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  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is an in-training stickman animator
  • I am a cat
  • Skpcboy

    The Home Page

    August 30, 2015 by Skpcboy

    Hey goise, it's been a long time since I've been here cuz of the Fanon Wiki and I am ready for action.

    Since a couple months ago, things have changed... kind of

    So, as you noticed, the main page doesn't seem to be touched for a while. Yeah the green stuff is now blue, but the whole thing hasn't really been changed. We should add a poll every month/week as a weekly/mothly poll to have a "Featured [article/page/image] of this [month/week]!" instead of having a featured page for like... a year or so. So yeah, let's do this :3

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  • Skpcboy

    So, here me out guys... since the Fanon wiki has been up, this wiki has been still messed up. We need to organise stoof. And when I mean organise, I don't mean categorizing. We still have some pages to transfer to the fanon wiki, let's keep that in mind.

    So I was checkin' the Slush Invaders: Duel, and I see something different:


    We shud setal zis, :3

    Incinerate this mess. Just like Try said, we should follow Stucker's contents, but let's add some stuff from Sthomas'.

    [Main information]

    1 Role in Slush Invaders

    2 Role in Slush Invaders: Game

    2.1 Abilities
    2.2 Upgrades
    2.3 [Additional information]
    2.4 Strategy

    3 Role in Slush Tile Rush

    3.1 Abilities
    3.2 Strategy

    4 Role in Slush Dungeon

    4.1 Abilities
    4.2 Strategy

    5 Gallery

    6 Trivia

    Well, that's it. Also, clean u…

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  • Skpcboy

    Where IS everyone?

    April 19, 2015 by Skpcboy

    Ok, so.... I checked the chat 24/2 on this weekend and.... NOONE was on chat

    Where are you guys? All I saw was:

    • BrightXeno - A couple of times, barely said anything
    • Seth - He was there for about 10-30 mins, then poof
    • StKhen - 5 mins and gone

    This also happened on thursday and friday, none of you were on chat.


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  • Skpcboy

    Drawing requests :3

    January 4, 2015 by Skpcboy

    UPDATE: I can only use the comp weekends only, so.. I'll be sorry for the late send mkay?

    UPDATE UPDATE: Sorry I haven't been doing your requests, I'm kinda busy on my SIX. So... MAYBE 1/2/2015 I'll be makin' you're sticks kay? "I am a king that has no crown, I am an artist that makes art cruddy, But do not worry and remove that frown, never lose hope and just be happy :3" (I suck at rhymes)

    Ok guys I'm bored (I say that everyday and I don't know why :3) so umm...

    "Me vant dwawing rekwestz nu mattor hou harrd eat iz becooz me iz awsomm"

    Hope you understand that sentence above and... SHOW ME WHATCHA GOT!

    • Must be sticks
    • Please tell me the color
      • There'll be one for outline and one for inline. If you tell only one color ill make the outline darker shade a…

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  • Skpcboy

    Hey guys it's me MinecraftSonic SkpcboyTheSecond! Yes, I lost my old account. This is what happened:

    FYI, MinecraftSonic is connected with my FB. I messed around with my prefences... and i disconnected my account from my facebook. Aaand I tried logging in back... but i need my password. So I "forgot my password" and it sends it to my facebook email. That FB acc was connected with my old email, which I forgot my password. I was too lazy to check my FB before this happened and so i never updated my email... and to get my password on my old email i need my alternate email which i never set. So... yeah. I'm back with 0 Edits and 3 Achievements :(

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