Hi there, and this blog is to suggest names for the new group i will create. First of all, Mr.White will be the leader, but dont forget that there will be co-leaders, members, newcomers, traingoods, expertgoods, allies/pets, and supergoods.

Please suggest names in the comment section below.

This will also be a page where you can join the group, though the system is like this

  1. Newcomers: Need to stay for a while to become-
  2. Members: Should be good at fighting etc to become-
  3. Traingoods: Should become excellent at fighting etc to become-
  4. Expertgoods: Should be approved by Mr.White himself to become-
  5. Supergoods: Should become good friends of Mr.White and go through several tests to become-
  6. Co-Leaders: Should be able to almost defeat Mr.White to be-
  7. Leaders: This is the last level.
  8. Pets/Allies: This is a seperate level for pets/allies/weapons or stuff like that
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