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  • JamesLOB

    I'm not good...

    August 14, 2014 by JamesLOB

    Hey everybody, JamesLOB here, and I have bad knews. I may have to leave for 2 weeks because i'm going somewhere to spend the rest of my summer playing minecraft and watching Stuff and playing frisbee.

    So i'll be gone for a while, and if a fight starts, I'll stay off the wiki until september.

    Stay safe and i'll see you soon! Bye-Bye!!! 

    -JamesLOB ;)

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  • JamesLOB

    I wonder...

    March 30, 2014 by JamesLOB

    I've always wonderded...

    All the Slush Fighters have super powers, so doesn't that make them...

    Super Heroes?

    That would make sense. It would also mean that Big Blue is a Super Villain.

    Am I correct?

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