing triumphant)

Vincetick: Rule #34 Anakin and Stickyle, never just rush in on your opponent with just your instinct. Even if your opponent is seemingly giving up or weak, analyze them first before going head first into action, otherwise you could pay the price of your own ignorance in trying to take them down without thinking. Take that in mind from now on. (Drops down)

Stick Slasher: Told'ja... Vincetick is one guy who should not be underestimitated.

Stick James: You can ask Ethanstick, StKhen, Sthromas, StiSeth, DrewStick, Stucker and about 21 other Slush Fighters about that fact. They've all tried to beat him in sparring before, but none of them had even the slighest chance. Heck I've tried once... but... it didn't go on my favor (sweatdrops).

Strock: Yeah. The only person that can possibly match his skills is Standrew.

Stash: But the thing is that, both of them aren't going to spar each other.

Staira: Why is that?

Stick James: It's because they don't like fighting each other. Even if they did, the battle won't have a winner OR a loser. It'll just be a stalemate. Plus they're like brothers; they like battling against one another.

Stash: That's why whenever the Dean holds a tournament here, both of them don't compete at all, because there's a ridiculously large chance they could face each other, and that wouldn't be good.

Staira: I see...

(Later on with Ethanstick, StKhen, StiTrick and Stick Jayvee)

Ethanstick: Augh... I hate what just happened to me today...

StiTrick: What happened to you?

Ethanstick: Well...

(flashback early this morning)

Ethanstick: (Yawn) ... Alright... time to see what the day has in store for me- AH!!

(Cutiestick is in Ethanstick's room)

Cutiestick: Hiya, big bro! ^-^

Ethanstick: Cutie? What are you doing here?

Cutiestick: Oh, I just came by to use that big looking make up you had in your kitchen's fridge. Strangest thing though, why would you keep a big make up pillow inside your fridge anyway?

Ethanstick: Well because it- WAIT YOU WHAT???

Bill: (Wakes up) nyah?


Cutiestick: Yeah? why?

(Ethanstick runs to his fridge; finds his big apple pie made by Jinxstick is gone)

Ethanstick: ...

Cutiestick: What? Were you gonna use that? Wait... is my big brother using make up in secret now? |:3


Cutiestick: Wait... that was an Apple Pie? :/


Bill: Nyah?

Cutiestick: What is it?

Ethanstick: (Crouches in deep thought while in sorrow) you just destroyed our Apple Pie that we were gonna eat later for the Fireworks Display...

Cutiestick: Aw really?

Ethanstick: Yes... really...

Cutiestick: But big bro...

Ethanstick: What is it? Are you gonna help me buy or make one? :D

Cutiestick: No... that's not what I was gonna say... I was gonna ask if...

Ethanstick: Yes? You're gonna fix this for me? :D

Cutiestick: No...

Ethanstick: Then what is it? Tell me, QUICK!! :D

Cutiestick: Well...

Bill: Nyah?

Cutiestick: (Poses in a cute girl pose) Aren't I Kawaii? Kawaii big bro? Kawaii? Kawaii? ;3

Ethanstick: (sweatdrops) ...

(Ethanstick leaves his room)


Bill: (confused) nyah?

(back to the present)

Ethanstick: And that's what happened... I know you guys are gonna feel sorry for me and all, but please do-

StKhen, Stick Jayvee and StiTrick: (Laughing at the same time at Ethanstick's misfortune)


(Meanwhile with Sthromas)

Stedro: ...

Marcstick: ...

Sterika: ...

Jinxstick: ...

Stick Stan: ...

Sthromas: What? (Raises one eyebrow suspiciously)

Marcstick: What on earth happened to you?

Sthromas: Magnastick happened, that's what...

Sterika: StAlec?

StAlec: Eh... let's just say that... they got into an argument and Sthromas may have took a wrong turn afterwards ^-^;

Sthromas: -_-* (Angry vein appears)

Stick Stan: Well... that was... quick progress?

Stedro: Speaking of Progress, where the heck is Cupidstick?

Jinxstick: He's on his way, he just needed to get some stuff.

Sthromas: What stuff?

Sterika: It's nothing. We're just gonna help out with the fireworks display, that's all.

Stedro: Actually we're g- (Marcstick and Stick Stan covers his mouth)

Sthromas: I... see? Well I guess I'll go then, I have to get my Gamers Membership renewed before 6:00 PM.

Sterika: Oh that reminds me. Can you come over to Drill Field later at 6:00 PM?

Sthromas: Hmm? What for?

Sterika: Well, we've thought of having a meeting there, and we wanted you to come too. So will you be there?

Sthromas: I guess I can come along. Sure why not?

Sterika: Great!

Sthromas: Well... see you guys later...

(Sthromas leaves)

Stick Stan: Nice move.

Sterika: I've learned a thing or two from Vincetick, that's all.

(Meanwhile, in the Slusher Canteen)

Josiestick: Tell me again, WHY are we doing Cafeteria duty?

Galestick: Because... not every once in a while we get to do these types of chores for everybody else. Besides, we're doing to learn the values of hardwork. Not just for the attention. We need a few experiences on what to do and what not to do after we graduate here in Slusher. So cheer up! We're gonna be able to this together!

Stick Jayvee: (Peeking outside from the side of the Canteen's window) (Ogling)

StiTrick: (Bops Stick Jayvee on the head) C'mon, man. Get your head in the game. Don't get distracted by some feminine trash. Bros need to stick together. No girls allowed! Girls are the most icky and stupid beings on the face of the Earth. I don't even know why they exist. Besides, only chumps could ever be with a girl...

Ethanstick and StKhen: (Gives a mean a look at StiTrick) What was that about our girls and being chumps for being with one??

StiTrick: I DIDN'T MEAN YOU GUYS. HONEST!!! (Frantically trying to deny what he said before)

StiTrick: Just get in there and get the yeast that we need. Once we have that, all that's left is Cupidstick's arrows. THEN THE ULTIMATE PRANK SHALL BEGIN!!!

Stick Jayvee: Fine. But you guys owe me.

To be Continued in Part 6...

- Vince! :D

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