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  • I live in anywhere but here.
  • My occupation is trying to decide my occupation
  • I am refusing to tell you who I am
  • Mart456t

    Ask Mart456t

    February 13, 2013 by Mart456t

    Hey, this is Mart speaking. If you have any problems leave a comment below and hopefully I will be able to answer it. If I do not know the answer to your question either save it for another time or click here.

    I hope you all have a fantastic chinese new year and valentine's day! -Lord M

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  • Mart456t

    My ideas for the next slush invaders sequal are:

    • Luke Stickwalker
    • stick Fred
    • stick PJ (the DJ)
    • Maxstick
    • stick Lou
    • stick Stan
    • stick Edison

    • stick Betty
    • stick Mary

    • forest
    • dungeons
    • castle
    • farm
    • jungle
    • death chamber
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  • Mart456t

    me and Sthomas

    January 5, 2013 by Mart456t

    yesterday on CPFW Sthomas sent me a message on my talk page about meeting him on cp at the iceberg at 2:50 PM at the server bobsled and I happened to be on my talk page at 2:47 PM so I logged on quickly to meet him and I saw him and I went over to him and he disappeared. I sat their at the iceberg for 10 minutes and then he came back and I went to his igloo. I liked all 3 of his igloos and I checked his like list and I saw speedyhawk, Ultralord's penguin. Then he disappeared again and I waited 20 minutes in his igloo and he came back. It was very strange.

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