Yo sup SIW

It's Austin here, and i locked myself out of my account when I previously quit the wiki, and i don't even know what happened, so I'm logged in my alt account

So as many of you guys know I left the wiki cuz i mad and suicidal and stuff

I guess I got over it, and i probably assume the teenage years have gotten over me (I don't know why I was such an idiot back then lol)

So I really don't have anything to do, but I remembered about this place

Sure we've all had our fair shares of arguments and sad times but who can ever forget all the great times we had

So even if you hate me or whatever (since i have no idea what happened when i was gone) i just decided to come back, since this pretty much, well my home to me

Even when I want to forget this place at the bottom of mind you guys are still with me

So uhh yeah thats pretty much it

Fun Facts since I was gone:

I joined a cs go team :D

I completely forgot how to draw or animate

i have a new name

thats it

So yeah it'd be great if one of you guys were to tell me what's been goin' on :/

-Austin F. Anim8

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