UPDATE: I can only use the comp weekends only, so.. I'll be sorry for the late send mkay?

UPDATE UPDATE: Sorry I haven't been doing your requests, I'm kinda busy on my SIX. So... MAYBE 1/2/2015 I'll be makin' you're sticks kay? "I am a king that has no crown, I am an artist that makes art cruddy, But do not worry and remove that frown, never lose hope and just be happy :3" (I suck at rhymes)

Ok guys I'm bored (I say that everyday and I don't know why :3) so umm...

"Me vant dwawing rekwestz nu mattor hou harrd eat iz becooz me iz awsomm"

Hope you understand that sentence above and... SHOW ME WHATCHA GOT!


  • Must be sticks
  • Please tell me the color
    • There'll be one for outline and one for inline. If you tell only one color ill make the outline darker shade and inline lighter shade
  • You can make me redo a pic twice (making a max of 3 pics for 1 stick)*
    • Versus and Team/Duo/Trio pics count as a different pic :)
  • Be polite :3


| = Haven't Started

> = Started but Unfinished

^ = Finished

? = Not enough information (Tell me le color)

Drawing Requests

StJimmy by Ahsuntry [^]

Patrick Star by TRS [^]

Blue with a headset by TRS [^]

Stretchy by Ahsuntry [^]

Stick Sean vs Marcstick by DrewStick [^]

Flame Boy by MegaDudes [^]

Stick Sky by Retro&Random [^]

Jostick by Scottick [^]

Stord by Ahsuntry [^]

Mr. White by GN [^]

DJ Stick by GN [?]

Stario by GN [?]

AdiStick by GN [^]

Dragon Boy by MegaDudes [^]

ElectroStick by MegaDudes [^]

Dark Dude by MegaDudes [^]

Dark Rampage by MegaDudes [^]

Trystick by Ahsuntry [^]

Josh by Ahsuntry [^]

SandStick by Ahsuntry [^]

StAmbrose by MegaDudes [^]

Donasticko by Ahsuntry [|]

Austick by Austinrocks [^]

Brad by Ahsuntry [|]

Mercury by Ahsuntry [|]

Rakion by BrightXeno [|]

A Stick Ninja with a Machine Gun by Retro&Random [^]

Boxhead by TRS (Belongs to Retro tho :3) [|]

Stick Jackson by TRS [|]


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