Ultralord159 told me to post this possible storyline for him(although at this moment he is active already) so please comment, and hopefully Ultralord159 will be able to collect the feedback from this post:

Eons ago, there was a star known as Slusheria. It contained extreme power growing by the minute. However, everything has a limit, and because the star could hold no more power, it transformed itself into a planet to contain and hold the power it held, and also to keep itself stable. Yet there was another problem: the star was also a living life form. When it transformed itself into a planet, it had to transfer his life force and thus it created the first ever Slusherian. The Slusherian contained the life form of the star. With its power, the star modified the Slusherian so that the Slusherian could use the power of the star, and in this way it became immortal. Thus, Gildedguy, the ruler of Slusheria, was born. Using his powers Gildedguy transformed the barren desert planet into a planet full of life, plants, and animals. After a thousand years of shaping the planet, Gildedguy decided to create two more immortal Slusherians to help him rule Slusheria, Scottick and Gor. He trained the two in the most sacred ways of the Gilded arts. However, unknown to Gildedguy, Gor was mishapen and evil hearted. He raised a secret army made of evil shadows to overthrow Gildedguy and shape Slusherville, the capital, in his own evil ways. Gildedguy sensed the darkness at one point and raised his own army made of Slusherians. Doing so he created new technology to help rage war. Gor caught on and thus man and shadows raged war. Soon the dark army was wiped out and Gor was left alone. He claimed he would one day be back for revenge, opened a portal, and leaped into the dark dimension. Gildedguy knew Gor had truth to his claim and would one day return to kill the Slusherians and reshape the planet. So he cast the Slusherians onto another planet to be safe from Gor, while he and Scottick fixed the planet for another eon. However the Slusherians developed much technology and discovered their history. They flew back to Slusheria, and with their help Gildedguy rebuilt the planet within a year. And so with the new technology and growing population Gildedguy let the Slusherians continue to live in Slusheria as long as they kept a watch out for Gor.

So today we have Slusherville, our capital and symbolic city. Gor could return any day, but the Slusherians will be ready as well.

And there it is. Note that this was written by Ultralord159, and not by me. This is a slightly modified version of the original. For the original, go to this page.

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