Meanwhile answering BX's blog, why not have a chance on mine?

Rules are simple:

1.Only got 1 answer, so yeah...don't guess wrong :3

2.You can ask for a hint (1 person=3 hints)

3.Participant with the most points by 21st March wins!

4.Have fun, don't be a bad sport :)


1. Bold words are useful

2. Italic words are either VERY useful or not useful at all

3. Bold italic words are VERY useful

4. I'll post 3 2 after each 2 right answers

5. If someone asks for a hint, and another person answered first, it's considered a steal and will gain extra points.

Guessing Time!

  1. I am a tree, but I also seem to cast fire! Maybe I'm not much of a useless hero after all! Who am I? (Answer is:Ultimate Swampfire) (Hint: I'm in my Ultimate form. Requested by BrightXeno) Answered by BX
  2. I enjoy being the robot I am, my weapons are pies are made of poison. I don't know who to choose between my 2 fathers. Who am I? (Answer is:NEPTR) Answered by Ahsuntry
  3. My mother named me after a fruit. I have been surviving for so long in this mere apocalypse, tough choices had been made in my life, and the only thing I can cherish of my family is my cap. Who am I? (Answer is:Clementine) Answered by Trializ
  4. I have a bit of paranoia, but with my trusty gun, anybody who comes to my house will get shot! Who am I (Answer is: Veteran) Answered by Try
  5. STONE?! WATER?! NO! NO! NO! Even though my Dragon powers are good, these types are just too powerful for me! (Answer is: Charizard) (Hint: I'm a pokemon. Requested by BX) Answered by Try (Stolen!)
  6. I have a nice crossbow in my hand, don't you say I'm a redneck! Or imma turn you into those walkers over there! (Answer is:_________)
  7. Get outta mah swamp! (Answer is:Shrek) Answered by BX
  8. Don't mistaken me for Ultimate Swampfire, the Avengers are in my same universe. (Answer is:Groot) (Hint: I have a racoon friend. Requested by Try) (Ansered by TRS) (STOLEN!)
  9. Man of steel" ? HAH! I'm better! This armour is awesome! (Answer is:Iron Man) (answered by TRS

Below this point there will be even MORE difficult ones and game references :3 (

10. It's a lie! (answer is:cake) Answered by Austin

11. Can you feel it Mr Jags ? (answer is:______) (Hint: <----look, requested by Try)

12. Nomicon?! What the juice! (answer is:Randy Cunningham) Answered by Skpcboy

13. YOU SHALL NOT PASS (obvious answer is:Gandalf) Answered by Try

14.Hoho! It's me! (Answer is:___________)


  • Try: 6 points
  • BX: 2 points
  • TRS: 4 points
  • Tri: 1 point
  • Skp: 1 point
  • Austin: 1 point
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