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  • I live in In the Other Fantasy World
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is an awesome but mysterious combat butler
  • I am some dude you forgot to call about that $5 you owe me
  • MysteriousWikian1246

    Hey, guys. Tis I, Mysterious! :3

    So how do you edit properly using source editor and how do you put those audio files on your user pages like Drew, Vince and Fan? Can anyone help?

    Thanks in Advance! :D

    Update - Nevermind, I know how to do Audio Files now. Thank you Central Wikia!

    - Mysterious

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  • MysteriousWikian1246

    Family Retreat

    February 4, 2015 by MysteriousWikian1246

    Hi guys, its me MW! :D

    Well, as much as I'd hate to say this but, my family are going on a retreat for the next few days and I won't be around, well I usually am not around at all as much, but the case is that, I won't be here in the wiki, browsing as I usually do.

    Anyway, I wish you guys the best of your days while I'm away! :D

    Also, can you all update me on a few things that I may have missed and will miss while I'm gone? Thanks a bunch!

    Sincerely, MW (who ate a Potato Pie while he had Ice Cream filled in his mouth)

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  • MysteriousWikian1246

    Hey guys!

    It's me again, and yes, I'm back and late as always (blame vince xD)

    Anyway, I've heard that we've been getting a lot of problems lately, with those concerning the Fanmade stuff. It also came to me that, the user who said that was right. We need like a solution to this before it spreads around the wiki like a wildfire, non stop until the real stuff gets consumed, leaving the fanmade things open.

    We need some place to store these things, who's with me?

    And yes, I'm talking like I've been here for all of those... yet I haven't. But hear me out please!

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  • MysteriousWikian1246

    I R BACK!!! :D

    September 3, 2014 by MysteriousWikian1246

    Hey guys, MysteriousWikian1246 is back to editting... and I think I'll make for lost time that I've spent on Vince's site... dont worry i'll help with whatever I can, just tell what to do and I'll do it... unless you want me to buy a cup of Starbucks Coffee or a Vending Machine with Skittles in them... those I wont do! :3

    Anyways... I R BACK!!! :D

    also i've been making some drawins to make up for those past few weeks that I've been doing nothing but just say random nonsense and whatevs! :3

    Anyway... I R BACK.... again! :3

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  • MysteriousWikian1246

    Hey, guys. MW here. Since I've already done 2 Blogs in the wiki since I joined, i think its high time i decided to name them "Mysterious Blogs" by me! (Yay)

    Anyways, about each week I'll post Blogs either about the articles here, users, updates and/or off-topic subjects. So, I wont do my first Mysterious Blog today, but next week at Sunday. The Mysterious Blogs will occassionally appear on Sundays, so be on the look out, guys.

    By the way, how do you do your write a signature, like how Vince, Fan, The Real Sthomas and SC do?

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