So, here me out guys... since the Fanon wiki has been up, this wiki has been still messed up. We need to organise stoof. And when I mean organise, I don't mean categorizing. We still have some pages to transfer to the fanon wiki, let's keep that in mind.

So I was checkin' the Slush Invaders: Duel, and I see something different:






We shud setal zis, :3

So, let's

Incinerate this mess. Just like Try said, we should follow Stucker's contents, but let's add some stuff from Sthomas'.

[Main information]

1 Role in Slush Invaders

2 Role in Slush Invaders: Game

2.1 Abilities
2.2 Upgrades
2.3 [Additional information]
2.4 Strategy

3 Role in Slush Tile Rush

3.1 Abilities
3.2 Strategy

4 Role in Slush Dungeon

4.1 Abilities
4.2 Strategy

5 Gallery

6 Trivia

Well, that's it. Also, clean up the pictures on the pages, put them in the Gallery section. Peace!

~Skpcboy :3

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