Alright, I've been planning to do a playthrough of the Slush Invaders Game. I am, however, really good at the game to the point where just playing all the levels would just be boring. I've been thinking of adding a challenge to the run where I limit myself from using a certain fighter, though how it would be done, I have not figured out. So this is where you guys come in: should I make this a run where I'm forbidden to use a certain fighter the whole game, or should the forbidden fighter be only once per level, and chosen via randomly generated numbers? If you guys have another suggestion, I'm willing to hear it.

Alright, I've come to a final decision. I'll let you guys decide which one of these Random Removal (which is what I'm going to call the playthrough) conditions I should go with:

A. The number generator randomly removes one fighter of all 28 from play for one level

B. The number generator randomly selects one fighter of all 28 to add to my team for one level

C. The number generator randomly chooses my entire team for each level

D. The number generator selects one fighter from my team to remove for one level, after beating a level (which means that the first level will be played normally)

Edit (From 9/25/12): Alright, voting is off, and C won with 2 votes! I'll start recording my playthrough now.

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