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  • I am deciding what will next go here.
  • The Real Sthomas

    Well guys, this another one of my dead serious blogs. This one presents information that you will not want to hear

    As time goes on, we all get busier and busier, and I am no exception. You may have already figured this out, but as time goes on, I will start to become less and less active overall until eventually, I am forced off this wiki against my own will.

    But that will not happen for a very long time.

    Though I am getting less active, I will still make sure to visit you guys. At a few random spots in time, I will be able to attend more, but after those spots are over, get ready for a bit of a hiatus.

    This cycle WILL continue and those spots will grow slimmer, and less of them will be available until finally, as stated earlier, I will have n…

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  • The Real Sthomas

    Dis be a blog

    April 6, 2015 by The Real Sthomas


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  • The Real Sthomas

    Hello Yello! TRS here and I actually decided I wanted to make a series that I can actually keep up with, but since I love hearing your opinions, I would liek to make the series based off of YOUR ideas! You get to decide what happens next, and to avoid anything "unfair" the next episode entry used will be decided by a poll!

    No swearing.

    No going too far

    That's it

    You may edit the current episode if one of your characters has gone OOC.

    Anybody can pitch in

    Nonsensical things are not only accepted, but they are ENCOURAGED.

    Enough with the boring stuff! Post your ideas in the comments below!

    Also, since these are told as if they're legends, they do not happen in the order in which they're created.

    Note: I do not really think the SIT is lame.

    It starts w…

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  • The Real Sthomas

    My Demotion

    February 28, 2015 by The Real Sthomas

    Well guys, I've demoted myself. I am no longer an admin or a chat mod. I did because I have become power-hunger. Abusing my powers, blocking people unfairly. If you want me to remove my bureaucrat privledges, then so be it. Just keep in mine that if I take away my Rollback and Bureaucrat, I will never EVER be able to become an admin or b-crat ever again untiul Ultra or another admin gives me it back. I hope this change will help settle down the madness.

    UPDATE: Alright, I'll rerepremote myself.

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  • The Real Sthomas


    February 28, 2015 by The Real Sthomas

    Sorry, this was an accident

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