I've actually been thinking about this for a long while now, and I've finally come to a decision.


Now don't think it's because I can't take you guys anymore. Crazy as some of you were, you guys were a great community. I in fact have 3 reasons for leaving:

1. Inactivity

By now it's been established that Slush Invaders Wiki is pretty much done. No one has edited anything frequently and Slush Invaders sequels are months (or even years) away from now. It's no wonder none of us have been doing anything.

2. Loss of Interest

I've made it clear in my last blog that I've seriously lost interest in Slush Invaders Wiki already. Go see that for more info.

3. No Contributions Left

This ties with the first reason. Without any new material to cover, info to add, or ideas for fan fighters, I've really got nothing to contribute. When joining a wiki, you join to add every new thing you know about a work. Then what happens when you need to do that no more? I've reached that point with Slush Invaders Wiki.


I'm definitely quitting the wiki big time. But I won't be entirely gone. I'll keep my fan made stuff here, and there will be a very rare chance you'll see me edit a thing or 2 on this wiki. Or pretty much any other wiki in general. I might pop up random wikis very rarely until I can find a new wiki I can work primarily on. It's sad, I'm so close to have been on the wiki for a year, and I'm out already. Things can't last forever, I guess...

This is Scottick, gone with the wind.

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