Vincetick Vincetick 7 February 2017

Slush Invaders Wiki Conversion

Ayoo, everyone!

It's Vince again with another (actually relevant for once) blog for you all. I'm not joking, this is for everyone and I mean that is everyone who is active needs to pitch in on this (or die in a blazing, unglorified fire).

So not too long ago, some of our users talked about converting the wiki from "Slush Invaders Wiki" to "Gildedguy Wiki". The reason? The conversion could lead to newer pages, more edits to do and, though unlikely, newer users to join the wiki. Along that the other benefits of the conversion could also mean more information to bring to the wiki once that happens and a more open wiki activity frequency like we all used to have back between 2012 and early 2014 prior to the addition of Fanon pages later that yea…

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Vincetick Vincetick 12 July 2016

Event Guessing - Slush Invaders Wiki Edition!

Ayoo, y'all!

It's been a long while since I've held another contest here in our beloved Slush Invaders Wiki. Sadly the place is a bit inactive for a long time too (too long if you ask me). And so to prevent the possibility of this place actually being abandoned, I've decided to hold another contest right here in the wiki... so as to avoid the probability of abandonment here.

So, what's the contest about?

Simple: You guys are gonna guess the name of the events we've had here in the wiki, be it something like my return to the wiki after I tried to leave or the "Great Depression" as Fan likes to call it as. Based on various hints and time period that I'll give, you guys are gonna have to guess what event this was. If you can't exactly say or eve…

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Vincetick Vincetick 25 October 2015

Upcoming NEW Contests

(Because I know that you guys have been waiting for these again from me)

Ayoo, everyone.

Anyway, I'm gonna take too long with this, so let me get on with it. Alright, so as far as we can all remember, the last "competition" that I held was like, almost a year ago, I think. If I recall correctly, that was that contest in where I had all of you guess 50 of my riddles which corresponds to a different character... I believe.

Getting to the point here, I'm gonna create another contest soon... probably not later, not soon... but I will... so keep an eye out because, guess what? Vince is making another set of contests for everyone to join in again!

Enjoy the rest of your day for now, guys. I'll talk to you all later!

So I have three (3) contests in mi…

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Vincetick Vincetick 29 July 2015

Birthday Listing!

Ayoo, everyone. It's me, Vince!

Anyway, it's been quite some time since I did a blog... and it also feels like forever since someone last created a blog on this wiki ever since we all moved the Fanon Pages to the new Fanon wiki.

But anyway. As you can read from the title of this blog; this Blog of mine will be about Birthday Listings!

Excluding the User's who already have their respective Birthdays listed on the Schedules and Events page, those who have not gotten their birthdays listed on that page, may I ask politely for you guys to list your birthdays in the comments below? Yeah, this isn't really an important or really a much needed thing, but as for the bond we have all had for nearly the pass 3 years now, I think it was and would be a g…

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Vincetick Vincetick 12 May 2015

2 Romantic Course - Part 6

Ayoo, guys!

Well we had a sudden stop from Part 5 last time, and I know It wasn't as long as Part 4 was, but I'll probably make it up for the 6th Part, which is this one. So anyway, you might want to read the small (for me, it's small though, I don't know about you though) blurb below:

"With Cassandra plotting to crash the Fireworks Display, StiSeth's very flustering situation with Stick Zee concurrently with Ethanstick's predicament for his dinner date with Jinxstick later, Vincetick's somewhat little trouble with Stick Spring, Sthromas and Magnastick's relational fates being in the hands of their friends who plan to bring them both together (in the most unintended way they originally thought of) and Stick Jayvee's "soon-to-be" struggle wit…

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