Whadup' guys! it's been about...1...2...idk how many days now! And well in these days I learned a lot of things D:> :3

Well also i had a nice chat with Fan and Chak, and well #surprise! I changed my mind, i don't want to leave. And I also realized that there's a lot of new guys. Well to them: Hi my name is Shaden! I liek pizza!

Warning: touching "stuff" i guess...

I realized after i left the wiki, I also left my friends...I made a grave mistake... If you're a guy like me losing friends is like losing half of you're life! And guess wut, after i left the wiki, i got more good with art (what a coincidence l:3)!  And i didn't have anywhere to post that (except for facebook)...And (this is prty much the most hard one to say) I  missed all of you guys! :'D

Well, in a few days i think i'll be knowing the new guys!

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