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  • Scottick

    Chapter 8 - Believe in the Future You Must Protect

    This may very well be the most awesome part of the story.


    "That was a pretty big explosion. Where do you think it came from?"

    "That doesn't matter right now, private. We're supposed to be scouting for colony space."

    "Understood. My apologies."

    "Captain! This is scouting unit Bravo! We've just found something...most unusual!"

    "How unusual?"

    "It appears to be...something manlike! It's still alive, barely!"

    "Well. what are you waiting for? Bring it in!"

    "On it, sir!"

    "Private, dispatch a medical team to assist Bravo unit...mission contro…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 7 - One-Year War

    Don't let the suspense kill you, if my update rate is anything to go by.


    "Status report, immediately!"

    "Well, sir, we've destroyed the enemy entirely. All of our troops held POW have been saved. All...except..."

    " It can't be possible..."

    "Wait, sir! I'm picking up a reading! It's your son! He's adrift in space!"

    "He is?! Hurry! Get him back here!"

    "Roger! Activate warship thrusters in 3-"

    "Wait, private. It's too late. He's too far into space. Looks like someone found him, too. Sir, I wouldn't recommend any further actions, either. He seems to be from …

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 6 - Mustn't Run Away

    Fugo can (not) afford to make mistakes.


    "Well, what do you have to report? You seem exhausted."

    "S-sir! It's about your son! He's been captured by the enemy along with his unit!"

    "(Perfect...everything's going according to plan.) A pressing situation indeed...the moment we retrieve my son, report to the commander at once that his recklessness has no place in the military!"

    "Sir, you don't understand how urgent this is! Our recons have just gained intelligence of the enemy's new prisoner policy: execute any and all soldiers taken captive!"

    "T-they're goin…

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  • Scottick

    Chapter 5 - The Sacrifice

    This is the point where things really start getting insane.


    "Son, this is my plan, so listen well. I want you to pose as a spy for our troops and get captured b the enemy."

    "Captured? But...why?"

    "You're still too young to lose your life in war at this point. We're winning this war anyways, and the planet doesn't seem to be too harsh with prisoners of war. I can convince the commander from there that you're too weak and inexperienced to be part of our troops, so you may no longer need to be here."

    "But what about you, father?"

    " long as you're alive, i…

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  • Scottick

    ATWCN: Part 2 - Chapter 4

    February 13, 2015 by Scottick

    Chapter 4 - A Veteran's Neverending War

    War is lots of things. Neverending, hard business, the infamous synonym for the underworld, the list goes on. Never, of course, is it anything pleasant.


    "Back so soon? What's the status report?"

    "Our unit was forced to retreat, sir. We took heavy causalities, and some were taken in as POWs!"

    "...devastating indeed, but understandable considering our enemy."

    "I'm not finished, sir. That son of yours got out of our sight, as well! Search squads had to spend a good fifteen minutes just looking for him after the battle!"


    "Seriously, he ma…

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