Bet you weren't expecting this, eh?

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(After the incident from last chapter, Scottick brought Stiris with him back to his dorm, where he had assembled everyone else he met.)

Scottick: So everyone, this is Stiris.

Stiris: U-um, hi...

Scottick: Since she has the ability to use healing magic, she's going to be a useful part of our team. Just don't treat her like a walking potion.

Stlou: Yeah, about that concept of "team." See, we've been thinking about it, and we came to the conclusion that we need more to be considered a "team." For instance, a leader.

Strick: Scottick.

Maxstick: (Playing Burnout Paradise) Scottick.

Stick Alex: Scottick, pardner.

Scottick: What? Why me?

Stlou: Think about it, man. There's no way the team could work with 2 leaders.

Strick: I'm just taking Stlou's word for it.

Stlou: Max is too angry to be rational, like, at all.

Maxstick: (Gets taken down into a bus) STUPID INFERNO VAN!

Stlou: Alex has no idea what the modern world is like.

Stick Alex: What's a "tee-vee?"

Stlou: I can tell that Stiris would crack under the pressure of being in a role as high as leader.

Stiris: Y-yeah...

Stlou: And if we let Garyn lead, we would be called the "Super Special Desu Space Knights."

Stick Garyn: (Smugly) I'd totally do that.

Scottick: So by process of elimination it's me?

Stlou: It's not even a choice. Sorry, man.

Scottick: Ah, whatever. What else is there?

Stlou: We also need a name. Nothing like what Garyn just suggested.

Stick Garyn: Dang it.

Scottick: That shouldn't be too hard.

Strick: "The Rocks?"

Scottick: Nah, maybe if we were a band, that'll work.

Stick Alex: "Gulch Grottos?"

Scottick: If we were all from the Wild West, sure. But nah.

Maxstick: "Alliance of Flames?"

Scottick: Too bad we're not DC superheroes.

Stlou: about...

- 3 hours later... -

Stick Garyn: How 'bout "Press L to-"

Stlou: We told you we weren't taking your suggestions anymore.

Scottick: Okay, how about this? I'll just come up with the coolest word I can think of and we'll name our team after that.


Scottick: "Revenge." "Team Revenge."

Stlou: Sounds good.

Strick: Okay.

Stick Alex: Sure.

Stick Garyn: Fine.

Stiris: U-um, okay.

Maxstick: By the great ones above, THAT'S PERFECT! We'll surely strike fear into those Berzerker Corps. losers with a name like that!

Stlou: Hang on, if we're called "Team Revenge," who are we avenging?

(Dead silence)

Stlou: Guess we're not living up to our name, then.

- End -

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