Gildedguy Gildedguy 29 September 2012


Hia wiki contributors,

Gildedguy here, the guy who made Slush Invaders.

I've noticed the considerable slow down of wiki content, probably cause you all already found everything about Slush Invaders. I think it's fairly amazing that something I started as a fun personal project has such a dedicated following. Alas, due to the lack of new "Slush Invaders stuff" this wiki has gone past its initial growth spurt. I gotta say that this wiki is lookin pretty fancy, and with over 90 pages, informative as well.

So ya, I can't say that I'll definitely make another sequel (I've got other projects that I should finish). But do look out for Slush related shorts, and if there is enough interest, I may look into another Slush Invaders game.

Yup, thanks for a…

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