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  • I live in Philippines || ?
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Multimedia, Arts and Science Student and a part-time nerd.
  • I am not 'the' person you are going to mess with. Also how many times should I stress out that I am a female?
  • The Fan of Wiki

    Create a Story!

    April 3, 2015 by The Fan of Wiki

    Hi, guys! Fanny here! :3

    This time, let's have contest where I show a picture from my series and you create a story from it. And whoever is close enough to my plot wins and can request any stickman they want me to draw. It can be a duel or a portrait.

    You can also draw the following scenes though this is optional. You guys write on the comment section while I copy paste them on the section here on the blog

    This blog will be updated every 3 days (or 4 to 5)

    Okay, let's start! :3

    • Drago is NOT a fan of guns
    • There will be a duel at the middle of the story
    • And Motor Destrucstick is included in the story...

    SmaTavish buys a lot of rapid fire guns and gets ambushed by Motor Destrucstick. Then then fight over who has better guns and e…

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  • The Fan of Wiki

    Just gettin' ready for the April Fools tomorrow. If you guys pranked me, whether its good or terrible one, I might not log in for a WEEK.

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  • The Fan of Wiki

    Lemme guess...

    March 7, 2015 by The Fan of Wiki

    Hi guys! Fan here! :D

    I noticed something to our dear users...

    As I observed, users are leaving because they are either busy in real life, bored or they need attention. Most users here, in my opinion, are craving for attention that they need. We all knew how it feels like when people don't notice us like we're nothing but air or stone. We should treat each other here with equal attention to avoid anyone else from leaving the wiki. Agree with that?

    that's all, guys...


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  • The Fan of Wiki

    Like the others have, I'll do it for the sake of entertaiment! :3

    The only difference of this game, guess ALL the characters I'm gonna put here! Ranging from easy to difficult!

    Whoever perfect the first batch will get 10 points!

    Whoever guesses some characters will get points (I'm the one who's gonna decide).

    Shows and multiple characters will be available in medium and difficult modes.


    • No Cheating!
    • No Searching/browsing on google/wiki

    • Bold - true hint
    • Bold Italic - not so good hint
    • Italic - the most deceiving one O_O

    1. The queen who ran away because she has fire powers
    2. Pink ball who says: "POYO!"
    3. Got stuck in a game for 3 years and the only one who defeated the final boss!
    4. An adoptive sister of the main character and she was overprotective over her ad…

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  • The Fan of Wiki

    Hi guys! :D 

    This week is gonna be painful for me D:

    Three things:

    • Final Exams
    • NAT Test
    • Our Play

    This our final requirements to graduate. Not much a big problem to deal with but its hard because I haven't focused on our lessons yet for the past 3 weeks... Well, good luck for me! :(

    I. Am. Doomed. I know that I have a lack of self-confidence because I'm not THAT good expressing myself in public and my role is pretty minor. Still, my first appearance is when I'm hurting of the major characters feelings (and physically attacking her via hair and head). Also, I need to impersonate that characters because of her stubborness (of course, most of us are stubborn in real life but I can't impersonate that much especially in front of the audience D:)

    Have a …

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